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2020 Top TWS Earbuds Under PHP 2,000

With 3.5mm jacks slowly fading from flagship smartphones, it’s a no brainer that soon most devices will adapt to the “no wire, no fuss” approach. In fact, beyond the Macbook, we’re seeing more and more laptop brands opting for either wireless or USB Type-C connectivity for accessories. So, whether you’re ready or not, it may be best to start figuring out how you can fit into this new trend. But, with such a saturated, pricey market, how are budget-friendly users supposed to fit into all of this?

Luckily, there is a multitude of cheap options out there. Unfortunately, a lot of them fail to meet the quota of quality over budget. From very high latency issues to just down-right bad sound quality, how are you supposed to separate the bad from the good and the good from the best without the risk of spending? Well, take a deep breath and let your wallet do the same, because listed down below are the Best True Wireless Earphones (TWS) under PHP 2,000.

Mi Redmi Airdots 2

Despite sitting at the lower end of the price spectrum, the Mi Redmi Airdots is a small but mighty device that might see you through at the end of the day. In fact, many dub it as the best entry point to the True Wireless experience because of its budget-friendly price point and quality. While the sound quality won’t blow you away, it does deliver balanced audio that’s perfect for daily commutes and use. Additionally, it comes with various earbud cover sizes, so finding the right fit for your ears is easy.

As for functionality, it does come with some basic, single-button controls such as one press to pause/play and double press to use Google Voice or Siri – a feature that makes these little earbuds perfect for its price. Furthermore, the built-in mic is adequate to see you through basic calls but not for important business meetings. And lastly, it touts a decent battery life of 3.5 hours of continuous use and can be recharged up to four times via its charging case before needing to be plugged in.

The Mi Redmi Airdots 2 is priced at PHP 1,090 on Lazada (LazMall).

SoundPEATS TrueShift 2

Whether you’re a gym buff or simply living an active lifestyle, the SoundPeats TrueShift 2 might be your new best friend. These TWS are equipped with an IPX7 water-resistant rating, which means they can be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes. So, the only thing you’ll be breaking in your next HIIT circuit is sweat. Additionally, it comes with three sets of rubberized earbud covers, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off in your cardio-intensive workouts. As for functionality, the logos on the back of the earbuds double as soft-touch controls, which makes operating these durable TWS a breeze. And did we also mention it supports voice command via your phone’s voice assistant? No more scrambling to wipe your hands mid-workout to use web browsing or other apps on your device.

With a combined prowess of durability and functionality, the sound quality doesn’t fall that far behind. It features a very balanced audio output that delivers plenty of separation between frequencies, so identifying different instruments in the background can be quite easy. However, when compared to other TWS earbuds, the high frequencies might quite come out tinny. Nevertheless, vocals come out smooth, and the mids and lows are great for the price and build. Additionally, it runs for about five hours of continuous use before needing to be recharged in its case.

The SoundPEATS TrueShift 2 is priced at PHP 1,799 on Lazada (LazMall).


Sabbat X12 Pro

There’s a good reason why the Sabbat X12 Pro is popular in the budget-friendly TWS earbuds market. First and foremost, it mixes comfort with great audio quality. These colorful earbuds make for one of the most comfortable devices in its price range, and interestingly it’s because it doesn’t take on the form of most earbuds. Instead, it takes on a shape similar to the Airpods – in-ear without rubberized tips without uncomfortable compression.

However, the offset of its comfortable form factor is that it’s a one size fits all model, which means those with smaller ears will really have to press them into their ears to keep them from falling out, and even then, they tend to loosen with slight rigorous movements. Despite this, it’s still a great buy because the sound quality these nifty earbuds deliver is perfectly balanced all-around. While you won’t get the richest bass, the emphasis on its mids and highs are clear, detailed, and uplifting. Instruments sound just like they’re supposed to, and vocals are smooth and on-point. So, while you won’t get that “party in your ear” experience, you will get an open, airy and uncongested audio performance that’s perfect for work and daily use.

The Sabbat X12 Pro is priced at PHP 1,799 on Lazada (LazMall).

Mezone B6

We can’t mention the Mezone B6 without first talking about it’s charging case. These TWS earbuds come in an unconventional case that splits open in the middle diagonally – the perfect breather from the flip-top variants we commonly see. Additionally, instead of the plastic, the Mezone opted to go straight to a robust rubberized block for its design, making it usable for daily use even without a third-party silicone case. However, while the build makes for an interesting conversation starter, it does come with hiccups such as taking the earbuds in and out of the case and differentiating the right piece from the left, especially in the dark. Although it should come pretty innate later on with constant use, still a slight let down.

As for sound quality, the Mezone B6 delivers a tight, head-bang worthy bass that fits the “party in your ear” experience perfectly. And despite delivering such a hard-kicking bass, it still performs great with mids and highs and doesn’t give you the congested audio that most bass-centered TWS earbuds have. In fact, it’s coherent, clear, and detailed to no fault. Just don’t push it to the max volume as it may sound crackly and may lead to hearing loss (please, don’t destroy your eardrums).

The Mezone B6 is priced at PHP 1,980 on Lazada (LazMall).

realme Buds Air Neo

With so many options and emerging brands, choosing the perfect TWS earbuds can be quite tricky. What if you don’t really have a preference and want something affordable with good sound quality and doesn’t have all the excess fat that most TWS earbuds have? Well, the realme Bud Air Neo is exactly that. No frills, no flaunts, just delivery.

It comes with a pretty much identical design to the Apple Airpods except for a small button on its charging case optimized for pairing and doubles as an LED indicator light. In terms of comfort, it fits quite easily into any ear size or shape and can be used for a moderate workout with the risk of them falling out. As for sound, they deliver well-balanced audio that retains bass pretty decently without sacrificing the mids and the highs. While it might not be for the true audiophile, it is enough to get you by for daily use and more. It also lasts up to 3 hours of continuous use, while its charging case can be used up to four times before needing to be plugged in.

The realme Buds Air Neo is priced at PHP 1,888 on Lazada (LazMall).

Whether you’re new to the TWS earbuds game or simply looking for the best bang-for-buck device, these listed TWS earbuds are a great entry point into the new world of wireless connectivity. But with this said, it really does boil down to your preference and usage when selecting the right one. So, before clicking that Add to Cart button, remember to weigh your needs versus wants and, of course, the budget you can allot for your new device.

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