Massage Guns You Can Buy Online

Massage Guns You Can Buy Online

Have you ever felt so tired of working and working for long hours? Perhaps you badly need a break and a massage! Good thing there’s an option to get a portable massage gun, which could at least relax you for a moment. Massage guns are also believed to help reduce stress, muscle stiffness, and sore pain, as well as increase blood circulation. In case you have decided to get yourself one, here are some massage guns you may purchase online!

Boston Homes Vibration Therapy Massage Gun

This therapy massage gun sports an ergonomic grip that minimizes the external force. It features four massage heads, six modes, and 30-gear speed regulation. It has a vibration principle hammering style with a strong power to massage the muscles. This helps relax the tiredness of body muscles, soothe body pains, and relax tensed muscles, giving overall comfort.

PHP 470 | Shop here.

32-Speed Electric Muscle Massage Gun

This electric massage gun features an LCD digital screen, three custom intensity settings, and five replaceable massage heads to enjoy multi-angle massage. The massage heads include the spheroplast, U-shaped head, cylindrical head, shovelhead, and flathead. The device operates under 30dB, enabling quiet use. As compact and lightweight, the massager is designed to be portable and easy to carry with a scrub non-slip handle. The muscle massager uses pulsating vibrations to provide benefits for health. Moreover, it is equipped with a 2,000mAh lithium battery. It is available in various color options: Black, Gold, and Silver.

PHP 1,398 | Shop here.

NetDot Therapy Massage Gun


The NetDot Therapy Massage Gun is geared with 20-speed gear control and six different massage heads to help users relax various body parts. It features a super heat-dissipating function. However, the massage gun’s display shows the battery and the speed level.

PHP 1,999 | Shop here.

30 Gear Percussive Massager Gun

This 30 Gear Percussive Massager Gun features 65dB low noise, 60Hz high-frequency stimulation, and an LED touch screen. It comes with six replaceable massager heads. Besides, this muscle massager uses pulsating vibrations to provide benefits for health. Powering the device is a 24V 2400mAh power lithium battery that could last up to five hours of usage.

PHP 2,148 | Shop here.

KEMILNG Multi-Function Therapeutic Massager

The KEMILNG Multi-Function Therapeutic Massager boasts an HD LCD touch screen with one-button manipulation. It comes with a brushless silent motor for quiet use. This massager has four replaceable heads, including a round ball, spiral head, fork, and flat for various functions. Moreover, it is powered by a 2,500mAh battery that could last up to 8 hours of usage.

PHP 2,799 | Shop here.

So, that’s all for now. We hope you have decided which among these you would love to add to your cart! Don’t forget to check out the reviews first and think about it thrice so that you won’t regret any checkout.

If you have any other massage guns to recommend, share them with us by commenting below!

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