Wired internet plans in the Philippines under PHP 3K

While most users only need basic or cheaper internet plans to fulfill their needs, other tasks require extra bandwidth for maximum efficiency. That being said, getting the most expensive internet plans may be out of their budget range. Fortunately, there are options in the PHP 2K – PHP 3K range that offer higher speeds that are cheaper by the Mbps.

As per our usual request, please do your due diligence when researching these ISPs. Making sure that they perform well in your area is better than having the fastest advertised speeds. Here are the internet plans that are under PHP 3K from the five most prominent ISPs:

ISPPlanSpeedMonthly Data LimitPrice
ConvergeFIBER X 250075 Mbps-PHP 2,500
PLDTUNLI FIBER PLAN 2899100 Mbps- PHP 2,899
GlobeGlobe At Home Unli Plan 249950 Mbps-PHP 2,499
Globe At Home Go Unli Plan 2899100 Mbps-PHP 2,899
Globe At Home Go Big Plan 2499100 Mbps1TBPHP 2,499
SKYSKY Fiber Unli Broadband plan 2,49975 Mbps-PHP 2,499
SKY Fiber Unli Broadband plan 2,899100 Mbps-PHP 2,899
Eastern CommunicationsEastern Home Plan 249880 Mbps-PHP 2,498
Eastern Home Plan 2798100 Mbps-PHP 2,798

Converge, PLDT, Globe, and SKY all offer fiber connections, which should be more consistent, and have relatively similar download and upload speeds compared to regular broadband connections. Meanwhile, we still haven’t confirmed the connection type of Eastern Communication’s Home Plans.

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Moving up tiers means that users can expect faster speeds for less price, and at the PHP 2K to PHP 3K price range, telecoms have gotten a lot more competitive. Here are notable takeaways from each ISP’s offerings:

At the PHP 2.5K range, Globe is offering the lowest speed at 50 Mbps for unlimited plans, while Eastern Communications is offering the fastest plan, with 80 Mbps. Converge, and SKY offer comparable plans, with speeds of up to 75 Mbps. If, however, you’re okay with getting a monthly data cap, then Globe is also offering a 100 Mbps plan with a generous 1TB monthly data allocation.

Going higher, PLDT, Globe, and SKY are offering 100 Mbps data plans for PHP 2,900, while Eastern Communications’ 100 Mbps plan is cheaper at PHP 2,800.

If your profession also requires a lot of calls, consider subscribing to Globe or PLDT, as it also comes with free calls to Globe/TM and Smart/Sun/TNT subscribers, respectively. Additionally, Eastern Communications’ Plan 2798 includes a wired telephone line included in the package.

If you’re interested in subscribing or switching Internet Service Providers, check the serviceability of your area, as well as any installation fees, lock-in periods, and other concerns by going to the ISP’s respective websites below:

As always, let’s help each other out by recommending what ISP works well in what area, so we can avoid having slow internet connections!

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  1. Avatar for Neo Neo says:

    Why is that Manila-based writer are always ignorant and always consider that Manila is the Philippines, While Luzon is just one island of 7641 total islands in the Philippines, Converge only provide service in Manila and surrounding cities while Easter only Manila and Cebu, Then why article title says available plans in the Philippines.

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