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250+ Premium Apps, Games on sale in Google Play Store this week

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Great weekend, everyone! We’re just a few days away from October and we have a new set of Android apps and games just for you. In the list, we got over 250 listings of apps that you can add to your collection. Some are discounted while others went free for a limited time. Let us know in the comment section down below which one is your favorite.

Yugatech Weekly Apps Sale • 250+ Premium Apps, Games On Sale In Google Play Store This Week

TitleSale PricePriceDiscountCategory
Mental Hospital IV HD$0.99$2.49-60%Action
Hot Guns$0.99$1.49-33%Action
M.A.C.E. Space Shooter$0.99$1.99-50%Action
ColEm Deluxe - Coleco Emulator$1.99$3.99-50%Action
Gold Rush! Anniversary$1.49$2.99-50%Adventure
Gold Rush! 2$2.49$4.49-44%Adventure
Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness (Full)$2.99$6.99-57%Adventure
Lost Lands 2 (Full)$3.49$6.99-50%Adventure
New York Mysteries 2 (Full)$3.49$6.99-50%Adventure
Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood (Full)$3.99$6.99-42%Adventure
Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders (Full)$3.99$6.99-42%Adventure
Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child (Full)$3.99$6.99-42%Adventure
Lost Lands: HOG Premium$3.99$19.99-80%Adventure
Kickass Commandos$0.99$2.99-66%Arcade
Quik: Gravity Flip Platformer$0.99$1.49-33%Arcade
Charlie the Duck$1.49$2.49-40%Arcade
Nostalgia.NES Pro (NES Emulator)$1.99$4.99-60%Arcade
WORRY EATERS Dada Land$1.99$2.99-33%Arcade
Calligrapher Pro$1.49$2.99-50%Art & Design
OBD2 Car Wizard Pro$1.99$2.99-33%Auto & Vehicles
Hasbro's BATTLESHIP$0.99$2.99-66%Board
The Game of Life$0.99$2.99-66%Board
Camel Up$2.99$4.99-40%Board
Spritz Fast Reading. 2k words$0.99$1.99-50%Books & Reference
Stardew Valley Tracker$0.99$2.49-60%Books & Reference
Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR$0.99$4.99-80%Business
Superuser X Pro [Root] - 50% OFF$10.99$21.99-50%Business
Bloatware Remover VIP [Clean bloat] - 50% OFF$3.49$11.99-70%Business
Phase 10$0.99$2.99-66%Card
Roulette Predictor AD FREE$6.49$12.99-50%Casino
Cursed Fates: The Headless Horseman (Full)$0.99$2.99-66%Casual
Sea of Lies: Mutiny of the Heart (Full)$0.99$2.99-66%Casual
Earthlings Beware!$0.99$1.99-50%Casual
Cannon Conquest (ALL UNLOCKS)$0.99$2.49-60%Casual
Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen (Full)$2.99$4.99-40%Casual
Liveno Chat Pro$0.99$5.49-81%Communication
SMS Scheduler Pro$0.99$1.99-50%Communication
Smart Notify Unlocker$1.99$2.99-33%Communication
Incognito Browser - Browse Anonymously 2018$1.99$4.49-55%Communication
Mesej Je for Whatsapp/WA Business$2.99$4.99-40%Communication
MailDroid Pro - Email Application$4.99$7.99-37%Communication
Adding Fractions Math Trainer$0.99$2.49-60%Education
Learn Spanish Language: Listen, Speak, Read Pro$0.99$3.49-71%Education
Preschool Math Trainer$0.99$2.49-60%Education
eTOM Certification Guide$1.49$4.49-66%Education
Lab Plot n Fit$1.99$3.49-42%Education
Learn Japanese Pro$1.99$3.49-42%Education
Learn Korean - Grammar Pro$1.99$3.99-50%Education
Learn Korean Language Pro$2.99$4.99-40%Education
Learn English. Listening. Pro$2.99$4.99-40%Education
Addition Math Game$0.99$2.49-60%Educational
Lesen lernen 2 mit Zebra$0.99$5.49-81%Educational
Math Effect Full$0.99$3.99-75%Educational
Third grade Math - Division$0.99$2.49-60%Educational
Peter Rabbit: Let's Go!$1.49$2.99-50%Educational
Kids Burger Cash Register Full$1.99$2.99-33%Educational
BBQ Master PRO$0.99$1.49-33%Entertainment
Poweramp Widget Pink Alien$0.99$1.99-50%Entertainment
World Military Map Pro$0.99$1.49-33%Entertainment
Poweramp Widget Lightblue Glow$0.99$1.99-50%Entertainment
Fake GPS Location PRO$2.49$3.49-28%Entertainment
EvoWallet - Money Tracker [Premium]$0.99$1.99-50%Finance
Just 6 Weeks$0.99$1.99-50%Health & Fitness
Vital Tones Astral Travel Pro$1.99$3.99-50%Health & Fitness
Chakra Frequencies$2.99$4.99-40%Health & Fitness
Vital Tones Ajna Chakra Pro$3.49$6.99-50%Health & Fitness
Vital Tones Short-Term Memory Pro$3.99$8.99-55%Health & Fitness
Vital Tones ADHD Adult Pro$4.49$7.99-43%Health & Fitness
Vital Tones Addiction Pro$4.49$8.49-47%Health & Fitness
Vital Tones Stress Pro$5.49$9.99-45%Health & Fitness
poweramp skin android green$0.99$1.99-50%Lifestyle
Poweramp skin orange lizard$0.99$1.99-50%Lifestyle
hueDynamic for Philips Hue Pro$3.49$4.99-30%Lifestyle
GPSTrackerSMS-Pro$0.99$6.99-85%Maps & Navigation
BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS PRO$7.49$11.99-37%Maps & Navigation
Note Fighter Unlimited$0.99$1.99-50%Music
poweramp skin metal grey wood$0.99$1.99-50%Music & Audio
My Sheet Music - Sheet music viewer, music scanner$0.99$5.99-83%Music & Audio
elegance poweramp skin orange$0.99$1.99-50%Music & Audio
gold blue power amp skin$0.99$1.99-50%Music & Audio
poweramp skin blue 3d$0.99$1.99-50%Music & Audio
Poweramp skin black lizard$0.99$2.49-60%Music & Audio
poweramp skin orange 3d$0.99$1.99-50%Music & Audio
poweramp skin glow yellow$0.99$1.99-50%Music & Audio
Bass Music VIP [Lifetime] - 90% Off Launch Sale$0.99$12.99-92%Music & Audio
Music Strobe Pro: hue flashlight for houseparty$0.99$2.99-66%Music & Audio
LiquidPlayer Pro - music,equalizer,mp3,radio,3D$1.99$2.99-33%Music & Audio
Vital Tones Vocal Skills Pro$2.49$5.49-54%Music & Audio
doubleTwist Pro music player (FLAC/ALAC & Gapless)$5.59$7.99-30%Music & Audio
🚨 Earthquake Network Pro - Realtime alerts$2.49$3.99-37%News & Magazines
poweramp skin metal green wood$0.99$2.49-60%Personalization
Next Launcher Theme 3d Ophir$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
GO Locker theme Aton$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Tribun HD Icon Pack$0.99$2.99-66%Personalization
Digi Clock Widget Blue Diamond$0.99$2.99-66%Personalization
Smart Launcher theme Black Diamond$0.99$2.49-60%Personalization
Iridium Next Launcher Theme 3d$0.99$2.49-60%Personalization
Red Star HD Icon Pack$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Next Launcher Theme Red Ele$0.99$2.49-60%Personalization
ON SALE! - Elementary Icons - Icon Pack$0.99$1.49-33%Personalization
[Substratum] Linear$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Poweramp skin blue lizard$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Spring Cherry Blossom Live Wallpaper$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Lemongras HD Icon Pack$0.99$2.49-60%Personalization
Next Launcher Theme 3d Gold Diamond$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Reminder Pro$0.99$3.49-71%Personalization
Moonlight - Icon Pack$0.99$1.49-33%Personalization
PitchBlack - Substratum Theme For Nougat/Oreo/Pie$0.99$1.49-33%Personalization
PitchBlack S - Substratum Samsung Theme “For Oreo”$0.99$1.49-33%Personalization
Lai - Icon Pack$0.99$1.49-33%Personalization
Digi Clock Widget Brown Eleplant$0.99$2.49-60%Personalization
Outline for Substratum • Pie, Oreo, Nougat$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Mono/Art [substratum]$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Belo [substratum]$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
edge [substratum]$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
nineteen [substratum]$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Oreo Style - Icon Pack Theme$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Sweets - Icon Pack$0.99$2.49-60%Personalization
Clock Widget Orange Star$0.99$4.49-77%Personalization
Next Launcher theme Orange Star$0.99$2.99-66%Personalization
Next Launcher Theme beige drag$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Poweramp skin purple droid$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Black Dragon HD Icon Pack$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Clock Widget Yellow Gear$0.99$3.49-71%Personalization
Next Launcher Theme Royal Snak$0.99$2.49-60%Personalization
Clock Widget Ophir$0.99$5.99-83%Personalization
[Substratum] Desire$0.99$1.49-33%Personalization
Crystal Lava Cave 3D LWP$0.99$2.49-60%Personalization
Atomic Green - CM12 CM13 Theme$0.99$1.87-47%Personalization
Gladiator HD Icon Pack$0.99$2.49-60%Personalization
Platinum Dragon HD Icon Pack$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Shimu - Icon Pack$0.99$1.49-33%Personalization
Flux - Substratum Theme$0.99$1.49-33%Personalization
WatchMaker Live Wallpaper$0.99$1.99-50%Personalization
Digi Clock Widget Teutonic$0.99$2.49-60%Personalization
Next Launcher Theme Teutonic$0.99$3.49-71%Personalization
3D Parallax Background - HD Wallpapers in 3D$1.29$2.49-48%Personalization
Lines - Icon Pack (Pro Version)$1.30$1.99-34%Personalization
Ethereal for Substratum • Pie, Oreo, Nougat$1.49$2.49-40%Personalization
Sidereus KLWP Collection$1.49$2.99-50%Personalization
Photo FX Live Wallpaper Unlock$1.49$2.99-50%Personalization
Display Calibration Pro$1.99$3.49-42%Personalization
Color Splash FX Unlocker$1.49$2.99-50%Photography
Camera ZOOM FX Premium$1.99$3.99-50%Photography
DD-WRT Companion$0.99$3.49-71%Productivity
Nano Teleprompter$1.49$2.49-40%Productivity
Call Recorder License - ACR$1.99$3.99-50%Productivity
All-in-one Calculator Pro$2.49$4.99-50%Productivity
Handy Tools for DIY PRO$5.49$13.99-60%Productivity
AntiBAG Tachograph$6.99$11.99-41%Productivity
IMAGEine Premium$0.99$2.49-60%Puzzle
Star Traders RPG Elite$0.99$2.99-66%Role Playing
Punch Kidd$0.99$2.99-66%Role Playing
Demon's Rise 2$2.99$5.99-50%Role Playing
The Vigil Files: Case 1 - Realistic Detective Game$0.99$2.99-66%Simulation
Tears - 9, 10 (2.0 Updated!)$1.49$2.49-40%Simulation
Emergency Call – The Fire Fighting Simulation$1.99$3.49-42%Simulation
Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For-$2.49$4.99-50%Simulation
Lucy -La eternidad que ella deseó-$2.49$4.99-50%Simulation
Warmly Greetings Pro 😍$0.99$1.49-33%Social
Deluxe Track&Field$0.99$1.99-50%Sports
Basketball Dynasty Manager 16$1.49$1.99-25%Sports
Under Over Bet / %98Success / Sport Bet Prediction$10.99$18.99-42%Sports
Sports Betting / 95% Success / The Mole Betting$12.99$22.99-43%Sports
Betology Betting Tips HT/FT$15.99$54.99-70%Sports
Betology Betting Tips Surprise$15.99$39.99-60%Sports
Betology Betting Tips VIP$15.99$21.99-27%Sports
Betting / System / Sport Prediction / %90 Success$22.99$41.99-45%Sports
Expert Betting Tips Premium$224.99$379.99-40%Sports
Scout VIP Betting Tips LIFE TIME$49.99$99.90-49%Sports
Data Defense$0.99$4.99-80%Strategy
Expanse RTS Premium$0.99$1.49-33%Strategy
Age of Civilizations$0.99$2.20-55%Strategy
Best App Builder -Web2Apk and Web2App Converter$0.99$1.99-50%Tools
Blacklist Pro - Call & SMS Blocker (Ad Free)$0.99$2.49-60%Tools
Vibro. Profile Scheduler$0.99$1.49-33%Tools
DDA - Internet Download Manager$0.99$1.49-33%Tools
Calculator Pro - Casio MS-120 Emulator$0.99$2.99-66%Tools
Sub4Sub Pro (No Ads)$1.49$2.49-40%Tools
Rapid Notifications Blocker PRO$1.49$2.99-50%Tools
Tube Creator Pro$1.99$4.49-55%Tools
Screen Repair and Calibrator Pro$1.99$2.99-33%Tools
Wicap 2 Pro [ROOT]$7.49$14.99-50%Tools
pedestrian voice navigator PRO$0.99$2.99-66%Travel & Local
Video Timestamp Add-on$5.99$9.99-40%Video Players & Editors
Into the VoidFREE$3.99-100%
Descent: Death ValleyFREE$0.99-100%Action
Stickman Revenge 3: League of HeroesFREE$0.99-100%Action
Dead Bunker 4 ApocalypseFREE$0.99-100%Action
Hills Legend HDFREE$0.99-100%Action
League of Stickman: (Dreamsky)WarriorsFREE$0.99-100%Action
God of Attack VIPFREE$0.99-100%Action
The House HDFREE$0.99-100%Action
Swordbreaker The Game. Text questFREE$2.00-100%Adventure
Caveman Chuck AdventureFREE$2.99-100%Adventure
Slime Flight: VIP (No Ads)FREE$0.99-100%Arcade
Archery ArtFREE$0.99-100%Arcade
Classic Sudoku PRO(No Ads)FREE$2.99-100%Board
(100%off) Calculator Note (Quick Memo)FREE$1.49-100%Business
Connect - colorful casual gameFREE$0.99-100%Casual
Apprendre l'Anglais rapidement - MosaLinguaFREE$4.99-100%Education
Descriptive Statistic AppFREE$0.99-100%Education
English Test / English TestsFREE$1.49-100%Education
Teach Your Monster to Read - Phonics and ReadingFREE$4.99-100%Educational
Debt Manager and Tracker ProFREE$0.99-100%Finance
White Noise Pro: Sleep Sounds & RelaxFREE$0.99-100%Health & Fitness
iPray: Prayer Times & QiblaFREE$0.99-100%Lifestyle
Purple Player Pro: Music Speed ChangerFREE$1.99-100%Music & Audio
NavCasts - Wear OS Podcast Player Offline PlaybackFREE$0.99-100%Music & Audio
voice recorder proFREE$4.49-100%Music & Audio
Autumn Leaves in HD Gyro 3D XL Parallax WallpaperFREE$3.49-100%Personalization
Matoxin - Icon PackFREE$0.99-100%Personalization
Morent - Icon PackFREE$0.99-100%Personalization
Morine - Icon PackFREE$0.99-100%Personalization
Infinite S9 Icon PackFREE$1.99-100%Personalization
Mayan Mystery 3D Pro lwpFREE$0.99-100%Personalization
VAPORWAVE Keyboard ΩFREE$0.99-100%Personalization
Steel Line - Icon PackFREE$0.99-100%Personalization
Cute Lazy Cat Live WallpaperFREE$0.99-100%Personalization
Aono - Icon PackFREE$0.99-100%Personalization
Bize - Icon PackFREE$0.99-100%Personalization
SLT GlassyFREE$0.99-100%Personalization
Next Launcher theme VampFREE$2.49-100%Personalization
Multi Booster & OptimizerFREE$0.99-100%Productivity
SkanApp hands-free PDF scannerFREE$19.99-100%Productivity
Brain Teasers & Math Puzzles PROFREE$0.99-100%Puzzle
[VIP] 2048 Bunny Maker - bunny city buildingFREE$0.99-100%Puzzle
Devil Twins: VIPFREE$0.99-100%Role Playing
Tartle's RPG Apparatus for D&DFREE$0.99-100%Role Playing
Cashknight ( Duo Event Version )FREE$9.99-100%Role Playing
Dungeon999FREE$0.99-100%Role Playing
Dementia: Book of the DeadFREE$1.99-100%Role Playing
Mental Hospital IIFREE$0.99-100%Role Playing
Hero's 2nd Memory : Shooting RPGFREE$0.99-100%Role Playing
Cartoon Dungeon VIP : Age of cartoonFREE$0.99-100%Role Playing
Warriors' Market Mayhem VIPFREE$0.99-100%Role Playing
Everybody's RPGFREE$0.99-100%Role Playing
Tap tap cartoonist - Cartoon999 (VIP)FREE$0.99-100%Simulation
Farm and Click - Idle Farming Clicker PROFREE$0.99-100%Simulation
Amazon Rainforest VR Zoo Animals (Cardboard)FREE$0.99-100%Simulation
Kingdom Defense 2: Empire Warriors - PremiumFREE$0.99-100%Strategy
Empire Warriors TD Premium: Tower Defense GamesFREE$0.99-100%Strategy
Screenshot Pro 2FREE$1.99-100%Tools
CPU Identifier ProFREE$0.99-100%Tools
Accurate Altimeter PROFREE$1.99-100%Tools
Call Blocker - Full PROFREE$1.49-100%Tools
WiFi Signal Strength Meter Pro (no Ads)FREE$0.99-100%Tools
Cache Cleaner SmartFREE$2.49-100%Tools
Speccy 📊 Spectrum AnalyzerFREE$0.99-100%Tools
Real-Time AntiSPYFREE$9.99-100%Tools
Uprice Light - fast offline currency converterFREE$0.99-100%Travel & Local
Flight Ninja | Cheap, Best Holiday Flights dealsFREE$0.99-100%Travel & Local
BattleWords PremiumFREE$0.99-100%Word
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Founder of Pinoyscreencast started using YouTube as a medium to disseminate Filipino-spoken technical tutorials. He decided to embark on reviews focusing on affordable gadgets. As he kept sharing more content, his subscriber base grew and shared how his videos influenced them in making a product purchase. Randolph a.k.a "Biboy" has over a decade of experience with digital content creation, social media marketing, e-commerce strategy. He is also a maker who loves tinkering and creating functional things to make his life easier everyday.

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