Gadget Reviews Roundup: September 2018

Gadget Reviews Roundup: September 2018

We did quite a huge number of reviews last August but it’s the complete opposite this September. Take a look at the devices and gadgets that we took for a full spin last month.


The Vivo V11 packs big improvements over its predecessor, the V9. It has a better and prettier design, nicer display with a smaller notch, and packs more power in terms of hardware and software. Frankly speaking, it actually feels like an X21 UD but on steroids.

Pocophone F1


The Pocophone F1 became a wakeup call not just for consumers but for other smartphone brands as well. Here is a device that delivers flagship performance, feels good, doesn’t have a lot of fancy features or tech, but is offered at a price that we normally see in mid-range devices. For plenty of users, this is a big win, and definitely not overpriced.

8 Romoss Power Banks

And if you’re looking for something with a high battery capacity and fast charging technology, you’re in luck as Romoss is introducing eight new power banks in their lineup.

EZVIZ S2 Action Camera: A driver’s perfect travel companion

We do see the appeal to travel freaks who have their own car as they could easily pop-out their dash cam and take them out during hikes or swims. It fits the bill for a 2-in-1 action and dash cam and with decent features to boot. If there’s one thing it lacks its 4k recording, which a few of its competitors do have.


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And that’s everything that we reviewed last month! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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