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Reports show Android is more stable than iOS

We’ve come across a report that while apps on Gingerbread crashed the most, Android is consistently more stable compared to iOS. We have the details after the break.

...and the battle between iOS and Android continues. (Source: knowyourmobile.com)

…and the battle between iOS and Android continues.

Crittercism, a performance monitoring company, made a State of Mobile report showing that apps running on Gingerbread crashed 1.7% of the time; but ever since it got its ICS, Jelly Bean and KitKat upgrades, the combined percentage dropped to 0.7%.

The report then compared it to Apple’s software with the iOS 6’s apps crashing 2.5% of the time, its upgraded version iOS 7 is at 2.1%, and the iOS 7.1 at 1.6%.


It’s pretty interesting how the latest Android versions proved to be the more stable system than iOS when it comes to app crashes. As you can see, Android’s three-year-old Gingerbread version fared just 0.1% higher than the new iOS 7.1.

Device-wise, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 got the most stable award with a crash rate of 0.9%, while Apple’s iPad 2 was at the bottom with 2.6%.

To read the full report done by Crittercism, hit the source link below.

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Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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72 Responses

  1. lolwut says:

    I wonder, anong reaksyon ng mga iTards dito.

    *grabs popcorn*

    • mthrfckr says:

      bakit iTards tawag mo sakanila?

      RETARDROID ka ba?


    • SystemAdmin says:

      Troll bait detected!
      Please refrain from responding to this post going forward.
      Thanks for your cooperation.

    • aha says:

      malamang naglalaway ka sa iphone/ipad kaso di mo kaya ang presyo kaya dinadaan mo na lang sa pangbabash!?

      hmmm… aminin!

    • lolwut says:

      @aha – Please don’t get me wrong. I have a decent job and you must be new here. I can buy any device I want but an Apple is not one of them. So please, take your presumption elsewhere. Yes this is a trollbait post if that pesky system admin did not make himself clear to you. One more thing, I’m logical enough to know technology and is not a sucker for marketing shtick and all the non-sense Apple has to offer.

  2. iFan and Phandroid says:

    I own an iPhone and an Android phablet… I even got a WP smartphone. I love both operating systems. In terms of App, yeah, madalas mag crush sa iPhone kahit mas “high end” sya compared sa Android device ko. Pero design wise, kudos to the Cupertino Company. I can’y decide which is better kaya I want both!

  3. abuzalzal says:

    iOS = Shittiest most restrictive OS ever that requires you to use a computer + iTunes to make full use of its potential

    Parang North Korea lang….I wonder kung bakeeet maraming nagsasabing user-friendly ito, the FACT na hindeee naman

    • devilboy says:

      true indeed. pansin ko lang madami na IOS users na nag switch to Android. hehe

    • abongzinalzal says:

      Maka-North Korea ka naman. Na-try mo na bang tumira doon?

      Sige, kumuha ka ng “AS1201 Arirang Phone” made with indigenous technology at ikumpara mo sa iPhone.

    • anakniabuzalzal says:

      Daddy, may pambili ka na ba ng class 10 na microSD o class 4 parin gamit mo?

    • abuzalzal says:

      Uyyy yung mga kids na posers dito na anak-mayaman

      walang maisip na pang-comeback ahahahahahahahahahaha

      Naimpress naman ako sa mga sagot ninyo lol

    • cranium says:

      Everybody’s using abuzalzal name to get their 10 second internet fame. How stupid can these people be not wantnig to have their own identity? Disgusting sons of b****s!

    • Fanboy says:

      huh? you need a computer + itunes to use the iphone’s full potential? dude, anong iphone gamit mo? hahaha

    • abuzalzal says:

      Ayyy …may tanga dito satsat ng satsat


      Dude, seriously? Of course you can use it without a computer, pero hindi mo inintindi sinabi ko……..Para saan pa yung iTunes kung pwede naman pala na wala ito?

      Let’s say,FOR EXAMPLE…. I want to copy a song or an album from my computer……because it reads very clearly

      ”On the box of all ios devices, it does say a computer and itunes is required”

      Anlakilaki mong tanga!!!!

    • Fanboy says:

      Abuzalzal, iTunes is also built in sa iOS.. You are clearly referrring to iTunes sa computer.. FYI, hindi ko need i connect ang iPhone 5S ko sa Mac ko to transfer music and movies. I can buy from iTunes (built-in sa iOS). Ever heard of iTunes Match? Nagmumukha kang tanga sa pagmamagaling mo eh.. LOL

    • Heckler says:

      Pirated kasi ang gamit ng mga tao. haha

  4. a-bezel-zel says:

    tldr; wala ka lang pambili boy bezel.

    mag cm ametyhst ka na lang para pede ka pa gumawa ng bomba.

    pasabugin mo bezel ng bungo mo.

    • SystemAdmin says:

      Troll bait detected!
      Please refrain from responding to this post going forward.
      Thanks for your cooperation.

  5. isteybol says:

    Ang tanong e kung ang user ba e stable minded?

    Kahit pa gaano ka stable ang device mo kung psychotic at wagas ang galit mo sa mga OSs, ala din…………………

    Cheers! :-))))))

  6. kevin says:


  7. Milhouse says:

    Quite true. Try using facebook (desktop version) in Safari or any other browser available for iOS and it will crash. Never experienced this with my two android devices while using any browser.

  8. Madobe-tan says:

    Sus, away away pa kayo dyan.


  9. Some chap says:

    To the site admin:

    Meron ka pang nalalaman na:

    “Troll bait detected! Please refrain from responding to this post going forward.
    Thanks for your cooperation.”

    E yung post mo mismo troll bait.

    • Same chap says:

      Retard detected!
      Please refrain from responding to this post going forward.
      Thanks for your cooperation.

  10. Some chap says:

    Why did my comment get labeled as ‘retard’? Was it flaming, per se? Did I cuss you? Did I violate any terms of service?

    Oh, I get it. I called you out on your hypocrisy and you didn’t like it.

    Stay classy!

    • Tangalang says:

      Engot di naman totoong admin yang inaaway mo! Wala namang moderator ng comments ang yugatech. #engotlang #parangsiralang

    • wew says:

      @Some chap hirap sau eh feeling matalino lakas mo pa magenglish simpleng common sense pla wala ka.hahahaha

  11. Justin says:

    “Reports show Android is more stable than iOS”

    … doesn’t everyone know this already?

  12. Abuzalzal says:

    Yung mga anti-Apple e mga ingetero. Wala kasi silang oambili ng Apple product. Ugh. Btw u don’t need a mac so u can use ur iPhone’s full potential baka engot ka lang.

    • Babuzalzal says:

      Dati galit na galit yan sa windows ngayon iOS naman. You know maka “bash” lang. Yung SD card nga nya class 4 lang walang budget para sa class 10 tapos kung makareklamo wagas.

    • bobo ka says:

      abuzalzal , so your saying mas magaling ka na dahil may pambili ka ng apple shit devices , gago ka pala eh kung makapag maliit ka ng iba grabe , why dont you suck your imaginary dick and refrain from saying crapload of shit !!!!
      eh kung tutuusin totoo namang walang silbi ang mga apple devices eh naexperience ko na yan dahil may iphone kami.walang magawa sa iphone at ang konti pa ng storage ang bilis pa malowbat , mas maganda pa ang cjerry mobile apollo ko kahit mura lang puno ng specs . mga apple faggots kasi gusto lang magpakitang gilas na may alam sila sa tecnology eh wala naman kasi ang alam lang nilang gawin ay mag hambog!

    • abuzalzal says:

      Hoy mga idiots

      THAT’S NOT ME!

  13. Ngangot says:

    Puro bading nman ng mga comments dito, lalo na yung mga trolls.

  14. jingles says:

    Ang gwapo ng writer! Sarap ni papa Kevs!

    • feeling gwapo says:

      Halata naman yung writer din nagpost nito. Masyadong papansin. GAAAAAYYY!

  15. tarugo02 says:

    Nakakahiya naman ‘tong yugatech. Ni-reword lang yung article ng android central. Sana man lang nagresearch pa ng mas matindi… Sabi nga nila, PLAGIARISM AT ITS FINEST.

    • Benchmark says:

      I have been an avid reader of GSMArena and Yugatech…

      I really don’t understand na plagiarism if you add your source into the article.

      I think it doesn’t matter if you copied it whole word even their wrong grammar as long as you specify the source in the said article.

      By the way, there is one article that was posted in GSMArena that the source is Yugatech.

      With regards to IOS and ANDROID, for my opinion, I’d rather choose Ios as the stable one…ewan yun kasi base sa experience ko na apps that I installed to my mini before comparing to my android phone….well phone and tablet comparisson….just my opinion.

    • tarugo02 says:

      Even if you added the source of the original article, but ended-up just paraphrasing it, is still plagiarism.


    • wew says:

      @tarugo02 im pretty sure isa ka sa mga may tech blogs dito at bitter ka sa yugatech kaya binabash mo na lng sila.wala kase kmi pakialam eh,ung mga “kinkopyahan” nga nila eh walang pakialam sa kanila,d sila kinakasuhan,tas ikaw lahat na lng ng posts mo tungkol dito.ok sana ginagawa mo eh,kaso ang hangarin mo lng e ibash ang yugatech.subukan mo kayang pumunta ng nbi at dun mo sila kasuhan.iakyat mo an rin sa supreme court ung kaso para mas maganda…hindi ung puro ka lng dakdak dito.

  16. ron says:

    hindi ako iphone hater pero ang reason ko sa pagbili ng android eh dahil:

    – hindi sya restrictive. meron kang “freedom” pag binili mo yung phone mo. you can customize the hell out of it. and dapat lang, nabili ko na yung phone. pwede ko dapat gawin ang gusto ko dun like palitan yung launcher, yung keyboard app, yung theme, yung icons, gumamit ng widgets, live wallpaper, mag-transfer ng files using bluetooth, expand yung memory and use microsd etc etc.
    – may choice ako sa iba’t-ibang brands na may kanya-kanyang set of pros and cons. kung baga sa ice cream, pag iphone fan ka … wala kang choice kundi tanggapin kung ano lang meron yung latest iphone model.
    – mas advance din ang android when it comes to tech. yung fingerprint scanner eh unang ginawa yan ng motorola atrix 4g. yung screen ng iphone 5c up to now eh ang liit at anlaki ng bezel. ang resolution eh hindi man lang HD when ang typical na android eh full HD na. walang NFC … though hindi ito big deal sa pinas kasi di naman uso ang mobile payments dito masyado.
    – yung terminology ng apple eh para “maloko” ang non-techie users into thinking na “high-tech” phone nila. gaya ng Retina. ang iphone 5s nasa 300+ PPI lang … ang S5 eh nasa 500+ na. pero ang iphone users panay ang pagmamalaki na “maganda screen ko, retina kaya yan”. not even knowing na ang Retina nila eh equivalent sa “small screen, low PPI, and low-resolution”.

    yung cheaper price nya eh bonus lang yun. pero madali talaga i-please ang iphone users. remember nung lumabas yung bagong IOS tapos nabago yung itsura ng icons. tuwang-tuwa sila eh sa android pwede namin palitan icons namin anytime we want. yan ang reason kung bakit hindi ma-amuse ang android users sa iphone. everytime may lumalabas na “bago” sa iphone eh bago lang yun sa iphone. kasi yung “bagong” features nyo eh available na sa android phones at least 2yrs ago.

    • Hayahay says:

      Ang haba, pwede na tong iseparate as a new article sa blog!

    • chillax says:

      mas magaling lang marketing team ng apple kaya marami parin bumibili ng iOS devices kahit mahal, iba kasi yung approach nila when it comes to selling their gadgets :D

    • Fanboy says:

      Do you know why people opt to buy the iPhone?? Kasi ramdam mo yung presyo nya.. hindi mukhang cheap. Isa pa, maganda ang ecosystem ng Apple. Marami for sure ang walang idea about what I’m talking about. Try nyo muna gumamit ng mac, iphone, apple tv, airport extreme, ipad, etc.. You’ll see what I mean. :D

    • S5 says:

      Galaxy S5 is not 500 PPI. FYI lang po.

  17. SystemAdmin says:

    Too many trolls detected. System overloaded. Shuttin down in 3…2…1…

  18. ed says:

    Una kong smartphone is iphone 4, ok naman cya, then nag-try ako ng adnroid which has higher raw specs that my old iphone 4 with gingerbread pero nagla-lag at nagcacrash cya occasionally kahit sinara ko yung mga apps na nagrurun sa background, I was very unsatisfied with that phone (sony xperia sola), now balik ako sa iphone at ndi na sumasakit ulo ko dahil sa lag, I’m not saying that an iphone (iOS) is better than any android device, I’m just sharing my own experience.

    • nego says:

      GB is actually laggy sir. Na furnished lang ang Android since ICS kaya ngayon super smooth na ang OS. BTW I’m using both iOS and Android device (iP4S and Xperia Z1) and I can testify na lesser ang app crash sa Android compared sa iOS not sure sa iP5S which is the flagship this year. I’m aware na 2-years older ang 4S sa Z1. Just a piece of opinion lang din. :)

  19. Chill says:

    HTC ONE M7 is the most stable android phone in my own opinion… HTC’s SENSE UI is one of the polished android skin…

    ref: personal experience

  20. agogoy says:

    Apple is highly valuable company. It’s more profitable if you want to invest on Apple products. If you are into gaming capabilities then you should take advantage of gaming capabilities of Android. Lahat naman ng proprietary apps ni android available kay iOS pero sa is exclusive pa rin kasi nga profitable. Wala namang bearing ang report na to

    • abuzalzal says:

      Well, Nokia and Blackberry *were* valuable too, but look at where they are now now.
      The thing is, Android OEMs are so relentless they hardly give Apple any breathing space.

      Sa US, malaki ang market share ng Apple, dahil nature na ng mga Americans ang pagiging patriotic. the whole of Asia, Europe and other developing countries, different story

      The question here is not ”what if”, but ”when’… Eventually, Apple is going to fail (same thing goes to SAMSUNG, SONY and others)

      Nobody stays at the top forever

    • Fanboy says:

      Patriotic? iOS/iPhone wins in richer counties so baseless ang comment mo about Apple winning shares in America due to patriotism. Android, on the other hand, wins in developing countries especially in Asia. With that said, Android is dominant because of the cheap phones. I use an iPhone 5S and a Samsung Note 3. Based on my experience, mas okay ang iPhone when it comes to apps.

  21. joseph says:

    ang mganda talga sa andriod user friendly at may mga mura na depende sa ano lang ang kailangan mo vs. apple ios pag middle class to high class lang tlaga siya..may karapatan din nmn ang mga ordinaryong tao na makagamit ng smartphones/gadgets dahil hindi lang naman ginawa ang smartphones/gadgets para pamorma lang at magmukhang sosyal ka..

  22. juan says:

    nakakainis talaga tong mga iphone fanboys , dahil lang may pambili sila ng iphone crap kung makapag salita sa iba parang sila na ang magaling sa technology eh di nila alam eh nagsasayang lang sila ng pera dahil bumuli lang sila ng mga worthless brick phones . sasarili kong experience masasabi ko na napaka boring ang iphone ang os boring walang masyadong magawa hindi man lamang ma personalisekahit nga i-jailbreak mo ang boring incomparable sa experiece sa android .

    • abuzalzal says:


      They have this superiority complex that they belong to the upperclass

      Kahit sardinas namn kinakain … I know a lot of Makati yuppies na I tards na ganito

    • Fanboy says:

      I am both an android user and iOS user. I prefer the latter.. I like the elegance of iOS and the premium feel ng Apple products.. If gusto nyo ng customizations to your heart’s content, edi ijailbreak nyo ang iphone nyo.. Total, yun lang naman ang lamang ng android eh.. Isa pa, for people who use or perform bank transactions on the go, mas ok ang iOS. If you get my drift!

  23. Kami says:

    I’ve been using an iphone (ip4 then ip5) and android phone (S3, Note then XZ) and based on my xperience mas stable ang apps sa iphone.

    Despite being high end, yung mga android phones ko usually may lag or nag crash apps.

    Kaya i often use the iphone rather than XZ(currently).

    I havent read the original article but i am really wondering what were the apps monitored. Although i read this na sa phonearena.

  24. wew says:

    andaming mga BOBO dito haha nakikipagaway para sa isang bagay na pareho namang tama at mali hahaha cge shabuuu paaa hahahaha lahat po ng OS may pros at cons kung idadahilan nyu na sobrang pangit ng iOS(for ex) dahil sa di nacucustomize ang UI eh problema nyu un!ibig sabihin d para sa inyu ang iOS!ung iba na d naman factor sa kanila to at may ayaw sa android edi sa iOS kayo!depende sa preference yan para sa iba mas maganda iOS o Android base sa kung panu sila gumamit.tss.

    • Benchmark says:

      Ewan ko ba sa kanila…I really don’t get it. May mga pataasan pa ng pixel nasa screen, or pagpalit ng icons…yet ang main gagawin mo lang naman sa phone mo eh mag text, call, mag surf, plus some bonuses like photo taking, radio etc. And the article is about stability. Ang gulo! Hahahahaha

    • Fanboy says:

      2 lang naman yan.. Either walang pambili ng iphone or tanga.. FYI, Android is an open-source OS. If habol nyo eh never ending customizations, edi ijailbreak nyo iphone nyo. Ang daming pwedeng gawin sa ios once it’s been jailbroken..

  25. Sa Pilipinas, merong 3 taboo na topic dahil hindi natatapos ang debate:
    1. Religion
    2. iPhone vs Android
    3. ABSCBN vs GMA

  26. Easy E says:

    Ano naman kaya ang methodology ng pagkuha ng data nito?

  27. Jurk says:

    Andami nyong phone, wala naman kayong pambahay!
    Sent from an iPhone 5s ????????????

  28. AA says:

    Windows Phone parin!

  29. hunterfly says:

    Hanep sa debate… parehas silang ok! Nasa gumagamit yan. Ilang % lang naman yan crash na yan. Hindi mo mararamdaman yan. Pwera na lang kung perfectionist ka at makitid pag unawa mo. Peace…

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