Who wouldn't want to be a Google employee?

Who wouldn’t want to be a Google employee?

From Balanced News Blog, a link to a complete list of how much Google stock has been sold by whom and at what price. I ignored the headline about Google Founders Dumping Google Stock? because it doesn’t ring a bell. (Who wouldn’t want to sell a highly (or overvalued?) valued stock these days?)

Anyway, I browsed thru the list and gasped at how much people from Google were raking in from their stock sales. I sorted the “regular” employee’s sales by volume and found one Roberta Eustace getting an estimated lump sum of $6,115,500 for her shares (highest so far in the list with a title of “Employee”). I am not sure though if that’s the highest number of shares a regular employee got when Google went into IPO. (Maybe it’s also based on the number of years of stay with Google — the seniority rule.)


Imagine that, hundreds of rank-in-file becoming instant millionaires?

Who wouldn’t want to be a Google employee? It’s like winning a lotto. :D

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13 Responses

  1. Marc says:

    Make that megalotto! :)

  2. yuga says:

    Thanks AnP! Found about it about a couple minutes ago from BlogHerald pa.

  3. many employees now can buy certain amount of share of thier company’s stocks or even on other companies’. many has already started buying stocks here in my company. I’m not decided yet. I just prefer to join other profitable programs instead. ;)

  4. Arbet says:

    This happened at MSFT also years ago. Google should take note of MSFT’s history so that it won’t suffer the same fate as that of MSFT (whose stock price remains flat for the last 3 years).

  5. Ederic says:

    Can’t wait for our network to go public. :p

  6. Jaypee says:

    so how do you call a person who works for Google? – Googlean? Googlite? Googler? hehe..i think the last term is best suited for a person who uses google alot. :D

  7. yuga says:

    Stock options are the way to go especially if you have a good performing company in the stock market.

    @ jaypee

    They have a term for it eh. Forgot nga lang.

  8. Employees holding valuable stock and stock options can also be a real worry for a company, too. If you become a multi-millionaire, would you want to stay at your current job? Having 100 of your brighest and longest-serving employees leave the company in a period of growth could spell a real disaster.

  9. Migs says:

    Googlers and Xooglers.

    None of the local high-end techies I know – including myself – have made it beyond the second stage phone interview.

  10. Jazzy says:

    better than lotto. You have a higher chance of winning by investing than betting :)

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