Ten Apps for a Killer Instagram post

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, but what if your camera can’t do the trick alone? These ten apps can surely enhance your pictures to become a perfect Instagram post.


Everyone wants to take that perfect Instagram-worthy shot to share to their family and friends. Aside from purchasing a smartphone with a decent camera performance,  a post-processing photo editing app is one you can consider to enhance those moments before sending to the world’s biggest social media site dedicated for sharing square-shaped pictures. Here are ten apps that most of us in YugaTech use to enhance our Instagram shots. List is not in any order.

VSCO Cam (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)


As we said before in our 25 Apps You Need to Use post a few months back, VSCO Cam is perhaps one of the best mobile photo editing tools you can use to further elevate your photos. With lots of filters to choose from, you will never run out of possibilities. You get to have your own public page for your published photos too. VSCO Cam is free on iPhone and Android along with most filters.

Snapseed (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)


Google has its own mobile photo editing app too! Snapseed is the Picasa of the Android operating system, offering one-touch auto correction among its slew of features to enhance your pictures. There’s also an option to edit using the desktop, but only works if you’ve got Chrome and Google+.

Pixlr (Android, iOS)


If those two apps doesn’t work for your phone, there’s Autodesk Pixlr. It works the same as the other two, and also has a desktop version for those quick edits you need. There’s also an option for making photo collages and taking a quick tab of your most-used filters and adding them to the favorites section, saving you time in the long run.

Afterlight ($0.99, Android, iOS, Windows Phone)


Uniqueness is what sets Afterlight apart from other photo editors. Its selection of themes, textures, and frames are well-designed for the photo-centric in mind.

Over ($0.99, Android, iOS)


Is there a need to express more than just pictures alone? Over adds text and artwork to your photos. The company claims that these fonts are not available everywhere else, as they are only exclusive with the app.

realme philippines

If $0.99 is a pricey bill to pay, there are free instagram text apps on android like Instaquote which does a fine job as well.

Overhead ($0.99, iOS)


For those who want to keep a perfect angle when shooting, there’s Overhead. It utilizes your iPhone’s accelerometer to keep your photos perfectly aligned horizontally. This works great for those top view shots of your organized collections or meals.

Fragment ($1.99, Android, iOS)


If you want to take your photos to another level, there’s Fragment. It makes your captured photos into pieces of into totally unique, one-of-a-kind prismatic art you want to share to everyone.

Cymera (Android, iOS)


Cymera, like Pixlr, edits your photos and makes frames out of it. You can also put in stickers (which are updated regularly) on your captured moments, and there are a lot of lenses to choose from when you take your shots in-app (fish eye for example). There are also options for beautifying selfies and support for bluetooth monopods. Besides saving it onto your local files, you can share with your friends your edited photos in an instant if you have a Cymera/Cyworld account.

Afterfocus (Android, $0.99 Android, iOS)


Rounding up our list is an application that makes selective blurring. Afterfocus and its smart focus feature helps a user in emphasizing important details in a photo by simply applying lines over it. There are options too for selective coloring.

Bonus: Squaready (iOS) and Squaredroid (Android)


How about those photos that cut off when you crop them? There’s Squaready and Squaredroid, offering to add letterboxes to your images to fit into Instagram’s only acceptable shape. You can choose a background too, from simple solid colors to gaussian blurs of your images.

And that’s it for some of the apps you can use for that killer Instagram post. Be sure to check out our tips to improve smartphone photography for more of those awesome shots that cannot be altered by any filter. (READFrom Good to Great: 5 Tips to Improve Smartphone Photos).

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Got any good photography editing apps not on this list? Drop them down the comments section below.

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6 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Squaredroid is so simple. Lahat naman ng photo apps meron yun except sa blur background.

  2. JK says:

    VSCO has no official app for Windows Phone. This article is linking to the fake one.

  3. igniculus says:

    MIX is nice too

  4. Peejay says:

    Photoshop Express for android is good too.

  5. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    My usual instagram build needs
    Pixlr, Studio Design and Glitchr.

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