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Sky Cable outs Sky SuperSaver bundle with 12Mbps mobile internet

Sky Cable has released a new bundle plan under Sky SuperSaver that comes with 12Mbps mobile internet plus postpaid HD cable TV.

The Sky SuperSaver bundles costs Php1,399 per month with a total initial payment of Php2,499. The plan comes with the following features:

• SKYcable with at least 18 HD and 67 SD Channels
• SKYmobi with speeds of up to 12Mbps
~ 6 GB monthly data allowance
~ FREE data access to Facebook, Messenger, Viber, KakaoTalk and SKY On Demand
• Cable channels and shows online via SKY On Demand
• Free HD digibox
• Free Pocket WiFi
• Exclusive Access to HBO Go

According to the fine print, the mobile internet has a minimum speed of 12Kbps with 80% network reliability, while free data access services have a total daily limit of 800MB. When you reach 800 MB, all data services will be disabled. Data services will resume at 12:01 AM of the following day.

For details and subscription, hit the source link below.

Source: Sky Cable

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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10 Responses

  1. rush says:

    Ngak may cap.. mas ok pa yung package nila sa prepaid cable..

  2. Doc says:

    Huwag na toy! 800MB per day. 6 Gb per month.

  3. Haroro says:

    walang kwenta ang bilis ng internet kung my cap naman. WTF.

  4. Easy E says:

    6GB per month. NO!

  5. blue says:

    12mbps ang speed pero hanggang 6gb lang?! Super failed! Bwisit tong offer na to! Nexxxtttt….

  6. c says:

    Grabe wala ka man lang 1gb per day. Wala man lang 512mb per day. Wala pa ring 256mb per day. Anong mapapala mo sa 256mb per day? WALANG KUWENTA!

  7. Juan says:

    6gb is for mobile Internet
    800mb cap for the free data access of messenger, viber etc.
    your 800mb won’t be from the 6gb
    But 1,399 is a bit expensive

  8. Smokescreen says:

    LOL! That’s some joke of an offer!

  9. Placido Penitente says:

    Kapag magdownload ka ng 1gb, 2 araw – kasi ung 800mb, ubos na sa isang araw, ung 200mb next day na.

    Ang masaklap – umaga mo dl ung 1gb, buong maghapon wala ka ng net tapos 12:01am the next day ka pa magkakaroon wahehehe..

  10. I counted how many SD channels are there on HD plan 549; and there are only 60 channels (not 67) and HERO TV is not exist on Channel 3 only Channel 44. Where is the other 7 channels? Is this some kind of False advertising?

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