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Staying at home for quite a long time made us do various random things, such as cooking and baking, doing DIY projects, live-streaming, attending virtual events, creating video content, and the like. These times also got us to unleash our creativity, discover our interests, and make us aim to explore for more. That is why we are bringing you a list of equipment you can use to upgrade your photography and take videos to a different level. We give you a list of photography equipment under PHP 900, perfect for home use. Do note that these are either available on Shopee and Lazada and have high ratings.

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Mini Photo Studio Light Box

This mini photo lightbox is ideal for photography enthusiasts, crafters, artists, professionals, and product advertising clients. This allows quick and easy shooting of small products such as jewelry, accessories, toys, watches, gadgets, and other items. It comes with a portable folding magnetic circuit structure design, which is convenient to install and carry. It has built-in led light, providing average light and prevents shadows and reflections in your photos.

PHP 210 | Get it here.

26CM RGB Ring Light

To achieve great photos and videos, you’ll need a good light source. Level up your selfies at home with a multicolor ring light like this. It has adjustable brightness from 10% to 100%. Unlike the usual ring light, this one offers various color filters such as Red, Rose Red, Purple, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Warm Light, Mix Light, and Cold Light. It also comes with different light effects, a 210cm tripod, and a phone holder.

PHP 599 | Get it here.

 5-in-1 Collapsible Photography Reflector

The Selens 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector is identified as a versatile device in the field and the studio, providing shadow-lightening detail in your subject for photography. It lets users use the reversible, zippered slipcover to reflect light into the subject’s shadow areas. Silver, Gold, White, or Gold/Silver mix are the color options you can choose from to determine which would fit and use in certain lighting conditions. The reflector’s size is 23.6 x 23.6 inches.

PHP 699 | Get it here.

Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Control Shutter

realme philippines

Getting a tripod is also a good option if you want to have a stable and adjustable stand to hold your camera, smartphone, lights, and other photography accessories. This tripod can go up to 125cm and has a free wireless smartphone remote compatible with iOS and Android.

PHP 395 | Shop it here.

Selens Photo Backdrop

One of the keys to eye-catching and beautiful flat lay photos is having a good background. Selens offers lots of background options, from solid and pastel colors to textured ones such as wood, marble, cement, and more.  It’s also good for flexing your latest This photo backdrop has dimensions of 57 x 87 cm.

PHP 219 | Get it here.

Background Support Stand T-shaped

If you are looking for a stand to hold your background, this T-shaped stand is the answer! With this stand, you may achieve a level up DIY photoshoot at home. This one may hold any of your preferred backgrounds with the clamps. Made from an aluminum alloy, it has an A-frame base, which increases its durability and stability. It also comes with a compact extension design that allows users to adjust the height.

PHP 887 | Get it here.

Chromakey Green Screen Backdrop Photography Background

With this green screen backdrop, you won’t have to worry about buying different backgrounds now and then. The backdrop is available in three sizes, large enough for most photographic occasions and great for studio and portrait shooting. This is made from durable 100% non-woven fabrics, a good alternative product for professional background cloth. The 100% non-woven fabrics also absorb the light and help eliminate reflection.

PHP 180  (1 x 1 m) | PHP 244 (0.9 x 1.5 m) | PHP 265 (1 x 1.5m)

Get it here.

There you have it! Those are some affordable home photography equipment under PHP 900 you can buy online. We hope you’ll get to explore more creative things while staying safe at home. No matter what you do, as long as you are happy about it, keep going. If you have other photography equipment in mind, share it with us by commenting below!

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