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Coverge ICT offers up to 100Mbps internet with fiber technology

Converge ICT has announced that it’s rolling out high-speed broadband services at up to 100Mbps using fiber technology.

According to the company, their internet services caters to Home, SME, and Enterprise customers. It imposes no data cap with a customer service lines open 24/7 to address connection issues and other concerns.

For Home customers, Converge ICT offers their FiberX plans, all with unlimited volume allowance:
FIBERX 1500 – Up to 20Mbps
FIBERX 2500 – Up to 50Mbps
FIBERX 3500 – Up to 100Mbps

There’s an installation fee of Php2,500 with a lock-in period of 24 months. Services has a 30% minimum speed at 80% service reliability.

Converge ICT says that they have expanded their presence from Central Luzon to Metro Manila and South Luzon, with plans to provide its services to Visayas and Mindanao in the coming years.

For more details about Converge ICT’s internet offerings, you can visit their website here.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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27 Responses

  1. 123456 says:

    Please edit your title. :)

  2. Luis says:

    I think converge is a bit shady, look at their facebook page.. no post and all. Ang laki ng singil for 2 years and 1 year lockin.. then pagpapacut mo ang line, 50% ng remaining months mo..haha

  3. Kgo says:

    hindi kayo naunang magpromise ng ganyang kabilis na internet, sino niloloko niyo? Makapanguto lang enoh jusko wag kami!

  4. Judeen says:

    80% service reliability is too low.

  5. Kgo says:

    hindi kayo naunang magpromise ng ganyan na internet, sino niloloko niyo? Makapang uto lang enoh jusko wag kami!!

  6. Lasticman says:

    100mbps niyo mukha niyo, pag limang tao na ang gumagamit, babagal din yan biglaan. Pustahan!!

  7. CanlasJokoloco says:

    Sus, parang Sky Cable lang yan. 100mbps kuno pero mabagal pa din. Pwe!

  8. TsongF says:

    Saan lang to pwede? Saan lang to available? Sa sampulangge? Hayyy nako!!! Lokohan na to mga bessy!

  9. TsongF says:

    Saan naman available yan? Sa sampulangge? Hayy nako lokohan na to mga bessie!

    • FuckOff says:

      Funny. Making such comment without any knowledge. And actually you we’re informed by this article yet hindi pumasok sa kokote mo. :D It says that it is available in Metro Manila and some areas of Central Luzon. But of course, just like any other provides, it is not available in all areas of said places.

  10. Don says:

    Never heard about this until now. Thank you Yuga for keeping us updated. Question lang po, how reliable is this? Anyone who used this one? Please share naman po experience this telco? Thank you.

  11. Obeded says:

    It’s funny how people judge the company without even experiencing it first hand. One even made the company’s Facebook page as the basis of the company’s reputation.

    One the other hand, we’ve been using Fiber for business for more than a year now and haven’t have any problem in terms of downtime and slow internet. For our home account, we just have it installed last month. We’ve experience slow internet speed few weeks after installation when our speedtest dipped to 2+mbps, so I called their hotline and after 2-3 hours our speed went back to normal.

    I think you can always go with other big companies if one of your requirement is reputation, but what I like with Converge is that their CSR also has an access to their server so they could request someone to modify somethine from their end. Not like other big companies where they have call centers na kahit ano rant mo sa kanila, they can’t do anything since they are only support agents.

    But don’t take my comment like I am promoting them, in our group there are a handful of people having problems with their account with Converge ICT, particularly in Las Pinas and Paranaque area. I think depended sa location mo or sa layo mo sa Fiber Cabinets nila.

    • Justin says:

      “in our group there are a handful of people having problems with their account with Converge ICT, particularly in Las Pinas and Paranaque area”

      There you go. People are judging because they already have gotten first hand experience on how bad their service can get.

    • kent says:

      im currently at 50 mbps and hindi naman sya bumagal at walang prob. lahat naman ng network may prob e?

  12. Johnny says:

    Test nyo if totoong “customer service lines open 24/7” sa pag kaalam ko wla nga sila call center ei. Local phones lng gamit.

  13. nliszac says:

    dami pakawala ng globe at pldt oh

  14. Booker says:

    They are over-subscribed. There isn’t any point in signing up for an account higher than 20mbps.

    I’ve had them for almost a year now. Initially signed up for their fiber on 10mbps and it was rock solid and very quick. Got upgraded to 50mbps (at same price as 10mbps plan) earlier this year when they upgraded all their accounts. It was great, basically was 50mbps down and 48mbps up. But things started slowing down during daytime hours a few months ago. And for the last month it has gotten worse. During primetime we’re now lucky to see even 8-10mbps. We get pauses during youtube playback unless it’s a SD stream. So unless there have been massive undersea cable outages that nobody is talking about…. they just don’t have enough international bandwidth for their subscriber base. I’m choked, my contract got reset back to the two year mark when they upgraded my speed. It’s almost funny because now I’m basically running back on 10mbps again.

    Note, if you run a speedtest to their local inhouse server it will always show the top speed for your connectoin. But once you actually go to access any website you’ll see drastically lowered speeds. Maybe one person in your house can watch youtube, or listen to spotify. It’s very disappointing, unless you don’t wake up until midnight.

    Note: Their tech support is outstanding. They will send out an info text warning of upcoming system maintenance. And responded very quickly to the few downtimes that I’ve had. They even did follow up checks after my tickets were closed.

  15. technoob says:

    Tama po yung sabi ni obeded, depende rin sa area, di po kami naka plan ng 100 mbps, 2mbps lang sa min, kung pagbabasihan ang speedtest average niya 1.7 to 1.9 pumapalo naman ng 2 to 2.2 pero di bumababa ng 1.7 mbps, di ako sure kung lagpas na kami ng 6 years naka subscribe sa kanila pero aminado ako may araw na nagkaka problema din minsan nasosolve the same day minsan kinabukasan na, ang kagandahan niya walang capping although di ako mapag download ng movies. Yun po ma shi share ko sa inyo, naiitindihan ko din yung mga nagrarant dahil malamang sawa na kayo (tayo) sa low quality of service kahit nagbabayad tayo ng tama

  16. neil davidson says:

    The 30% minimum speed at 80% service reliability is true, however, my advertised speed of up to 50Mbps is misleading since I never achieved this in my two months of subscription. My highest recorded speed is a one time 47Mbps in a month of continuous monitoring.

  17. Blitz says:

    I tried to contact them through their form through their website and I think it’s been about a little over 24 hours and no one has phoned-in or e-mailed. Their advertised service areas might not be true or maybe they got lots of pending e-mails.

    Is that true about their locked-in period? You pay 50% of the remaining months if you decided to use other provider instead? So kung Plan 3500 and I decided after 1 year na mag-Globe na lang, I need to pay 21,000 pesos for disconnection? And if they upgrade, it automatically renews the 2-year lock-in period?

  18. Jampagita says:

    We’ve been using their service for a few months already and it has been pretty smooth. i can even download movies while streaming videos on youtube. no problem yet.

  19. Charmed says:

    Hi! New Converge subscriber here, last Tuesday lang nakabit yung amin. I have the 20mbps plan. So far okay naman. Usually nasa 17-19mbps ang speed both download and upload speed. The slowest I got was 14.78mbps upload speed ng around 2pm, but that was because the modem has been opened for almost 12hours already. Yung highest speed na nakuha ko so far was 27.68mbps download speed, so satisfied naman ako so far sa service nila. Ang pangit lang is yung hotline nila na 667-0848 eh aabutin ka ng next year bago may sumagot ng linya. Better if you have a direct contact with them so you can text them when you encountered a problem. Caloocan area po kami (Grace Park).

  20. emily parsario says:

    pakabit po ako nyan

  21. CheshireCat says:

    sa mga Converge users magkano installation fee nyo?? yung iba kase sabe mahal daw eh thanks!

  22. Gracia De Guzman says:

    I want to subscribe to FibrX 2500 of ICT because I saw so many positive reviews. but they dont have line in my pasig area where I live. I have PLDT so much and Smart they advertise so much on TV after I applied and Paid they said they dont have line in our area as well.

    Hope converge can get me connected..

  23. Basilio De Guzman says:

    Pwedi po ba madala sa Auto Yong net nyo

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