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How to woo your crush online

The extension of the enhanced community quarantine pushed the government to impose health and safety measures that limit everyone from socializing with their friends, including their boyfriends/girlfriends. It’s harder to woo your crush when you can’t touch and see him or her in real life. Thanks to technology, it breaks the barriers of social distancing without compromising health and wellness in these trying times. Don’t be afraid to express your love and admiration online. Here’s how to swoon the apple of your eyes’ heart smoothly:

Curate a playlist

Most of the best and earnest feelings can be expressed beyond words, and one way of telling it directly is through songs. People say that music is a window to one’s soul, so dedicating songs and creating a playlist on music streaming apps such as Spotify or YouTube Music is the best way to show your feelings to someone online. All you need is a wide knowledge of music genre, subscription plan, smartphone or desktop, and WiFi connection. Pro tip: you can arrange the title of the songs according to the message that you want to convey in Spotify.

Download Spotify: iOS , Android

Download YouTube Music: iOS, Android

Make an artwork

If you are blessed with creativity and have the hands of an artist, then this is the perfect time for you to impress the man or woman of your dreams. You may draw a traditional or digital portrait or any character that he/she likes, edit a 1-minute appreciation video with his/her photos, or even write a short poem about him/her. It’s better if you’ll do it by surprise and send the finished product via email or messaging apps to make it more personal.

Serenade him/her

Unleash the inner romantic in you by serenading your crush straight from your room. If you have a good singing voice and know your way to hit even the high notes, then you’re in for a short online concert. Just ask his/her favorite song, practice a little while, then message back if you can call him/her through the video conference app. Who knows, he/she might line up his/her song requests after your first attempt. Bonus points if you know how to play any musical instruments.

Play online games together

Gamers, this is your chance to bond with your crush. Whether through PC, consoles, or mobile, don’t be shy to invite him/her to play. Do note that you have to be playing the same game on the same platform to make the multiplayer mode work. There are a lot of multiplayer games that you can enjoy, especially for Android and iOS devices. For beginners, RPGs like Ragnarok M: Eternal Love and Marvel Super War are good stepping stones. Should you both want intense and fast-paced gameplay, FPS games should be your go-to titles.

Download Ragnarok M-Eternal Love here: iOS, Android
MARVEL Super War: iOS, Android

Share and tag memes

This one is the most popular move to grab your crush’s attention on his/her notification feed. If you find any relatable memes that remind them of you, you may send it directly to them through messaging apps. If you two are close to each other, you may mention and tag their social media handles on a post. Pro tip: the more witty and relatable the memes are, the funnier you would be on their eyes. Trust us, this technique always works.

Host a Netflix Party

Binge-watch movies or TV shows together through this Chrome extension. Only available for Windows and Mac laptops with an active Netflix subscription, this feature allows users to stream the same show and chat at the same time. To know the complete steps in starting a Netflix party, you may read our article here.

Surprise him/her with food

This one might not be the most romantic among the list. To know what to order, you may start the conversation by asking dishes that he/she misses on the outside world. If you know where he/she lives, you may enter his/her address on food delivery apps to see a selection of restaurants that can reach his/her area. If you don’t know his/her address, you may ask him/her or to your mutual friends. Make sure to charge the bill to your debit or credit card. You won’t want to sabotage the romantic act by surprising your crush with his/her bill.

Listen to music together

With Discord, users can exchange music recommendations and listen together via Spotify. Install first the communication software Discord to your desktop, click the Settings icon on the bottom left in the main page, and select ‘Connections.’ To connect your account, click the Spotify icon. To invite your crush, just click + in your text box and select ‘Invite @username to Listen to Spotify.’ Do note that the invitation feature only works with Spotify Premium subscription. Your crush is also free to leave and rejoin to your invite.

Download Discord: Mac, Windows

That’s pretty much it, everyone! We hope that we’ve inspired you to make a move and make landi responsibly. Did we miss anything? Write down your answers below.

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