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How to reduce political ads on your Facebook and Instagram feed

Ads are everywhere, especially on social media sites. Sometimes we like what we see, sometimes we don’t. And with the elections in the Philippines just around the corner, we can expect political ads on our feeds soon. The good news is, there’s a way to see less of them on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Web

1) Log in to Facebook, then on the upper right corner, click on the inverted triangle icon
2) Click on Settings & Privacy
3) Click on Settings
4) On the menu on the left, click on Ads
5) On the left, click on Ad topics
6) There’s a topic there for ‘Elections and politics,’ click on ‘See Fewer’

Facebook App


1) Open the Facebook app and tap the Menu button represented by three horizontal lines
2) Click on the gear icon next to the magnifying glass icon to go to Settings & Privacy
3) Scroll down to Permissions, and under it is Ad Preferences. Tap on it.
4) Tap on Ad Topics
5) Tap ‘See Fewer’ beside ‘Elections and politics’


1) Open the Instagram app then go to your profile
2) On the upper right corner, tap on the menu button represented by three horizontal lines
3) Tap on Settings
4) Tap on Ads
5) Tap on Ad Topics
6) Select ‘Elections and Politics’

Alternatively, if you see a political ad on your news feed, just tap on the ‘•••’ on the upper right corner of the post and hide it.

As you noticed, Facebook doesn’t have the option to fully remove political ads from your feed. The method above just reduces it, which is better than nothing.

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