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Cooking Tutorial Websites For Beginners

The enhanced community quarantine has provided everyone the time to learn basic life skills, including cooking. A quarantine tribute or not, people should know that the art and science of cooking are not as intimidating and hard as it seems. To help you search hundreds of beginner-friendly recipes available online, we listed some intuitive and comprehensive cooking tutorial websites that you may visit for your next cooking project. All you need is a stable WiFi connection, and gadgets such as desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone for viewing videos.

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Tasty • Cooking Tutorial Websites For Beginners

A brand under American media company Buzzfeed, Tasty catapulted its fame on social media by producing cooking video tutorials in short formats. Its dedicated website now has an extensive catalog of video recipe tutorials for special occasions, individuals with a special diet, and quick and easy preparation. It also offers the next generation kitchen tools under its online shop.

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Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes • Cooking Tutorial Websites For Beginners

Should you want a more detailed website that breaks down the ingredients you need, step-by-step procedures, tips, and suggestions to spice up your dish, there’s Simply Recipes. It allows the guests to browse recipes according to the following categories: special diet, main ingredient, course, type of cuisine, season, and cooking procedure. It encompasses a large catalog of menus, including weekly meal plans for households and child-friendly dishes.

Serious Eats

Serious Eats • Cooking Tutorial Websites For Beginners

Offering an all-in-one platform for foodies, Serious Eats has a lot in store for visitors. Its website provides product recommendations, equipment reviews, kitchen tips, cooking techniques, and informative feature articles that fall into the food category. Just like the previous website, users can browse other recipes according to various types. Each dish presents a visual guide for instructions, as well as serving size and size, and fun facts behind the procedures and ingredients.


Epicurious • Cooking Tutorial Websites For Beginners

Setting it apart from others, this online website gathers reviews and comments from their readers to see feedback on their posted menus and recipes. It has over 330,000 under its recipe library, features a “create a menu” function for planning weekly menus and sharing it online, and offers free expert advice ranging from debunking cooking myths to guiding people in using kitchen tools.

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Realme Philippines


The Fat Kid Inside

The Fat Kid Inside • Cooking Tutorial Websites For Beginners

A brainchild of Filipino-French restaurateur Erwann Heusaff, the lifestyle food and travel blog serves as an all-in-one digital content platform that guides people on where to eat, what and how to cook, how to eat healthier, and what to try on certain destinations. Known for its visually-appealing tutorial videos, Erwann has embedded his cooking videos on his website’s recipe tab. The site also breaks down his recipes comprehensively.

Yummy PH

Yummy Ph • Cooking Tutorial Websites For Beginners

The digital food magazine under Summit Media doesn’t only provide a database of 5,000 international and local recipes and over 1,000 videos but also publishes tips on where to buy the finest local ingredients in the metro. Its digital content focuses more on food trends, hacks, and features, dividing it into five major categories: recipes, articles, lessons, videos, and meal-planning.

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Pepper PH

Pepper • Cooking Tutorial Websites For Beginners

Heightening the food experience of Filipinos, this local food website posts modern culinary stories, recipes, and ideas. Apart from its modern take on traditional Filipino dishes and other international delicacies, Pepper PH also do taste tests of things of all sorts from condiments and beverages to mouthwash, and restaurant reviews.

Special Mention

Judy Ann’s Kitchen

Judy Anns Kitchen • Cooking Tutorial Websites For Beginners

It’s not a website, but the YouTube page of actress-turned-chef-and-businesswoman Judy Ann Santos made her one of the most sought-after food vloggers online. Since she fired up her kitchen and shared her precious home-made recipes publicly through video tutorials, she has gained a total of 1.19 million subscribers.

And that’s it for our list. Have we missed anything? Type down your suggestions below.

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