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PLDT introduces new Home Fibr Google Wifi Plan

PLDT has introduced its newest Home Fibr Google Wifi Plan which feature a whole home WiFi network system that gets rid of dead WiFi spots in your home.

Customers can now subscribe to the Google Wifi Plan 3799 which consists of unlimited 50Mbps unlimited Fibr, up to three Google Wifi units, and free home assistance by PLDT Home Geek Squad. Existing Home Fibr subscribers can avail the Google Wifi units as an add-on for Php799 per month and they will also be getting three Google Wifi units.


Apart from that, PLDT is also offering the Whole Home Plan Wifi Plan 3499 which consists of unlimited 50Mbps unlimited Fibr, up to three TP-LINK Deco M5 and free home assistance by PLDT Home Geek Squad.

To apply for the Google Wifi Plan 3799, just click here.

Source: PLDT

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3 Responses

  1. SunCell Subscriber says:

    Seriously, why the hell would I need a Google WiFi mesh if the max speed my ISP can provide is 50Mbps? Better to get 3 high-end WiFi routers instead.

  2. Al says:

    New offer? PLDT CAN’T even get fibr to their current customers. Shouldn’t you put the horse before the carriage? Here they would sell cat shit sandwiches if it will give them a peso. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CURRENT CUSTOMERS BEFORE TRYING TO FLOOD THE MARKET WITH SOMETHING YOU CAN’T EVEN PROVIDE to most of your customers!!!

  3. Drake says:

    Clearly it’s a trap full of headache

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