#TBT: Evolution of the Google Nexus smartphone

#TBT: Evolution of the Google Nexus smartphone

A few times before, we did a timeline for each of Apple’s iPhone releases, up to the point of celebrating seven years of the Cupertino’s flagship smartphone. With the announcement of the new Nexus handset, it’s fitting that we do the same too — a timeline of Google’s smartphone devices that are often seen as torchbearers of each of their new operating system version releases.


Love or hate the display, the premium price, the lack of a microSD card slot, or the handset maker the internet search giant tapped to create the next big thing, there’s no doubt that Google’s Nexus line of smartphones are definitely one of the top-tiered Android devices to date. With beefy flagship specs and equipped with the latest Android version right out of the box without any bloatware –not to mention the support Google is providing with OTA updates — leaves no room for anyone to say that Google isn’t doing the right thing with these.



The Nexus 6, manufactured by Motorola.

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Which one’s the best Nexus smartphone for you?

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3 Responses

  1. Abuzalzal says:

    5.9 inch? to much for me

  2. AbuzalzaI says:

    Yeah, for me the nexus 5 is still the best nexus so far. A phablet won’t just do it. It’s really not your usual phone anymore. Yes it fits in your hand and you can still do one hand operations but it’s still different and big, too bulky even to fit right in your pocket.

    I hope they release a 5″ version of it but I doubt they will.

  3. aj says:

    next will be manufactured by Sony :D FTW

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