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6 Tips on how to find great deals on Lazada 9.9 Sale

It’s the Ber months already and with it the start of Lazada’s 9.9 Sale. Its one of their biggest annual deal celebration other than the well-known Lazada 10.10, Lazada 11.11 and Lazada 12.12 celebrations – you see the pattern? We ourselves here at Yugatech love to shop in different e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shoppe, Gearbest, Amazon, Ali Express and a lot more. Although today, we will focus on Lazada.

This year is entirely different compared to the previous years. That’s because If you’ll notice, its now easier to find the 9.9 deal items. Before it’s only available on the homepage or what the platform calls the flash sale landing page. They’ve added new features though, which we think you’re going to love. OK! Are you ready?

Here are our tips to find the best deals this coming Lazada 9.9 Sale. Also, take note this will apply for both web and app platforms of Lazada.

#1 Visit the homepage or landing page

Lazada Homepage

The first thing you usually check is the homepage, or what they also call the pitch page or even landing page. Most of the time you’ll obviously see their banners all over the page, practically begging for you to click them. Although very obvious, this is basically the first step in finding great deals.

#2 Check the campaign sale page

Lazada Campaign Page

Once you click any of the banners, you’ll be in a page where there are timers, countdowns, and vouchers for the flash sales and multiple products from different brands. Now, most of the time the deals are here already, but if you look closely or even scroll till the end of the page, you’ll notice most of it is from different merchants and it’s only their highlight deals. This means Lazada’s algorithm have chosen them or, if not, Lazada’s marketing team just selected them, so they will appear on this page.

#3 Follow the Merchant Page

Lazada Merchant Store Page

Last year Lazada added a shop page for every merchant where they can showcase their products. Think of it as their own grocery store where they can post all of their products. One feature they also added is the follow button – this button will give you notifications if they have updates or new products posted.


#4 Chat or message the merchant

Lazada Chat / Message in Desktop

Another feature they added this year is the way you can interact with merchants by messaging or chatting with them. The feature is available in both mobile and desktop versions. Basically, if you followed them or you are already a “SUKI” of their store you can ask the list of their 9.9 sales which they will for sure share to you. After all, that’s added sales.

#5 Look for the 9.9 icons in the product images

Follow a Lazada Merchant

Lazada 9.9 Icon in thumbnails

Now if you followed #3, for sure you already have your favorite merchant that you regularly visit to check for new sets of items. Although, if you do search for their name in the search bar of Lazada, rather than clicking their name on the right side of their product page, the page will show which of their items are part of the 9.9 sales.

#6 NEW 9.9 Merchant landing page

Lazada Merchant 9.9 Sales Page

This is a new feature that Lazada has implemented this year, and I think the most convenient way to find deals. In the past, to see the items on sale or part of the current promo, you’ll have to randomly check the homepage or landing pages.

Although, if you look closely at the merchant shop page, there is a new button which usually only appears when there is a big campaign like this. You’ll see a 9.9 link and if you click that you will see all their items that are part of the campaign. You just saved a ton of time clicking and finding which item has that icon of 9.9 right?

#BONUS: Use the merchant shop voucher

Lazada Merchant Voucher

Most of you probably are hunting for vouchers but did you know that every merchant now has their own dedicated vouchers? Yup! If you visit your “SUKI” store most of the time, you will see it either on the product page itself or on their shop page.

This is different from what Lazada is generating since merchant vouchers can only be used in their shops and not on others. Also, if you are really super “SUKI” you can request a special voucher just for you wink. They might probably give you one, in some special cases.

There you have it! So hopefully this will help you spot the best Lazada deals when you start shopping on September 9. Do you also have some tips? let us know in the comment section below.

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