Google Nexus Q: The first "Social Streaming" device

Google Nexus Q: The first “Social Streaming” device

We’ve recently posted an article about Google’s new feature-packed and very affordable flagship device in the form of the Nexus 7. Along with the tablet, Google has unveiled a very innovative accessory which will certainly be a good addition to what seems to be an already great device (or any Android device for that matter) — the Google Nexus Q.

At a glance, one can’t really determine what this spherical piece of device is capable of. But don’t let its simplicity fool you as this orb-like accessory has the potential to redefine your living room.

Dubbed by Google as Project Tungsten, the Nexus Q is basically a sophisticated spherical speaker which also does certain things that you don’t usually get out of an ordinary set of speakers. If that description is too vague for you, maybe a glimpse in to some of innards will paint a clearer picture.

Google Nexus Q specs:
TI OMAP 4460 1.2Ghz dual-core processor
16GB Storage (Non-expandable)
25MW Built-in Amplifier
Android 4.0 (ICS)
Backwards compatible for devices 2.3 and up
Dual-band Wi-Fi
Bluetooth (Not Sure what Version)
Micro-USB port
Ethernet Port
4 A/V ports
4.6” in diameter

Just by merely looking at the processor, my outdated Nexus S would’ve been embarrassed to be anywhere near this thing. So now that we have an idea what is inside this speaker from the future, we’ll let you in on its features.


Aside from being a cool-looking speaker, the Nexus Q is also the first social streaming device. Unlike other speakers before it, this “Cloud-connected jukebox” takes full advantage of Google’s Music app to play media.

In a nutshell, your Android device only acts as a controller in order to select which file/s in your account to play and the device takes care of the rest. Unlike other similar device before it, the Nexus Q is not dependent on the host device to be able to play media contents.

Another good thing about it is that your Android-using-friends connected to the Nexus Q can also get in on the act by having the capability to choose and/or add media to the playlist. And by having A/V out ports you can stream your favorite clips on your TV set.

You can watch this short video presentation that demonstrate how this works:

The only downside for now about this device is that it only supports Google apps (For now at least) unlike Apple TV/AirPlay who has support for 3rd-party app. Our guess is that it wouldn’t take that long before 3rd-party developers can come up with a way to port their apps to this neat piece of hardware.

Of course as with any ground-breaking device, it will come in on a bit of a hefty price tag. The Google Nexus Q sells for $299 and is already available via Google Play Store (which is unfortunately not available in our country yet) and will ship along on mid-July. But considering the amount of work put in to the marvelous design of the “social-streaming device” and the components inside of it, dishing out around PhP 13’000 for this maybe isn’t a bad idea.

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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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5 Responses

  1. kenth says:

    How is the sound quality of this device sir abe?

  2. Zo says:

    I think they just introduced this during day 1 of Google I/O and so not many have had the chance to test it’s sound quality.

    But that design is bad a$$ to say the least. :D

  3. Kevin says:

    The design is Philippine-inspired, from the yummy “calamay” shells of Bohol don’t you think? And the whole thing is 100% Made in the USA, unlike some gadgets out there that are Chinese Foxconn Factory made. I would gladly buy this one if it becomes available here in our side of the West Philppine Sea. From now on, I would be very conscious of NOT buying Made in China, if possible. Geez, I hope there’s a civil unrest in the mainland (wishful thinking). I know this post is only 10% tech related but what the hell: YUCK FOU CHINA! (Sorry Sir Abe, I’m just feeling nationalistic)

  4. Lau Beruin says:

    is that the nexus 7? that tablet in the video?

  5. Lau Beruin says:

    is that the nexus 7 white version? that tablet in the video?

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