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Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) and how to get a certificate

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced that all drivers seeking to renew their license are now required to take 64 Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) and obtain a certification before the renewal application can be processed. The CDE is not just for new drivers, but it is also now a prerequisite for renewing licenses, too. So now, let’s learn more about CDE, check out what is it for, and how you can obtain a certificate.

Comprehensive Driver’s Education and its importance

The CDE is considered as a refresher course for drivers (Non-Professional or Professional) who are renewing their privilege to drive. It deals with road safety, traffic laws, driver’s responsibilities, traffic rules and regulations, along with the corresponding penalties, and the like.

It is essential to comply with this measure as it is part of the law. The CDE is in line with a provision in Republic Act No. 10930 10 , which allows the LTO to extend the validity of a license to 10 years for motorists with no record of traffic violation prior to its renewal. With this, drivers may now apply for a 10-year license if they do not have a traffic violation record. Otherwise, those with current records can only apply for a 5-year renewal.

It will be first implemented in the Central Office-Licensing Section and the Quezon City Licensing Center (QCLC) starting October 28. Further, it will then be followed by other offices in the National Capital Region on November 3, 2021. The schedule in other areas outside Metro Manila will be announced soon.

LTO Chief Edgar Galvante mentioned in an interview with CNN Philippines that the causes of road mishaps include those who are not knowledgeable about the driving rules and regulations, those who are not abiding by the laws, and those who are not observing road courtesy. Hence, a refresher course is an initiative to improve the performance of drivers.

CDE Program

The CDE Program is available at LTO Driver’s Education Centers 77 (DECs) (offline), Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) Portal 269 (online), or at LTO-accredited driving schools 16.

To take the Driver’s License Renewal Course online, you may visit the portal > go to E-Learning > click Driver’s License Renewal Course 368. The portal gives access to audiovisual courses specifically for Non-Professional and Professional drivers, which will take less than five hours to finish.

Besides, there are also presentation materials available on the LTO website. Check them out below.

Road Safety 197
• Road and Traffic Rules
Signs, Signals & Markings 85
Expressway 28
Rules on the Road 32
Special Laws 41
Special Laws (MC and TC) 29
Other Regulations 25
General Information 22

Note that taking the CDE Program is free at LTO’s DECs and at the online portal.

How to get a CDE certificate?

To get a CDE certificate, drivers must take a driver’s education exam. Those who attend the CDE program on DECs will have to take the exam face-to-face, while those who choose to accomplish the course online can take the CDE Online Validation Exam 403 via the portal.

Check out the passing score to get a certificate:

• Non-Professional: 50% or at least 13 correct answers out of 25 questions.
• Professional: 50% or at least 13 correct answers out of 25 questions.

Note that you must log in first to your account to accomplish the CDE Online Validation Exam. A CDE certificate will be issued once drivers passed the exam. After obtaining a certificate, it must be presented to LTO Licensing Renewal Official to process the renewal application.

According to the LTO, those who will fail the CDE exam may retake it until they finally pass the exam and obtain a certificate.

Should you wish to know more, you may check out LTO’s official Facebook page 27, or its website 13.

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12 Responses

  1. Avatar for Tricar Valena Tricar Valena says:

    I took the exam and i passed it. How can i get my certificate?

  2. Avatar for Michael Aquino Michael Aquino says:

    paano po mag exam student to non pro po direct n po b s Lto mag exam plss tell me

  3. Avatar for ALBIN ALBIN says:

    Wowibang klasi na talaga hightic na ngayon

  4. Avatar for Danilo c bedrijo jr Danilo c bedrijo jr says:


  5. Avatar for Direck Direck says:

    Panu po kapag naka log in kana sa portal tapos di mo tinapos yung mga dapat mo e fill up tapos meron kanang client number, din yung ginamit mo na gmail nabago mo na tapos nalimotan mo na ang gmail na ginamit mo sa portal?hindi naba pwedi gumawa ng bagong cde sa bago mong gmail?pakisagot naman po sa naka experience.salamat

  6. Avatar for Rommel Gonzaga Rommel Gonzaga says:

    I am an OFW in UK. I have been trying to access the LTO LTS portal but It can’t be opened using the internet here in UK. I would like to ask if there is a problem in the system and what should I do? I wish you can help us.


  7. Avatar for Torres Torres says:

    Dapat sa Face to Face lang i honor ang exam. Kasi kung sa Online pweding hindi sila mismo ang magtake ng exam or pwede sila magpaturo or magdala ng ibang tao para mag answer. Opinion lang.

  8. Avatar for Dante letimas Dante letimas says:

    Maganda ito para sa mga pilipino para dagdag kaalaman about the rules sa pagdra drive.. good job LTO! GOD bless

  9. Avatar for Marilyn Victoriano Marilyn Victoriano says:

    Pag me student licines kna Mag aaral kpa Rin sa driving pag kukuha Ng license kahit nag kna sa driving statute

    • Avatar for Don Don says:

      Saan makikita yung serial number ng license kung yung papel pa lang lisesnsya mo ( temporary license )

  10. Avatar for Oliver Sagun Oliver Sagun says:

    The continuing problem is red tape at the agency, then Drivers not equipped with basic knowledge operates vehicle on the streets that create chaos. It’she agencies mandate to issue licenses to qualified individuals but the bureaucracy eats the goal of the agency. Now we are plagued with some drivers not equipped with knowledge in driving. The funniest thing was the requirement of not being issued a citation ticket for five years driving.Holy cow…to do that in Metro Manila, you might as well not seat on the front of the steering wheel. Back on the issue of Drivers education as refresher, I have no objection, but safeguard the issuing of licenses so that you will not put a rotten banana on a good basket to spoil the whole.

  11. Avatar for Wong Wong says:

    It the discipline of each driver. So why everyone got to take this exam. It totally inconvenience every driver. It much better has better enforcement which is totally lacking.

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