Getting our Smart, Globe USC for MNP process: Here’s our experience

The Mobile Number Portability (MNP) has been in effect for more than a year, allowing subscribers to change networks without changing numbers. We recently decided to switch networks and share the initial steps to MNP to benefit those considering applying.

Before we start, number porting has two types, external and internal. External is moving from one network to another. For internal, it’s when you retain your current mobile number and move from postpaid to prepaid, and vice versa within the same network.

Example for Smart:
• Smart Postpaid to Smart Prepaid or TNT
• Smart Prepaid or TNT to Smart Postpaid
• SUN Postpaid to Smart Postpaid or Smart Prepaid or TNT

Example for Globe:
• Globe Prepaid or TM to Globe Postpaid
• Globe Postpaid to Globe Prepaid or TM
• Globe Prepaid to TM and vice versa

For this article, we’ll be doing an external port. Our Smart SIM is postpaid, while our Globe SIM is prepaid.

Smart Postpaid

The first step for any MNP process is to acquire the Unique Subscriber Code (USC), and the only way to get that is to visit the telco’s store near you and inform them that you want to port your number.

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In our case, since we have a postpaid SIM, the first thing they asked is if our account is still under contract. We had the account for more than 24 months, so we don’t have to worry about it.

The next step is to close the postpaid account and ensure we have paid any pending balance or the MNP process will fail. Customer service advised us not to use the number for anything that would entail charges. So we paid our outstanding bill, gave our government ID, and filled out a form. After that, Smart sent the USC to our number via SMS.

The whole process took about 15 minutes.

Globe Prepaid

For Globe, it was surprisingly quick. We went to the Globe store and informed them that we wanted to receive my USC to port my number. The customer service rep just took out his laptop and asked for my prepaid number. A few moments later, the USC was received via SMS. All in all, we only spent 5 minutes in the store.

So far, the experience is quick and easy. Probably the only problem you’ll encounter is if there’s a long queue or if you don’t meet the requirements if you’re on postpaid.

The next step would be to present your USC and other information/documents to the telco you want to port to. The process differs per telco, so if you want to learn the next steps, you can visit these websites:


How about you? Have your tried MNP? Share us your experience below.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

7 Responses

  1. Avatar for Globe User Globe User says:

    I’m trying to port from Globe Prepaid to TM. I went on a Globe Store and they said that they only do Postpaid to Prepaid/TM and Prepaid/TM to Postpaid. They told me that Globe Prepaid to TM and vice versa is only done thru GlobeOne App. When I used the GlobeOne App, it always redirect me to Globe’s FB Messenger. I talked to the customer representative in FB Messenger and they said that I should go to a Globe Store to port from Globe Prepaid to TM. Paikot-ikot na lang. Sana maging maayos ang sistema ng MNP. Di na muna ako magpapalit nakakawalang gana na kasi.

  2. Avatar for thelastkazekage thelastkazekage says:

    Here’s my experience on my prepaid account
    Globe Prepaid to Smart Prepaid – Requested USC via OTC. Got it in just 5 mins. Smart activation in 1 hour.
    Smart Prepaid to DITO Prepaid – Requested USC via OTC. Got it 5 mins as well. DITO activation in 1 hour.
    DITO Prepaid to Globe Prepaid – Requested USC via Dito App. Got it in 7 hours. When to Globe OTC, however they informed me that Port-IN to Globe is being done via website. Requested the Port-IN via website. Confirmation and porting code received in just 3 minutes. For sim activation, you need to input the porting code once you received the MNP sim which will be delivered by Globe. Received the Globe MNP sim after 22 calendar days. Globe activation in 2 days. To rate the whole experience pls see my ratings. 10 being the highest.

    Port-OUT experience

    Globe to other network – 9
    Smart to other network – 9
    DITO to other network – 10

    10 for DITO because you can get the USC via app no need to visit the store.


    Other network to Globe – 5
    Other network to Smart – 10
    Other network to DITO – 10

    5 for Globe, the waiting time is very frustrating, 2 days activation and you cannot do it over the counter. Can be rated as 7 if you are too busy visiting their stores. However, 2 days activation?! meaning you will not be able to send or receive SMS or calls even data services in 2 days. :)

  3. Avatar for Chris Chris says:

    Have you experienced problems receiving messages or calls, including otp, since porting your numbers?

  4. Avatar for Renante V. Tilanas Renante V. Tilanas says:

    Really flattering. Indeed, a result substantial to an issue which requires or may cope, service oriented. But for long, I’m proud to be a Globe one. Just letting them the system to soar more. Gid bless.

  5. Avatar for grieving owner of a dead 23 year-old number who is praying for a miracle and resurrection grieving owner of a dead 23 year-old number who is praying for a miracle and resurrection says:

    Not for me, I requested internal porting of my Globe postpaid to Globe prepaid. My signal was cut a few minutes after a Globe CSR called via (02)77301000 to confirm my request and sent me an OTP from MNP_OTP and told me to expect my signal to be back within 48 hours. That was on December 11, 2022. It’s been 43 days since. My 23 year-old number is dead. The reason they gave me: “your number is still active as postpaid and prepaid account as well. So very weird. I have been making almost daily follow ups on twitter, FB, visited their stores thrice to talk to a human being. Still NO SIGNAL at this very moment. My 23 year old number linked to people, business, clients, banking, credit cards, online accounts, OTPs.
    To end, may I share you this explanation given to me by a Globe CSR on day 29; ‘‘We do understand your sentiment. If your location is near or in a high-rise building, inside room or other closed area, weak signal or no coverage may be experienced. It is because signal can’t penetrate due to building materials (Thick concrete walls). Kindly try to move to a different area in the location or close to a window to acquire better signal.’
    Me: Ha? Dahil nandito ako sa Wakanda ngayon?

    Very funny palusot and very annoying at the same time. What have you done to me Globe?

    • Avatar for Denise Denise says:

      60 days ang max limit ng porting. don’t lose hope.

    • Avatar for 23 Year-old Globe postpaid number 23 Year-old Globe postpaid number says:

      Review Republic Act 11202 Section 6
      – 24 hours for the porting process to complete. 60 days If you want to jump to another network or if you want to change your current postpaid to prepaid and vice versa. FYI

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