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Watch: Top Android Launchers for 2019

Since Android is an open-source mobile operating system, it can cater to millions of possible customizations, and almost every single smartphone manufacturer has developed their own skin on top of Android. Some of them really nail it, like our favorite OneUI, but of course, other skins don’t offer the customization and features that we’d like to have. 

This is where we can take matters into our own hands and try out third-party Android launchers. Here are some of the best Android launchers that you can install on your phone to suit your needs. 

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4 Responses

  1. Nisan Mendoza says:

    Been using Nova Launcher since 2012. Recently upgraded my phone to Mi 9T with stock Miui launcher (which I dont like due to absence of App Drawer). But I’ve noticed that Nova Launcher seems to have never updated its animations, like when opening and closing an app, which really sucks especially if you have an Android Pie phone since such phone has amazing animations.

    So I went with Poco Launcher and I don’t think I will ever switched back to Nova.

    • Tolerated, at best, my Mi Max 2’s default launcher. Wasn’t that bad, just that I was used to an app drawer, and didn’t like all my apps on the home screen. When Poco became available, snapped it up.

      The update added the ability to add an app icon to a Poco category, which spoils me to the point that I don’t expect to even look at another launcher :)

  2. Pinoy says:

    For me, the best is nova launcher dahil maganda ang memory management. Installed it in my amazon fire hd 8 at nawala ang lag maski na 1.5gb ram lang ito at old mediatek chipset.

  3. Nilo says:

    I only use to launcher. Nova and lawnchair 2. The two ate the best for me

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