Types of people you need to unfollow on Facebook

Types of people you need to unfollow on Facebook

How’s your Facebook feed? Does it make you happy? Hmm, if you feel otherwise, you might need to freshen up your account by choosing the right ones to add and follow. This platform is where we spend most of our time. Hence, it should also be the place where we feel most comfortable and stress-free. How could we achieve that? Letting go of some people would be part of the process to make it happen! Well, you don’t necessarily need to unfriend them, but you have the option to unfollow them instead. This is to maintain the digital connection you have with them, despite not often seeing their posts.

Who are the people you need to unfollow?

The answer to this question depends on you. The key to figuring it out is to analyze and understand what you feel upon spending time across the platform. This is also a way towards self-care. If eliminating some people from your feed would grant you peace and joy, then it would really be best to let them go – whether temporarily or totally. Only to guide you, you might consider unfollowing these types of people:

Propagator of fake news — We’ve all got our own points of view that we can share on social media. However, despite having differences in beliefs, delivering misinformation is a no, no. If you know a person who keeps posting or sharing misleading information, feeding you with hoaxes and unverified data, unfollow them. Because yeah, no one wants to be misinformed.

Toxic supporters — There’s nothing wrong with supporting a certain person, group, or brand. However, some people tend to go overboard. Instead of spreading love, support, or facts, they also spend time hating those who don’t share their sentiments or beliefs. You’ll often see them in an argument with another person online, which is toxic and not something you want to see frequently.


People who frequently share NSFW content — I’m pretty sure that you’ve encountered people like these who like to post Not Safe For Work (NSFW) or inappropriate content. One moment, you’re just happily browsing on your timeline, getting updates from friends, then suddenly you see something that would ruin your appetite or get you in trouble at work. There’s a reason why Facebook has content moderators, but sometimes it’s not enough, so we have to resort to unfollowing these people instead.

Spoilers — It could be annoying if you have friends who often post unsolicited details about a movie or TV series. If those people can’t shut their mouths, you can shut them out, rather, by unfollowing them. You deserve to enjoy the unspoiled story regardless if it’s a new show or not.

Pessimists — I’m not saying we should always follow people who are optimists. Still, if you have a lower tolerance for negative posts and topics, then you should start unfollowing certain people who frequently post things of said nature.

The list can go on, though, as there can be other reasons why you need to unfollow a person on Facebook. The best part is that it’s completely harmless. The feature lets you “unsubscribe” from a person’s post while retaining your digital connection. While you can’t see his/her posts, you can still send messages to each other when necessary. And if ever you discover that you’re being unfollowed, I don’t think you should be offended. It’s just the person’s way to tweak their Facebook timeline based on their preference.

What do you guys think? Do you use the unfollow feature? Share your experience in the comments below.

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