Google Payments Preview

Google Payments Preview

It’s confirmed — Google Payment is on the way. Techcrunch has an exclusive look at Google Payments.


Looks like any other payment system, only faster and cleaner. Testing is currently being done via Google Base. However, there are no other details about how this will be implemented throughout all of Google’s Services, aside from the obvious smooth integration feature:

  • Will it be available worldwide? Or at least where Google AdWords and AdSense are also available.
  • Are you able to use Google Payments to pay for AdWords?
  • Will AdSense Publishers be able to transfer funds from their earnings to their Google Payments account?
  • Will fund transfers be allowed from one individual to another even without products being bought or services rendered?
  • What are the rates? (I hope much less than Paypal!)

Will this be the ultimate payment solution for us 3rd-worlders?

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