Sleep apps that you can try today

Sleep apps that you can try today

As we get older, it gets even harder to fall asleep. There are a variety of reasons to it — insomnia, anxiety, difficulty in relaxing, or maybe, a person just has a really messy sleeping routine. There are a ton of sleeping apps today on both Android and iOS. In this article, we listed down the best sleeping apps that you can try today.


Available on both Android and iOS, Headspace features a personalized sleep plan with sleepcasts, meditation, and guided exercises before sleep. It also has a sleep radio, sleep music, and also offers soundscapes that have 3D recordings as ambient noise. Headspace has a premium offering called Headspace Plus that starts with a 7-day free trial but will charge you PHP 129/month afterward.

Download: Android / iOS


On Android, the app is called Sleep by Wysa, while on iOS, it’s simply called Wysa. The app is a personal sleep coach program that allows its users to book a session with a professional coach. Aside from that, Wysa also offers interactive sleep stories with a guided sleep meditation, as well as hypnotic stories. For those worried about their privacy, Wysa only requires a nickname, ensuring its users that their identities are anonymous and that their conversations are protected. Wysa has a 7-day free trial, and should users wish to continue using the service, they’ll be asked to pay PHP 1,800 a year.

Download: Android / iOS


Calm is an app not only for sleep but also for meditation and relaxation. It has guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, relaxing music, and even stretching exercises. The guided meditation sessions are available in various lengths up to 25 minutes. As for its sleep stories, it features well-known voices such as Stephen Fry, Jerome Flynn, LeBron James, and more. Calm has a free trial, but it will charge you PHP 2,700 a year after.

Download: Android / iOS



As its name implies. Atmosphere offers relaxing sounds divided into different environments. Users can choose sounds that they like and create combinations out of them to use for sleep, meditation, yoga, stress relief, and the like. Environments include beach, forest, city, home, underwater, park, oriental, and more. It also allows users to set a timer to stop the music from playing and save the user’s battery. As Atmosphere is free to download and use.

Download: Android / iOS


Sleep Town helps individuals maintain their sleeping routines in a fun way while they’re asleep. Users can construct buildings by achieving their bedtime and wake-up goals. A person has to have the app open as they go to sleep, and the app will then start constructing buildings. If the individual closes the app, then it’ll consider the user awake and destroy the buildings if their wake-up goal isn’t reached. SleepTown also allows its users to set two days off in a week and it won’t end the user’s building streak.

Download: Android / iOS


Sleepzy is a sleep analysis app that doesn’t require users to place it right next to them in bed. The app analyses sleep through the smartphone’s microphone as it can easily identify snoring. It also allows users to add sleep notes, monitor sleep stats, sleep trends, identify sleep quality, and even send out personal advice about sleeping. It comes with a free trial however, users will be asked to subscribe after the period, and it costs PHP 2,050 a year.

Download: Android / iOS

The sleep apps vary when it comes to features, so one would just have to try and see which one really suits you. Nevertheless, all of them have the same goal: to help you sleep better. If you’ve tried any of these apps, let us know in the comments!

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