What is a TikTok Challenge?

TikTok is the best time-waster, and every single day there’s a new challenge to do. But what is a TikTok challenge, and how do you find or create one?

For challenges, many TikTok users will all make videos attempting to do the same thing, like the Renegade Dance Challenge, and these challenges are an easy way for people on TikTok to feel like they are part of the community.

How to find these TikTok Challenges?

TikTok practically runs on hashtags. It’s what makes the app so fun. Everything is communal, and everyone is encouraged to jump in. Clicking on hashtags, especially those that are generated around challenges, is an easy way to discover what people are using to get to the For You section.

STEP 1: Check out the For You TikTok feed. You’ll often see popular videos there with their trending challenge hashtags.

STEP 2: Search for challenges by using the Discover feature. Under Discover, you’ll see trending videos, some including new viral challenges.

STEP 3: Use the search function to find challenges. Simply tap the search box and enter the word “challenge” or a specific hashtag.

TikTok Challenges that you can make:

Since we are in quarantine, we all have plenty of time to learn it.

1. #RenegadeDanceChallenge

Jalaiah Harmon, a 14-year old, created this dance to the song “Lottery” by K Kamp, and by far, this is the most popular dance on TikTok.

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2. #LaxedSirenBeatChallenge

The simplest dance that you will ever see in TikTok. Dance involves direct hand movements and a few body rolls. The song was, at one point, tied to an “embrace your culture” trend in which people shared examples of their cultural dress while doing the dance.

3. #Don’tRushChallenge

These are the clips where people who participate swapping out their pajamas for instant glow ups to the sounds of Young T & Bugsey. By virtually “tossing,” the makeup brush from one another, they’ve been able to maintain their squad goals.

4. #FliptheSwitchChallenge

The most interesting and funny challenge that you will encounter in TikTok. This challenge features family members, friends, and couples swapping uniforms, outfits, and beauty looks at the exact moment.

5. #PlankChallenge

If you want to work out during quarantine, you can definitely combine it with this TikTok challenge. The goal is to complete a full plank routine to the song of your choice.

How to create a TikTok Challenge video?

STEP 1: Tap the Plus icon to either record a new video inside the TikTok app or upload your own video from your phone.

STEP 2: Once you’re done, tap the checkmark.

STEP 3: Review your video and make any changes.

STEP 4: Once complete, tap Next.

STEP 5: On the Post screen, don’t forget to enter a description that includes the challenge hashtag you wish to use.

So that’s the thing about the TikTok #challenge, and we’re not going to stop you from trying to enter the TikTok challenge world with a brand new challenge. If you want to try creating your own, you can do so by simply filming a video and adding a challenge hashtag so everyone can see it.

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