Laptops You Can Buy Online Under PHP 30,000 (2021)

Laptops You Can Buy Online Under PHP 30,000 (2021)

Having a laptop these days is more of a necessity rather than just a want. People from almost every age right now need a laptop in order to interact with the rest of the world. The kids use laptops for online classes, us adults, for meetings and so much more. The great thing today though is that laptops aren’t wallet busters anymore. You can find a decently-spec’d laptop at budget-friendly price points. Here are some of our suggestions for laptops under PHP 30,000.

Infinix INbook X1

The Infinix INbook X1 is one of the newest laptops on this list. Infinix itself is new to the laptop game but they didn’t pull any punches when releasing their first notebook. The INbook X1 comes with an Intel Core i5 10th generation SoC, with 8GB of RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage. It also features a 14-inch display in a very slim and premium-looking form factor for the price. It has all the ports you would need, a USB Type-C port, HDMI, and USB 2.0 connectivity.

What takes the cake with this laptop is the 65W fast charging capability of the INbook X1. Priced at PHP 29,229, you can’t go wrong with this powerful small form factor laptop.

You can check the Infinix INbook X1 right here. It also has a lower spec’d version but I suggest splurging on this configuration for longevity.

ASUS Vivobook 14

For those more budget-conscious, you can’t go wrong with the ASUS Vivobook 14 X413J. It comes with an Intel 10th gen i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of SSD Storage. Adding to that is a 14-inch FHD panel in a relatively small form factor. It helps that it looks more than its price. It only weighs 3.09lbs and is only 0.75-inches thick.

The ASUS Vivobook 14 also comes with a free upgrade to Windows 11, so you’re future-proof when it comes to the operating system. It has the modern ports that you need such as a Type-C port, multiple Type-A ports, and an HDMI port.

The ASUS Vivobook 14 is priced at PHP 23,030 and is available right here.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ITL05 comes with a pretty big FHD panel at 15.6-inches, so that’s pretty awesome for people who love to consume media. It has an Intel 10th generation i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. The large screen space also allows for a full-sized keyboard including the Numpad. You can lay the screen flat if that’s something you are looking for in a laptop.


It’s a bit limited on ports as it doesn’t feature the more modern USB-Type C, but it makes up for it by having a dedicated SD card slot and multiple USB Type-A, and an HDMI out port. If you’re on the lookout for a bigger screen device then the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is for you.

The IdeaPad 3 is priced at PHP 25,995 and is available right here.

Machenike Machreator A

The Machreator A features an Intel i3-10110U processor on a 15.6-inch FHD IPS panel. For people very conscious about color accuracy then this laptop will be sufficient for you. It has an all-metal build with 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of NVME storage. The Machreator A also comes with a lot of modern conveniences such as Bluetooth 5.1, a LAN port, and 5G WiFi connectivity.

The memory slot also on the laptop can accommodate up to 32GB of RAM, and the NVME slot can also be upgraded. They’ve also managed to pack all this in a 1.6kg for factor. It also has a full-sized keyboard, USB Type-C port, HDMI out, microphone jack, and regular Type-A ports.
For every purchase also of the Machenike Machreator, they include a laptop bag, mousepad, and mouse. The notebook is priced at PHP 26,999 and is available right here.

HP Laptop 15s-eq1523AU

The only Ryzen laptop on this list, the HP Laptop 15s features an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. It also has AMD Radeon Integrated Graphics for people looking for more graphical power. It has a premium-looking form factor with thin display bezels, clocking at an 82% screen-to-body ratio. It also features a full-sized keyboard as well.

The HP Laptop 15s also has a USB Type-C port, HDMI 1.4b connectivity, 2 USB Type-A ports, an SD card slot, a microphone/headphone jack, and is fast charging capable. It features HP Fast Charge that can power the laptop up to 50% in 45 minutes.

The HP Laptop 15s is priced at PHP 29,490 and is available right here.

As you can see, there is a laptop for everybody these days. I hope this list helped you out in any way in finding the perfect partner just for you.

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