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Smart RGB Lights Under PHP 1,000

The world is filled with colors. Colors may be our way to express ourselves, unleash our creativity, and uncover more of life’s beauty. Other than its deeper essence, it is also good to see things glow in colors. Thanks to smart RGB lights that have become more popular at this time. These can be used not only to prep-up for Christmas but also to highlight our fave places at home, gear up our working desks, level up photoshoots, and other uses. Look at these RGB lights you can purchase online under PHP 1,000:

LED Outdoor Tube Rope Strip String Light

Christmas is coming; you may gear up your homes with decor like this multicolor LED tube rope strip light! This is equipped with a fine bendable copper wire that can be adjusted to any shape or form as a design. More of its features are IP65 waterproof, low heat generating, and energy-saving.

PHP 379 | Shop here.

WiFi LED Strip Lights

These LED strip lights are ideal for home decoration, landscape lighting, and theme entertainment. These strips are equipped with a modern adhesive surface to firmly adhere to various surfaces, including plastic, paint, metal, and glass. It can also be connected via Bluetooth or Wifi to adjust and select changing RGB colors, brightness, and backlight modes, and set timer directly from smartphones. Moreover, it is compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home, allowing users to control lighting via voice command. Included in the package are the RGB LED Strip Lights, a controller, and a power adapter. It comes in different length options: 5m, 10m, and 15m.

Price starts at PHP 701 | Shop here.

Wireless LED Puck Light

You may add a puck light to your room as decoration! It has 16 color options with 4 different lighting functions such as fade, strobe, smooth, and flash. It can be easily controlled via remote with a range of up to 8m. This puck light is wireless and can be powered with 3 x AAA batteries. This can be purchased in a set of 3 pieces or 6 pieces.

PHP 369 (3 pieces), PHP 639 (6 pieces) | Shop here.

RGB LED Light Bubble Bulb Lamp Wireless Speaker


Lights on, music on! This 2-in-1 device is an affordable device that you may use as a light and a speaker simultaneously. The lights can be managed through remote control, while the music can be connected to smartphones via Bluetooth.

PHP 189 | Shop here.

RGB LED Bulb Lights

Achieve a more colorful home with these RGB LED bulb lights! The bulb can be operated with a 24-key remote control. It is available in various options: 5W (50 x 91mm), 10W (60 x 112mm) and 15W (65 x 127mm).

Price starts at PHP 124 | Shop here.

Zero Dimmable Wifi Smart Light Bulb

Another smart bulb on the list is this Zero Smart Bulb. It is designed to illuminate homes with different colors. The smart bulb is WiFi-enabled, controlled with the SmartLife app or TuyaSmart for customization, and compatible with Amazon Alexa and other Google devices for voice commands. It also features a time scheduling function and energy-saving mode.

PHP 659 | Shop here.

RGB Colorful Photography Ring Light

Of course, with great lighting delivers great photos. Upgrade your selfies at home with a multicolor ring light like this. It has adjustable brightness from 10% to 100% and color light effects such as Red, Rose Red, Purple, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Warm Light, Mix Light, and Cold Light. The ring light also comes with a 210cm tripod stand and a phone holder.

PHP 696 | Shop here.

Those are some RGB lights under PHP 1,000 that you can purchase online. We hope that you have chosen which among these would light up and glow up your homes. Don’t forget to check the reviews first and think about it thrice so that you won’t regret any checkout!

If you have other suggestions, share it with us by leaving a comment down below.

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