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Top 5 Android Keyboard Apps in 2023

They say “Communication is Key” and having the right keyboard app can make all the difference.  It can enhance your typing experience significantly with AI abilities, predictive text, expressive emojis, and personal customization.

So today we’ll check out our picks for the Top 5 Android Keyboard apps in 2023 to see their standout features and how they can enhance your typing experience.

Best Android Keyboards

Gboard by Google

One of the most popular Android keyboard apps for several years and for good reason is Gboard by Google with its intuitive interface and seamless integration with a bunch of Google’s own services.

It has advanced predictive text and autocorrect capabilities together with handy features such as glide typing, one-handed typing, and voice typing. Overall, it’s also a well-designed keyboard app with just the right balance between size and spacing.


For convenience, it also has a clipboard to save all the things you may have copied. It also has a whole library of themes, stickers, GIFs, and Bitmoji to enhance the messaging experience.

But what truly makes Gboard really convenient is its integration with Google Translate for you to be able to quickly translate any language right on your keyboard rather than having to head to a browser to search it up.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard has some of the best features of any Android keyboard, mostly due to the fact that it now integrates with its new Bing AI chatbot that’s essentially ChatGPT underneath.

This, in turn, has allowed for advanced predictive text technology, the ability to directly use Bing AI to ask questions, come up with responses, and directly search the web right on your keyboard on whatever app you use it with.


SwiftKey analyzes your writing style, frequently used words, and even emojis to predict your next word accurately.

SwiftKey Keyboard also offers numerous themes, a library of stickers, multiple language support, dictation, and a built-in clipboard.



Fleksy stands out for its minimalist interface, speed, and impressive gesture controls while offering an extensive collection of themes and keyboard customizations for an effortless typing experience custom to you.

Fleksy also directly integrates with different apps such as Skyscanner to plan your next trip, YouTube to simply share videos straight from your keyboard, and memes to well find the best memes to send to your friends.


While minimal, it also offers a wide range of customizations such as different gestures, shortcuts, sound customizations, and even a dictionary to help in autocorrecting and predictive texts.

The app’s unique feature is truly its gesture system, enabling users to perform actions like deleting words, adding spaces, or changing words using simple swipes.


Facemoji Keyboard

Facemoji Keyboard has become a fan favorite among Android users due to its vast collection of emojis, stickers, keyboard faces, text art, and GIFs that provide one of the most fun and expressive experiences when communicating with others.


Users can customize the keyboard’s appearance with a wide range of themes and layout options and as well as choose different fonts that actually change the font on whatever you’re typing.

Other features include translation functions, predictive typing and autocorrect features, a clipboard, and even a game mode.

Grammarly Keyboard

If you’re familiar with and a fan of Grammarly, then you’d be surprised to know that there is in fact a Grammarly Keyboard app that likewise focuses on grammar and spelling as it integrates with Grammarly’s powerful writing assistant to help users compose error-free and articulate texts.

Grammarly Keybaord

Other than being directly integrated with Grammarly, it has support for basic themes, multiple languages, and a good amount of customization available.

So we’d recommend it if grammar, punctuation, spell checking, and word choice are your main concern since it provides real-time suggestions, making it a valuable tool for both casual users and professionals.

Grammarly Keybaord

Choosing the best Android Keyboard for you will all boil down to personal preference, so we suggest that you give it all a try and see which suits you best! Whether you favor the features of Gboard, the AI capabilities of SwiftKey, the grammar correction of Grammarly, the simpleness of Fleksy, or the wide range of expressions with Facemoji.

Be sure to let us know which one you prefer down in the comments!

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  1. Avatar for Angel Angel says:

    It’s so good that Samsung Keyboard has Grammarly integrated in it. Add the customization ability of Keys Cafe and it’s the best keyboard out there! It’s both for business and for your playful side at the same time.

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