Broadband and Fiber plans in the Philippines compared

Broadband and Fiber plans in the Philippines compared

With so many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to choose from, offering different plans and different speeds, picking the right one can be confusing. To help you with that, we have listed all broadband and fiber plans provided by the top 4 ISPs. All plans in this list have unlimited data so that you can surf, stream, and game all day, every day.

UPDATE: We have updated the article to include PLDT’s regular Fibr plans (without Google WiFi).


SpeedPrice / mo
5 MbpsPHP 999
25 MbpsPHP 1,499
50 MbpsPHP 1,999
75 MbpsPHP 2,499
150 MbpsPHP 3,499

Sky charges a one-time installation fee of PHP 1,499. Plans start at PHP 999 for their 5 Mbps to PHP 3,499 for their 150 Mbps plan.

Sky Cable also offers the following fiber plans:

SpeedPrice / mo
30 MbpsPHP 1,999
60 MbpsPHP 2,999
120 MbpsPHP 3,999

Sky also charges a one-time installation fee of PHP 1,499 for their fiber plans. Prices start at PHP 1,999 for their 30 Mbps plan and go up to PHP 3,999 for their 120 Mbps plan.



SpeedPrice / mo
5 MpbsPHP 1,699
10/15/20 MbpsPHP 1,899
50 MbpsPHP 2,499
100 MbpsPHP 2,899

Globe is offering new users a 50% discount for their first 3 months and Globe Postpaid users can get 100% off instead (promos apply as of the date of writing). Globe also charges a one-time fee of PHP 1,000 for installation. Prices start at PHP 1,699 for their 5 Mbps plan and can go as high as PHP 2,899 for their 100 Mbps plan.




SpeedPrice / mo
5 MbpsPHP 1,299
15 MbpsPHP 1,699
20 MbpsPHP 2,899

Unlike the other ISPs, PLDT offers free installation and activation to new subscribers. Their 5 Mbps starts at PHP 1,299 and can go as high as PHP 2,899 for their 20 Mbps plan.



PLDT offers 2 Fiber plans: their Unli Fiber Plans and Google WiFi Plans

SpeedPrice / mo
5 MbpsPHP 1,299
15 MbpsPHP 1,699
25 MbpsPHP 1,899
50 MbpsPHP 2,899

PLDT’s cheapest Unli Fibr Plan starts at PHP 1,299 for their 5 Mbps connection and can go up to PHP 2,899 for their 50 Mbps connection.

SpeedPrice / mo
30 MbpsPHP 2,299
60 MbpsPHP 3,299
120 MbpsPHP 4,299
250 MbpsPHP 6,299

PLDT’s cheapest Google WiFi Plan (inclusive of 3 Google WiFi points) is 30 Mbps and starts at PHP 2,299. The highest plan can reach speeds of up to 250 Mbps for PHP 6,299.


SpeedPrice / mo
25 Mbps (FIBER X)PHP 1,500
75 Mbps (FIBER X)PHP 2,500
150 Mbps (FIBER X)PHP 3,500
300 Mbps (XTREME)PHP 4,500
500 Mbps (XTREME)PHP 7,000

Converge only offers fiber plans, and they charge a hefty PHP 2,500 for installation and activation. Unlike other ISPs, payment for installation can be staggered instead of a one time fee. Their lowest plan is our list’s fastest, starting at 25 Mbps at PHP 1,500 going all the way to the fastest and most expensive plan of 500 Mbps for PHP 7,000.

Fiber optic connection is undoubtedly better than your typical ADSL broadband connection because you don’t get peak hours issues, and they’re generally faster and more reliable. The cheapest fiber plan you can get is Converge’s 25 Mbps Plan for PHP 1,500. You could also go for their higher plans since they have the best Mbps/Peso for fiber connections.

The second cheapest option would be Sky’s Fiber Unli, and lastly, PLDT Fibr. If your area isn’t covered by fiber connection, the sweet spot would be the ISP’s second option because the jump in speeds is a lot more than the increase in price. Sky offers the best price per Mbps on broadband, followed by Globe (if their 20Mbps plan covers your area), then PLDT.

While some of these broadband and fiber plans may be enticing, make sure the ISP offers its services in your area.  It’s also recommendable to ask feedback from people in your area who have already subscribed to the service. The quality of service is still reliant on location, so if other people around you are having a bad time with a specific ISP, then you’ll most likely encounter the same problems. But if everything checks out good, then you can go ahead and subscribe.

And that’s about it! We hope that his guide has helped you decide which broadband services to get. If you have recommendations, let us know in the comments below.

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19 Responses

  1. Joel says:

    How about a profile for broadband and fiber providers outside metro manila? There are hundreds!

    • Rlc says:

      Sana meron dito sa Pinas na organization like consumer sa US. Where they evaluate products and services. Articles like this are not helpful at all. All they compare is the advertised stuff. Wala naman analysis like ok ba talaga ang quality of service? Gaano ka responsive and support, etc.

  2. Harry Shiu says:

    “Fiber is undoubtedly better than broadband…”

    Please review your use of terminology. Broadband internet access is as defined simply an internet connection faster than a defined threshold (usually dial up). Fiber is simply a connection type (that typically offers the fastest theoretical speeds). As such fiber based connections usually fall under the umbrella category of broadband internet connection along with DSL, cable, and 3G/HSPA/LTE.

  3. K L says:

    Adsl should not be offered anymore on Metro Manila… pldt suckers! slow upload speed and inefficient customer support

  4. why says:

    PLDT has a 25 mbps @ 1899 Fibr plan. Why wasn’t it included? And you only posted their plan with google wifi plan not their default fibr plans.

  5. Jj says:

    I think it is good thing to add/note as well that fibr plans c/o PLDT comes with a landline (which can be useful to some users) while other competitors do not. It is like I’m paying the same 1500 fee for 25mbps fibr service + 399 fee for the landline.

  6. Cris Ramos says:

    pasalamat tayo sa CONVERGE…… kung hindi pa dumating /pumasok sa LABAN ng INTERNET…. ilang taon pa kaya tayo lalamunin ng mga dating providers!!!

    we are paying Php 1999.00 for 16 Mbps sa loob ng ilang taon. may BONUS pa… matuyo ka sa problema mo!

  7. kenny says:

    which provider has the consistent speed rate?
    as advertised they have a small disclaimer for “up to” where in those numbers are not fix speed… what do you think?

  8. Julieta Cason says:

    is converge available in davao city already?

  9. Dave says:

    Been a PLDT sub for around 14 years. They have been pretty much consistent when there is no interruption. My last plan was 2,099pesos 6.5/0.5mbps download/upload — imagine that. Then they had a major outage that lasted around a month and a week and by then I have moved on to Converge FiberX. Speed so far has been around 23-25mbps download and 24-25mbps upload. Now I’m only paying 1,500pesos. Soon they’ll be offering an additional 10mbps for just 99pesos — 35mbps for 1,599pesos. If this keeps up, then there is no turning back to PLDT.

  10. Vince says:

    Been a globe fiber user for 4 months now using the 5Mbps Unlimited plan. They can offer the 3 way split for the installation fee like mine where I paid P1,699+P333 for the 1st 3 months. They also send your monthly bill via email or you can check yourself via their “Globe at Home” App for a paperless bill & payments and a bunch of other stuff like upgrading your plan on the fly. There are a lot of things that need to be included on here for people to even account this as a reference.

    Overall IMHO this comparison needs more details and research. I researched better than this in regards to finding the better option for me on my new apartment.

    I’m sorry Yugatech but this article feels rushed.

  11. zulamor says:

    Para sa akin the best ang converge FiberX, fast and reliable talaga… Uploading and downloading thumbs up???????????

  12. Doctor says:

    There is no real fiber connection in that list. All of them uses VDSL2 Connection which is NOT FIBER. And obviously, this is a paid advertisement by SkyCable. They might be the cheapest option but they are unreliable. Converge has a decent connection with cheap price but it also has its downsides. An example would be their random downtime. There is no good ISP in the Philippines.

  13. Marlyn says:

    Converge is the best

  14. T says:

    Converge FiberX is cheaper, fast and reliable.

  15. Unknown says:

    napaka limited lang ng areas ng converge, kung palawakin nila ang areas nila wala na kukuha sa ibang network providers. tyaga tyaga parin muna sa globe broadband, wala kasi converge sa area namin. hayzzzz halos 1 year na since nag inquire ako sa converge sabi nila after 3 months magkakaroon na daw samin pero hangang ngayon pag tumatawag kami 3 months ng 3 months parin ang sinasabi.

  16. Ralph says:

    Super OK yung Globe 5mbps unlidata. Para saken mas ok to basta UNLI walang cap whatsoever. Wala siang difference sa mga 20mbps na plans

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