10 Free Job Searching Apps (2020)

10 Free Job Searching Apps (2020)

Employment during this COVID-19 pandemic serves difficult times for both employers and job hunters. As we all strive to adjust, it’s good to still be open to new opportunities.

So prepare your CVs and portfolios and check out these job searching apps for you to install and use on your smartphones.


LinkedIn is like the Facebook within job-hunting platforms. If you haven’t created a profile yet, then now’s the right time to do so. This app will help you establish connections with network companies, as well as prospective employers. Just type in your desired job position and company and from there, you can send your LinkedIn profile directly. You can also follow hashtags such as #wearehiring and #hiringnow to see employers who are actively searching for applicants.

Download LinkedIn: Android/iOS


Kalibrr is one of the most trusted job sites in the Philippines and it’s Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing talent platform. With the help of A.I., this portal helps connect people to relevant jobs on the basis of their skills and experience.

Download Kalibrr: Android/iOS


JobStreet is branded as the country’s top job hiring and career site. This portal matches job opportunities between job seekers and employers in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. You won’t also miss any job recommendations as LiNa Job Matches (AI assistant) notifies you in your email.

Download JobStreet: Android/iOS


Considered as the world’s no. 1 job search site, Indeed offers free access to over 16 million job openings from thousands of company websites and job boards. You simply just have to input your desired job position and from what company. It’s also convenient as it allows you to find a job near your city.

Download Indeed: Android/iOS


This job portal claims to have over 120,000 job postings every month. Similar to other apps in this list, you can also search for your desired job title, location, and your expected salary. You can also receive job alerts based on your search criteria.


Download JobsDB: Android/iOS


As one of the top portals for freelancers, Upwork opens opportunities for both freelancers and creative agencies to connect and discover for specific projects. This one has quite the high standards due to a huge competition within different talents, so better give your best portfolio and services at a reasonable price.

Download Upwork: Android/iOS


GrabJobs guarantees that within 5 days, you will get a response to your job application. Sounds too promising not to try. They don’t require you to make a CV to apply. Instead, just simply keep an online career profile, and what’s cooler, you can apply by video.

Another feature of this job platform is AIRA or the Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Assistant. It’s a chatbot that works to engage and pre-screen job applicants with preset interview questions selected by the employer.

Download GrabJobs: Android/iOS

Monster Job

This app is called Monster for a reason. Monster Job helps you build a network and find the right job for you, thanks to its smart job recommendations. You won’t also miss out on any job opportunities as the app notifies you right away.

Download Monster Job: Android/iOS


FastJobs is known to be an award-winning mobile app that connects non-executive job seekers to reliable employers. With a few taps, applicants can apply for jobs offered by thousands of trusted employers in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Download FastJobs: Android/iOS


BestJobs allows you to search for opportunities by job keyword, location, and category. Together with CompuTrabajo and InfoJobs.com.br, BestJobs is part of the job and recruitment network of Red Arbor present in 33 countries.

Download BestJobs

And that’s about it. Situations may be extra challenging today, but we’re hoping that you stay optimistic in giving your best in applying through these apps. Good luck!

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