Smart achieved 1.4Gbps with their LTE-Advanced network

Smart achieved 1.4Gbps with their LTE-Advanced network

With their current partnership with Huawei, Smart has achieved faster speeds with their newly formed LTE-Advanced network.



According to Smart, they were able to successfully combine five frequencies using Carrier Aggregation to consistently achieve data speeds of over 1Gbps.  LTE-A takes advantage of multiple component carriers to provide fast speeds on a supported device. As of today, the flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 6s and 7, and Huawei P9 are listed to support the LTE-A network.

Back in April, Smart lit up the country’s first LTE-A base stations in Boracay wherein they were able to have 250Mbps peak speeds on a single device. The telco will soon activate more LTE-A base stations in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Metro Davao in part of the expansion of LTE coverage nationwide. Target is to make it available in 1,551 cities and municipalities by end of 2018.

Smart is also utilizing its low-band 850MHz frequency band together with the newly acquired 700MHz band with Globe from San Miguel Corporation.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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  1. Haroro says:

    buti pa tong smart atleast sinasabi na ng advance.

  2. Anjel says:

    Kelan pa kaya to. . . sa lugar namin. . kahit lte/4g ka ang hina parin :3

  3. Boybuffalo says:

    What a lot of crap….

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