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Weird mobile Games/Apps that make you go “why?”

There are countless amount of apps and games available for your mobile device. Some are convenient for your job or school; some are intense and could fend off boredom, but some are just downright weird. Take a look at the list of weird mobile games/apps that just make you go “why?”

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Let us start off with a fairly simple app called S.M.T.H (Send Me To Heaven). The app’s objective tests the wits and courage of the user, seeing if they are capable of throwing their mobile phone in the air. Yes, you read that right; this app records how high you are able to throw your phone in the air—a fun game to enjoy with friends.

Download: Android


Alright, maybe you aren’t looking for something that intense, and instead, maybe something more relaxing and chill. Lo and behold, the app is named Nothing. Nothing has all your needs covered from the simplicity and, well, nothing. Despite there being a Nothing Pro version, the base version still gets additional updates from time to time.

Download: Android

Dr. Pimple Pop

Aside from apps, there are questionable games available for download, one being Dr. Pimple Pop. The objective of this game is to pop the pimples of paying customers. So if you enjoy popping pimples without the actual gunk that comes out, this might be the game for you—eughg.

realme philippines

Download: Android | iOS


Binky is some sort of social media application where one can scroll through an endless feed of random photos. Not only can you like and comment on each post, but also “rebink” and swipe right or left just as you would on Twitter and Tinder, respectively. Lastly, the application has an automatic commenting feature where one can simply smash the keypad, and the Binky App will compose the comment for you. Nevertheless, nothing you do really matters as the application’s goal is to simply give you the illusion of using a social media platform.

Download: Android | iOS

Milk the Cow

Lastly, we have Milk the Cow. As the name suggests, the Milk the Cow application is a game where one can experience what it’s like to milk a cow–without getting their hands dirty. To play, simply swipe rigorously on the cow’s udders until the bucket is full. The less time it takes for you to fill the bucket, the higher your score will be–making you qualified to compete with other players.

Download: Android | iOS

And there you go. If boredom is eating at you and you are itching to try something different, take a leap and try out one of these apps. Share to us which app/game made you go “why?” in the comments below!

Julia Fernando contributed to this article.

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