T-Mobile G1 Android Phone in the Flesh

T-Mobile G1 Android Phone in the Flesh

Managed to “borrow” one of the recently released T-Mobile G1 (a.k.a. Google Android Phone) and cooking up a full review. For the meantime, let me share some photos.

The Google Phone is one of the oddest phone I’ve ever seen in terms of design and form factor. Even the mechanism for flipping out the keyboard is a bit unconventional.

g1 g1 g1


g1 g1 g1
Took several shots of the phone together with the Nokia E71, iPhone 3G and Xperia X1 for some visual comparison. The G1 is indeed huge and bulky.


g1 g1 g1

Will be done with my review before the week ends so watch out for it.

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24 Responses

  1. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:


  2. Bon says:

    If the firmware hasn’t been upgraded yet, try entering the text “reboot” anywhere in the G1 and press enter – it should reboot the phone. Weirdest bug I ever heard of in a shipping unit – they forgot to switch off some of the debug code in the OS apparently. :)

  3. phitski says:

    good thing in this phone,can read bar code like the books and other things as long they have bar code.they can search the item on it..cool

  4. Nice phone.I hope many of us can afford the price. is it very affordable?

  5. phitski says:

    price is about 19,500 as far as i know:)

  6. yuga says:

    Saw this in Singapore Changi Airport being sold for SG$998.

  7. phitski says:

    nice price,:) still hoping some more android phones to come..specially in motorola :)

  8. edzhstar says:

    hello po mr. yuga lagi n ko dumadaan dito sa blog mo bka magpacontest k ulit..hehe…

  9. Jan says:

    i dont like it. Im an iPhone user and ive got my hands on the G1. I was not convinced by it.

  10. phitski says:


    you said your a iphone user, so dun ka talaga kakampi.. but for this phone na open source its good, and lahat ng hindi gusto ni iphone kinuha ni g1, exepecting more androids phone to come in 2009:)

  11. Sherwin says:

    actually it depends on ano ang habol nang tao. for media, iphone is the obvious winner. for open source goodness, this will definitely be something to look out for. imagine being able to interconnect each app to one another, this is something na wala talaga si iphone. we would just need to wait for good apps to be made. would definitely love having this phone for my sun. but only because I have an iphone na. :)

  12. omnia&iphoneUser says:

    nice phone! how much? nrelease n b s Philippines? tnx

  13. The Google phone would be the choice of those people who are price conscious. But of course people in the Philippines especially those who belongs to the “Sosyal” community would definitely choose the iPhone over this one.

  14. Jon says:

    ::Great phone, trust me..iPhone and this phone, halos pareho din..Iphone daming hidden extra charges…Price of this phone is $500.00 (without a contract or extended contract) But with a contract or extended contract, is $200.00. Im thinking to bring this phone in the P.I. this summer..Simm card lang naman ang papalitan.. :)

  15. klaydze says:

    Can’t wait to have this phone. Madami nabang nagbebenta ng Google Phone? Kasi sa Rockwell (Power Plant Mall) sa Makati, wala pa daw silang ganitong phone.

  16. Suzanne says:

    I already have a G1 dito sa US but im planning on moving back sa Philippines. Would all the functions of G1 work sa Pinas, i.e…the 3g connection, the apps, and making phone calls?

  17. medison says:

    my g1 mobile has been accidentally reformat ho to view the menu and how to register the android

  18. cath says:

    yes i want to know also…

  19. Avery says:

    the device looks nice.

  20. geronimo j. manicia III says:

    my g1 accidentaly reformat i dont now how 2 re-open it,is there a store here in manila,phillipines who can re-activate my g1

  21. Edwin C says:

    At magkano naman ito at ako ay bibili?

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