Car Air Purifiers Under PHP 2,500 You Can Buy Online

Car Air Purifiers Under PHP 2,500 You Can Buy Online

We have become more cautious about keeping our areas clean. Good thing, we have an option to grab air purifiers to make the air we breathe in healthy and sanitary. With that said, we may also equipped our vehicles with such so that we may have the chance to purify the air and sanitize the cars that drive us anywhere we go. If you are thinking about getting some, check out these car air purifiers under PHP 2,500 you can buy online:

EKLEVA Car Air Purifier with Filter Portable USB Cleaner

This EKLEVA smart car air purifier eliminates harmful gases, smoke, bacteria, odors, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other particles from the vehicle. It has a three-layered filtration, including the HEPA filter, FVA Sponge filter, and activated carbon filter for efficient air purification. It sports its space-saving, compact and portable design for convenience. Moreover, it can be powered via USB cable or the included car charger. This device is available in two color options: Black and White. The package includes the unit, a power line, a car charger, and a user manual.

PHP 1,490 | Buy it here.

Baseus 2-in-1 Car Humidifier and Air Purifier

The Baseus 2-in-1 Car Air Purifier features dual purification, two-level purification mode, an intelligent level switching, and a humidifier function. The device is believed to purify the air inside the car in just 3 minutes (or 5 minutes for SUV). It has a one-layer filtration with an efficient honeycomb grid strainer against smoke, dust, bacteria, and so on. The device also flaunts its look geared with a magnetic top cover, a ring breathing light with a real-time display of the air quality, and the touch keys. The package includes the unit, the warranty card, and the USB Type-C charging cable.

PHP 1,637 | Buy it here.

GC 2-in-1 Car Dual USB Fresh Air Ionic Purifier

This car air purifier has a compact design with blue LED light. It produces negative ions that improve the air quality by destroying odor-causing particulates from the air. Not just that, it also removes smoke and purifies the environment against bacteria and viruses. It is equipped with dual 2.1A USB ports to charge mobile phones, tablets, or other devices safely.

PHP 699 | Buy it here.

Womdee Car Ionizer Air Purifier


This Womdee Car Ionizer Air Purifier is ideal for air purifying to get rid of smoke, dust mites, pollen, mold, pet dander, as well as other small particles and pollutants. It can be easily connected through the car lighter. The device comes with two speed levels (low and high) to provide options for various conditions and works with noise lower than 30 DB. Further, this can fit in the car cup holder and easy to carry around with its portable size.

HP 1,204 | Buy it here.

Cherry Car Ionizer with Air Purifier

This Cherry Car Ionizer with Air Purifier helps purify the air inside your vehicle. It can emit 20 million negative ions, has a 4-stage filtration system with HEPA and carbon filters, 360-degree purification coverage, and has multiple fan speeds. It is also portable that it can fit in the car’s cup holder.

PHP 2,450 | Buy it here.

PHILIPS Car Air Purifier GoPure Compact 50

The PHILIPS GoPure Compact 50 cleans the air in a car in 13 minutes. It sports fast removal of fine particles and has 350 hours of filter life. However, the filter eliminates the risk of NO2 and SO2 gas arising from travels or road trips and reduces toxins and gases harmful to the body. The device has dimensions of 158 x 158 x 69mm.

PHP 1,460 | Buy it here.

Nobico Car Air Purifier

This Nobico Car Air Purifier is geared with three-layer filtration, including pre-cotton, activated carbon, and a photocatalyst. It is equipped with a UV lamp, a built-in negative ion generator, a built-in aromatherapy function, a composite purification filter, and a dedicated turbine fan. This also offers flexible installation, and it can be placed either on the headrest, armrest or elsewhere comfortable. It is available in two color options: Wood Grain and Polar Gray.

PHP 1,837| Buy it here.

That wraps up our list of car air purifiers under PHP 2,500 you can purchase online! We hope this list could help you find what’s perfect for your vehicle. Plus, don’t forget to check the reviews first and think about it thrice, so that you won’t regret any checkout!

If you have any other car purifier suggestions, you may share it with us by leaving a comment down below.

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