Top Tips to Get Approved with AEON Credit Service

Top Tips to Get Approved with AEON Credit Service

Similar to Home Credit, AEON Credit service is also a financing program available to look at if you plan to purchase gadgets and even appliances at installment basis without the need to present a credit card. Here are some top tips you should consider when availing from the institution.

Unlike Home Credit though, AEON is not that visible since it majorly caters to appliance retail chains in the country but they also offer installment plans for gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. These are compiled tips from inquiries we made from several stores, materials we have been given when we drop by malls, and the company’s website.

Before everything else, remember that you do not have any records of payment delinquency in other companies as they also use the same credit mapping system with other financial institutions.

Present compete and proper requirements

Their website states that you only need to present two valid IDs, but the application process also requires a lot more as seen in their print materials.

Valid IDPrimary:


Valid Passport
PRC License
Driver’s License
Voter’s ID


Company ID
PhilHealth ID
Barangay Clearance (for Remittances)

Proof of IncomeFor employed: last 1 month Payslip
For self-employed / beneficiaries: Proof of income for the last 3 months
(Bank Statements, Remittance, Passbook)
Proof of BillingElectricty, water, or telephone bill

Much like any other financial institution, these requirements must also be met with full compliance for your application to be processed as your capacity to pay back will be assessed through different credit mapping portals.

It’s still better to pay for a cashout

AEON’s unique charm is you can actually take home an appliance by just applying and getting approved in a matter of hours or up to 3 days, depending on your presented requirements. Based on present information obtained, these are the cashout schemes:

AppliancesSmartphonesLaptops / other Gadgets
Required CashoutNo Cashout20%10%

While these are relatively smaller compared to Home Credit, we still recommend to pay for a higher cashout since AEON does not offer 0% installment plans as of the moment, and lesser remaining balance would equate to lesser amounts of interest obtained for the whole payment duration.

Maximize your application by bundling them all

If your application allows it, AEON also gives an option to bundle three items in a single application, which could be beneficial for those applying for smaller-priced items such as domestic appliances or mid-range gadgets. This way, you can get three items for one payment transaction.

Installment at 12 months term is the best plan you can get

AEON allows for appliances to be paid for up to 24 months or gadgets up to 18 months, but we think that a 12-month scheme is the best way to go. As explained earlier, the company puts in a fixed monthly interest rate for your appliance or gadget plan — that’s at 2.95% and 3.3% per month, respectively. We recommend to settle for a 12-month installment term for the best benefits and a faster possible re-application with the company, should you wish to avail again.

These are some of the tips we can provide when applying for a plan from AEON Credit Service. Keep in mind that applying for services like these need a lot of discipline and responsibility as you are committed to pay on time or face penalty money and time. We’d love to hear your AEON tips as well by commenting down below.

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70 Responses

  1. Erick says:

    How about if we are going to avail refrigerator and television in one transaction? Could you explain how’s the interest rate of the two items in a single application? We are interested on bundling two items in a single application?

    • marc says:

      you can actually purchased those two items in one transaction sir. you just have to visit the nearest abenson store in your area and look for Aeon Promoter, thank you and we’d love to hear something from you.

  2. Edmar bravo says:

    How to avail po?

    • marc says:

      as stated above if you are employed Sir Edmar you just have to bring at least two valid ID’s (primary and company) and your philhealth ID or no. and visit the nearest merchant partner of Aeon Credit Service and will be happy to help you.

    • marc says:

      as stated above Sir Edmar if employed at least bring two valids id’s one primary and company and your philhealth no. or sss no. and we can check if if your eligible to apply under bap checking. just kindly visit any nearest merchant store partners of Aeon Credit Service and will be happy to assist you and help you in any way we can. thank you.

  3. Markeen Dave says:

    How much will be the downpayment of A8+ and the monthly amortization

    • marc says:

      we just have to compute the 20% of the A8+ from the regular price of the unit and we can answer your other queries upon visiting any nearest store area with Aeon Credit Service promoter and will be happy to help you.

  4. boyet says:

    hey Marc… would you please direct me to an AEON partner store in Fairview QC where I can apply for Huawei Mate 10. TIA! :)

  5. Bobbie says:

    what if i dont have a primary id? can i still apply?

  6. Hi gud eve ask lng po pnu f d ma approved ung kinuwa kung appliances ng 2days anu po dapt gawin ty po

  7. ken says:

    bakit po may nag ttxt saken na may kailangan akong bayaran.. eh isang beses plng nmn ako nag loan at sa home credit yon fully paid.. bakit no. ko at bakit hindi ako tawagan nlng.. sino po yung MICHAEL MARQUEZ na nag ttxt saken na may loan daw ako eto no. +63 930 369 2255.. paki sagot nmn po salamat pag d daw ako nag bayad masisira daw record ko amf

  8. minerva gabriel says:

    hi, i would like to ask if i will get an oppo f7 fone is there any cash out or no? thank you.

  9. Ed says:

    How can I know the remaining balance? Any contact number or email address where I can verify? This would be my last month.

  10. Ed says:

    How can I know the remaining balance? Any contact number or email address where I can verify? This would be my last month paying. Need your immediate response the fastest way you can give!

  11. Ariel says:

    Hi dito po sa Cebu need ba talaga na ma online yung SSS or PhilHealth?

    • Michael garcia says:

      Good morning. Question lang about one of your requirements. (Utility /cable bill) What if im just renting?please tellif i need to pass anything about sa proof of billing req. Thank you

  12. Anna says:

    Hi. May I know if you know the best way to contact them?

  13. Rochelle says:

    How to apply po? Thanks

  14. maryflor says:

    hello po..posible ba na hindi na namin makuha yung kinuha nmin sa aeon home service once na hindi nasagot yung tawag nila po? nakasilent po kasi yung phone nmin kaya ayon hindi nasagot hindi na rin po kasi ulit tumawag yung aeon e.

  15. Jenelyn says:

    how many months do i have to wait if nadenied ang first attempt ko na magapply?

  16. Molly Valsorable says:

    Is this message, a No for me?

    AEON_CREDIT:Maraming salamat sa pag-apply sa AEON Installment Plan cancel na ang inyon application. Maraming salamat.

  17. Secret says:

    i just want you to know that your service is not that good, brother applied for a tv loan and they tell us that we have to wait for a call atleast three days to know if we can get the item,..but they do not call at all, is ok for us if we are rejected for the loan,..the thing is we are still customer and they dont inform us about it,..what a service.,…

    • Jhen says:

      Same here.
      Hindi ata sila nag iinform kapag rejected ka..paaasahin ka lang sa wala..ok lang naman kung magsabi sila na hindi ka pala qualified????

    • Jhen says:

      Same here.
      Hindi ata sila nag iinform kapag rejected ka..paaasahin ka lang sa wala..ok lang naman kung magsabi sila na hindi ka pala qualified????

  18. Cha says:

    My partner tried to get a washing machine and refrigerator at the same time but got declined without explaining why.

  19. JCo says:

    This is not applicable sa mga Home Base teachers na base from Korea ang employer. Even if we have a monthly income, no documents are valid for submission since they want an employer base in the Philippines.

  20. Maria Reinasol Santuyo says:

    How will i know if tapos na yung loan ko if wala naman ako nrereceive na nofications. Pag check ko sa agreement number ko online error ng aappear. Tried to email no answers. Then pag check ko sa bills paymeny 00. Ibig po ba sabihin fully paid n yung account?

  21. Maricel says:

    hi! I got delayed twice on my payment. But i paid penalties along with the installment price of my tv. Does this mean I can no longer reapply? Thank you

  22. Marc says:

    We apply last week and like other customer pinaasa lang kami. They said they will call after 2 days wala kaming narerecieve na tawag so we went to Abenson in our nearest branch to follow up they said may penalty kaming 790pesos due sa una naming kuha. We ask if pag nabayaran ba namin yung penalty makakakuha na kami kasi binayaran namin agad yung penalty after 4days then pagpunta namin kinuha nila resibo then sabi tatawag na lng sila after 2-3hrs para malaman kung may down or wala. After 1 hr they did just text na sorry hindi daw kami naaprubahan? What a fool service! Sana sinabi nyo na lang kesa pinaasa at pinagbayad pa kami!

    • Patrice says:

      Tama paasa naman yang aeon n yan pati promoter nila di marunong mag explain andami pang hinahanap pero binigay na nga lahat sakanila maarte pa kailangan billing statement ung month na un mismo kelan k kukuha ano yun parang ewan lang asar pabalik balik k pa wla din naman maganda ang home credit talaga lalo yung promoter ng SM City Tarlac parang wlang alam

    • dexter says:

      natural lang po na bayaran nyo ang penalty nyo… at dahil sa negative history po ng acct mo… 99 % decline ang next availment mo po.

  23. sylvia says:

    Pag nareject po ilng months po b pwedng mg aply ult

  24. Xian says:

    Ok naman sa AEON Credit. Applied for Appliance Loan (Amplifier and Speakers) last Jan. 2018. Just presented two IDs. The next day ko nakuha ang items at take note, wala akong cash-out. First payment was last March 2018 with Php 500.00 processing fee. Matatapos na ko on November. Salamat sa kanila may pang videoke na ko sa bahay pag restday ko. :D

  25. Jaclyn says:

    Hi ask ko lng PO if home credit at aeon ay iisa lng?

  26. Cherubine Bacani says:

    hi po what if hindi ko po nasagot yung pangalaeang call po ng ae9ns para sa aproval tatawag po kaya ulit sila bukas naka 4 na misscall po sila na hingi ko nasagot kanina ..thank you

  27. Chelle says:

    Pwede na ba ung tin id,pagibig,philhealth,plus company id???

  28. wheystedd says:

    mag cashalo nlng kayo madali pa

  29. Pet Charlie Pisaro says:

    I applied today for phone installment .I just want to ask why mu form was denied and not qualified for the installment plan.?

  30. Joan says:

    Baka po pwd nku maaproved 2 beses nku ng apply…

  31. Mariel Orejola says:

    Nag apply na din po ako 2times na pero ang sabi lang e decline.bakit po kaya

  32. Janeth Gella says:

    Tried to apply last Dec. 30 at Puregold Jp Rizal Makati City. They asked a lot of questions, multiple phone nos. of co-workers,relatives etc etc. We provide them those info they needed. Submitted all req. needed then after less than an hour there was a text that says we’re not approved. No one called my hubby for a b.c. nor his co-employees,supervisor & family members. how do they do background check if a person is qualified or not? OR MAYBE IT IS BCOZ WE ARE ONLY GETTING 1 ITEM INSTEAD OF 3 THEY ARE INSISTING! THIS COMPANY SUCKS!

    • lea says:

      hindi po kasi pwedeng idisclose sa customer kung abkit po nadecline yung application nyo. nasa terms and condition naman po yun bago kayo mag thumbmark. baka po may nadetect yung system na dati nyong loan or sa mga bangko po ganun,

  33. Janeth Gella says:

    Hey i just made a comment! why am i not seeing it? it says a while ago that there are 43 comments when i check for mine, it bcame 42?WTH!

  34. Thelma says:

    Just sharing … May text ang aeon sakin sbi may pre approved daw ako worth 62000 ipakita lng ung text at present 2 valid id so ngpunta kmi sa rob gen tri at pumuli ng item then ng process.. We waited for almost two hrs. Wla ng call sakin then bumalik kmi sa staff pra i follow up… Waited a while again… Then afterwards sabi na cancel daw ung application.. D nmn cnabi mg send daw cla another code … Bkit kya ganun???? I had 2 previos loan and i paid it all nmn . Advanced pA mga payments ko. Dsappointed here…

  35. Jairen says:

    No cashout po ba kapag laptop? Kung meron man po, nasa magkano po? Salamat.

  36. Romina says:

    What if meron ako puro secondary’s ID Lang and the problem is wala silang pirma hindi ko malagyan kasi naka laminate na ? is there any chance na tanggapin yun pag kukuha ako ng phone sa Aeon? Please response thankyou

  37. Gjinky says:

    I have applied already for today and the clerck told me to wait for 3 hours but up until now there’s no feedback yet if mu application was approve or rejected.

  38. Amalyn says:

    Ano po mas maganda at mas mabilis, na matatanggap nila ung payment,. kapag magbabayad na by installment sa aeon?. Sa bayad cnter po ba o sa security bank?.

  39. ARIAN LYN BUMAYA says:

    nag apply po ako sa isang mall namin dito sa TAGUM dahil may sale ang wiltelcom, ngayon na receive ko ang text approval close na po ang mall. last day rin po ng caravan nila that day, ngayon hindi namin alam kung saan kukunin ang unit dahil taga DAVAO daw po ung nag caravan.. pwede po vah mag hanap nlng kami ng AEON na personnel within TAGUM area then sa kanya nlng namin bigay ung approval code? kasi wala po dito sa mall or sa DAVAO talaga kami mag punta. thank you

  40. Car salamat says:

    Merin po ba down payment sa cell phone

  41. Cris Cabual says:

    What if my existing installment sa home credit pwede pa rin po ba mag apply for Aeon?

  42. Grace says:

    Kelan pwede mag reapply after madenied.

  43. Gray says:

    PAALALA: Mangyaring bayaran ang inyong balanse na Php 5132 sa malapit na 7/11,Cebuana,BayadCenter o MLhuiller gamit ang inyong Agr No. 8-00674364-7. Thank you. Tawagan niyo ako plssss need ko lang malaman ang totoo kung magkano talaga….

  44. Gerlie says:

    tried to apply sa aeon sbi kinabuksan tatawagan daw pero ni wala kaming natnggap na text or tawag man lang tapos today pnnthan namin sbi tinext daw ako like wth? Wala naman. Tapos ang sbi may pending loan daw ako. Ang naalala ko lang nagapply ako sa home credit pero hndi naapproved so hndi natloy yun. Bat ganon? Hndi maaapproved sa Aeon kahit hndi namn approved ung application sa home credit dti?

  45. Jocelle says:

    Hi, waiting pa ako sa aproval ng aeon pero gusto ko icancel or palitan yong item na napili ko. possible po ba yun na mapalitan or macancel?

  46. rose mae senillo says:

    ilang days po ba bago malaman if na approved yung installment ko or decline?

  47. How do i know if im rejected or approved nag apply po ako kahapon.sabi maghintay kami 1 day.imay office po ba kau ng sat.sunday then monday is holiday

    • Hello. I’m just confused. I applied today, and was going to have Samsung A70. Firstly, the staff told me that it’s okay if walang down payment. I asked few times to make sure. Then one assisted me na gani to ganyan babayaran if monthly. She even suggested na try 12 months para magaan. And then I said to another staff na 12 months po. She said wait ng one hour, while waiting she said “what if I 6 months mo ma’am baka kasi manghingi ng down payment”. I said Hindi ko po kaha tsaka sabi naman nya it’s okay na walang down payment. And then I asked, what if di I approve?Sabi nya I’d be compelled to pay for down payment. I said Hindi ko itutulpy tutal wala pa ang item and then she said Hindi pwede. Ayoko ko nlng, Hindi klaro yung policies nyo. Pwede naman icancel dibbbaa??

  48. Mark Anthony David says:

    I would like to ask and clear if this is true, my previous sales associate of AEON offering me to loan another appliances since i am automatically approved AS PER the Sales Associate because i presented all the documents required and i am qualified with my job and remittance montly. Now my questions is if i am going to apply within this week for another appliances loan but i still have existing balance for remaining 2mos. and i always pay in advance no records of late payment. I am able to loan?

  49. Christian says:

    Hi po ask ko lang po kung nakakaliit po ba ng interest ang magdadown ka nang mas malaki?
    Kapag sobra sa monthly payment ang binabayad mo lilit din ba interest? Atsaka for a smartphone po, anong maganda, 6,9, or 12? Thank you po.

  50. Jeffrey L. Nieves says:

    Pano po malalaman kung approve or disapprove ang application? I applied for a loan ng isang smart tv it was las December 29. Sabi after one day tatawagan. I dont know po oung approve po b o hindi . O dahil holiday po kaya walang tawag. Sana kahit text manlang meron po. Para malaman kung approved po ba. Salamat

  51. Alma Santos says:

    Paano kung ang mag aapply ng loan is unemployed like me online seller didtributor of keto products in Taguig homebased walang physical store. qualified po b ako?

  52. Nag reregister ako pero ung number ko dati ako naka register sa aeon ko ngaun dun nag sesend Ng temporary password sa old na number ko pano kaya un MGA sir

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