Philippine Airlines warns public of fake online promos

Philippine Airlines warns public of fake online promos

The Philippine Airlines has released an advisory to the public regarding the (once-again) circulating promotions on social media websites.


In a statement, the country’s national carrier advises the public to not entertain these types of scam as the company is not holding such promotions. Furthermore, they are advising everyone to visit only their official website and contact their official pages for legitimate announcements and information.

We are warning the public on a fake advertisement currently circulating on social media luring netizens to answer a survey in exchange for “2 free PAL tickets” citing “PAL’s 83rd Anniversary”.
The public must not fall prey to bogus ads such as these. False advertising will not be tolerated.
We have reported the material to the proper authorities for appropriate action.
Netizens are advised not to respond to the material; such action may compromise users’ profiles.

Please note that official advertisements are released through the PAL website and through PAL’s official FB account @flyPAL.

Philippine Airlines, June 28, 2018

These past few days, social media has been frenzied yet again over what seemingly are free seat promotions for PAL’s supposed ’83rd Anniversary Sale’ which phishes information by prompting visitors to key in confidential and sensitive information. This isn’t the first time the national carrier has been used for phishing as there was a similar incident back in May 2017.
PAL, which started operations in 1941, is currently on their 77th year this 2018.

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