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Google I/O 2013: What To Expect

Google’s next event is happening next month. Last year, they introduced the Nexus 7, Android 4.1 Jellybean, the now-abandoned Nexus Q and a lot more. Tickets for the event are all sold out, so let’s just go through the things that we might see this upcoming Google I/O 213.


Aside from new services, Google-branded products are the most widely expected line-up that people are eager for. A brand new Nexus smartphone and/or tablet, a wearable tech crazier and more ambitious than Google Glasses and new features to be incorporated with the latest Android.

Nexus 7 Successor

The Galaxy Nexus & Nexus 4 was announced on an October, so maybe the Nexus phone still won’t be announced as early as next month. Instead, we might be seeing an updated Nexus 7. The tablet is expected to pack a 1080p display, which is entirely probable since it’s becoming a norm on high-end smartphones now. To power that is an S4 Pro CPU, according to reports.

nexus 7

It’s getting a lot of difficult competition now with the Galaxy note 8.0 & iPad Mini around, so expect it to become capable. While it doesn’t really have sense to have a camera on a tablet, maybe Google & Asus could slip one in it just to say it has it.

Android Key Lime Pie

We have no clues on the version number. In fact, we have no clues on anything. Since it’s expected not to be a big leap anyways, let’s say it’ll be 4.3. It could contain minor updates to already given features, such as battery percentage on the notification bar or so.

It can also bring features like a unified messaging app…

Google Babel/Babble

A lot of speculation has been made about Google Babble/Babel. The naming could be any, since Babble is related to speech while Babel is the biblical tower that created different languages across men. The service aims to unify the company’s messaging clients – from Google+, Talk, Hangouts & Voice.


It’s probably going to be competing with iMessage and the like, and you can only imagine the users it will get especially with all the Android users out there. Communication will be a lot easier.

The New Google Play Store App

It’s been a long time since the Play Store had a design overhaul. Leaks have been going around already on what the next change will be, and it looks a lot lighter.

We’ve reported this before, and this one is expected to roll out to all Android devices as previous versions did.

Motorola X Phone

Ah, Motorola. Ever since Google bought the mobile phone maker, we haven’t seen any direct Google influence from their devices. The last ones we saw were the Razr Maxx HD, and rumors suggest a lot of ideas about the rumored comeback phone of Motorola.

You can believe two rumor paths here. First, they were saying it’s going to be revolutionary and that it was said to be build-to-order, meaning you can request for the specs you want. Second is that it’s probably not going to be that game-changing phone everyone wanted, but perhaps just a Motorola flagship (1080p display and all that or more).

And all these little things…

Google’s a big company with big plans. Of course it won’t be just this. It’s impossible that we won’t get to see another Project Glass demo, more software improvements and more service expansions (Fiber, Now & etc.). What about you? What are the things that you would want to see from the search giant next month?

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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16 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    So are the attendees getting free Nexus 7 (2.0) units just like last year?

  2. Asd says:

    And the freking nerd is back! Woohoooo!
    Compilation lang, para di daw masyadong halata. Hello sa inyo ni Tito Sotto :)

    • tsk says:

      ay sus. di talaga mawawala ang mga katulad mo, kahit ano pang gawin nya. sa halip na tungkol sa article ang pinaguusapan tuloy dito, e mga paninira at crab mentality na lang dahil sa mga katulad nyo tsk.

      BTW, excited na ako sa key lime pie. actually hindi ko gusto ang itsura ng stock android. Sana sa next android e magimprove na hehe.

    • thecorrescode says:

      Kala ko pa naman wala na yang author na yan at medyo tumino yung ibang post lately… Tapos heto na naman siya… Copy paste article na naman, without giving credit to source (gesh)…

    • Asd says:

      True @thecorrescode. Ayan din akala ko.
      Sana maisip niya kung di man siya kayang tanggalin ni Sir Abe, marealize niyang sinisira niya ang site na to dahil sa kanya nagiging ganito ang comment section at umalis na lang siya ng kusa. Wala siyang sense totally.
      Walang mga ganito nung wala ka Freking Nerd.

      Eh mukang hindi niya to maiisip kasi nga Nerd diba :) Hindi nagpapatalo/tumatanggap ng pagkatalo ang mga taong tulad niya. :)

    • s says:

      Crab mentality + anonymity. Tsk. Cowards.

    • adsajadsgf says:

      cge magagaling kayo kayo na lng pumalit sa knya. grbeng mkpagsalita tong mga to kla mo kng cnong magagaling. ska hndi nya kelangang umalis dhil sa inyo, baka nga hndi na nila kayo pinapansin dhil binabasa pa rin mga articles nya khit na nageexist ang mga ktulad nyo. hehehe

  3. Lon says:

    How about the Nexus 5 phone? Any truth to that? :)

  4. s says:

    Do not feed the troll.

  5. Marimar Santibanez says:

    Can you just shut your mouth when you happen to read Bob’s article. Get a life guys, move on!

  6. weatherballoon says:

    Medyo malabo mangyari Motorola X Phone ngayon. Mahaba pa raw ang nasa “pipeline” ng Moto future products when Google acquired them.

  7. Benchmark says:

    well I hope Motorola will be back in the game…I like moto for their build and the unique design.

    Perhaps they will update the nexus 7 to compete with the mini and the note…I hope the price is right!

  8. alfred says:

    how about nexus 10 upgrade, e.i. 4g capable

  9. Brazos says:

    But this is just the consumer side of things. Google I/O is a lot more than just a launch event for devices and whatever. It’s a developer-focused event after all.

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