Things you can do online while you're stuck at home

Things you can do online while you’re stuck at home

The thought of being inside your home for a month is unimaginable to others. Some people are already wondering what to do in their time inside their own homes while the community quarantine is in place. We’ve listed down several things that you can do online so that you don’t have to even step outside. Check them out!

Grocery delivery

A lot of things have become more convenient in this day and age, including getting groceries. Skip the incredibly long lines outside and practice social distancing by getting your groceries delivered to your doorstep. There are several grocery apps and websites that you can use to do this.

Online Banking

Do you need to pay your bills, transfer fees, or do other financial transactions? Fret not, for you can do those via online banking. Several banks in the country now offer online services via their respective mobile apps and websites. Not only that, but there are digital wallets as well that allow you to do your financial transactions in a convenient manner. For online bills payment, you can check out our article here.

Study free courses online

One way to be productive during the quarantine is to continue learning and studying, especially for students whose classes have been canceled until April. There are several platforms online that allow individuals to learn new skills, such as coding, video editing, design, and the like. Some classes also let individuals learn Mathematics, Science, Economics, and more. For a list of websites that offer free courses (with certifications), click here.

Hone cooking skills and learn new recipes

Since you’re going to be stuck inside for a long while, why not hone your cooking skills? The internet is a vast place, and there’s a corner of the web that offers easy to cook recipes. Use the grocery delivery apps to get your ingredients, and look up cooking videos on YouTube to conjure up a feast in your home.

Learn a new language

Another good thing to learn during your sudden free time is a new language. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, and any other language out there, but you’ve had no time to do so. Thankfully, there are apps out there such as Duolingo, Memrise, Busuu, and more. There’s even a Chrome extension called Language Learning with Netflix that helps you study languages while watching your favorite movies and series on the streaming service.


Binge shows, movies, documentaries

Speaking of Netflix, this quarantine period might just be the right time for you to sit back, relax, and watch to your heart’s content. You can finally catch up to the latest season of your favorite show, or binge-watch that K-drama or anime series that your friends have been telling you about. Maybe you can now do that Marvel Cinematic Universe movie marathon you’ve always wanted to do, or learn about interesting subjects through a host of documentaries. If Netflix isn’t enough for you, we have an article on other video streaming services that you can subscribe to.

Stream performances

Being stuck inside for a month means canceled plans and events, not only for you but for performers and artists as well. Some artists have made their concerts and performances free to stream online. If you’re an orchestra fan, the Seattle Symphony is streaming their shows here, while the Berlin Philharmonic is letting individuals redeem a free voucher to stream 600+ concerts, documentaries and histories on its website. If you’re a fan of Japanese artists, music label Avex has just uploaded full concerts of artists like Hamasaki Ayumi, Otsuka Ai, AAA, Koda Kumi, and more on its YouTube page. Check out your favorite artists’ social media pages to see if they’ve announced any live stream performances or uploads!

Listen to audiobooks, podcasts

If you feel like you just need to be in bed and close your eyes but still have the itch to do something, anything, then maybe listening to audiobooks or podcasts would be great for you. Spotify has a library of podcast selections, Apple has its dedicated Apple Podcasts app, while Audible has a selection of both audiobooks and podcasts.

Play games with friends

Gamers know a thing or two about this staying-at-home-all-day business. You can catch up on your backlog of games, or maybe check out new games to play on Steam. While you can’t meet your friends in person, you can definitely meet them online instead. There are a lot of games out there that let people play together online. You can definitely still have fun with your friends even in your own respective homes.


The current situation is a rough and stressful time for everyone. If you really just want to relax and tune out the world, you can definitely do that online as well. Make use of mental health apps to ground yourself, as well as self-care apps to lessen your anxieties. You can also watch relaxing videos on YouTube channels such as Bob Ross, Peaceful Cuisine, GameTim, HANSE, JunsKitchen, and more. If cuteness is more of your thing, you can watch videos on Cream Heroes, Girl’s Planet, baby animal videos on National Geographic and BBC World, and more.

These are just some suggestions of things to do while you’re spending a whole month at home. We do hope that these activities will keep you busy so that you don’t entertain the thought of stepping outside while the community quarantine is on-going. We also hope that you stay safe and follow all the safety precautions to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

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