What Microsoft can buy for $45 Billion?

Some say Microsoft is wasting its money buying Yahoo. Now that it has formally backed out of the deal, may be looking the other way for acquisitions may be in order. Let’s look at what Microsoft can get off of their $45 billion budget.

We looked at today’s stock prices and checked on each market capitalization from listed tech companies.

Sun Microsystems – $10.02 billion
Seagate Technology – $9.43 billion
Lenovo – $7.24 billion
Akamai Technologies – $5.84 billion
AMD – $3.73 billion
Convergys – $2.88 billion
ValueClick – $1.94 billion
Sina – $2.56 billion

realme philippines

Total : $43.64 billion

For less than $45 billion, Microsoft can buy an enterprise company, a storage company, a PC manufacturer, a chipmaker, and the biggest call center in the world.

On top of that, they also get the Chinese online media company Sina, giving them a good foothold of China. With ValueClick, they get their boost in online marketing. Add to that pack Akamai which is rock-solid on leading edge content delivery on the internet.

If you were Microsoft and you had $45 billion, which tech companies would you buy instead of Yahoo?

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19 Responses

  1. Joel says:

    If MS’s bid on Yahoo was $45bn, how much do you think guys on Google could be?

  2. ralph says:

    buy the philippine islands

  3. tom says:

    Microsoft owns majority of Apple?


  4. j4s0n says:

    Build a space station and a colony in Mars.

  5. BrianB says:

    Really, Microsoft should buy a wireless company like T-Mobile’s parent or Vodafone.

  6. ElectronicsLab.PH says:

    ang dami palang pwede mabili ng microsoft.

  7. DJ says:

    I wonder what will happen to OpenOffice.org if MS buys Sun.. :D

    Are you sure AMD’s that cheap nowadays? I know they’re buried in debts, but I think all their technology and fabs got to be worth more than that. Anyway, I wish Microsoft won’t buy them. It would be bad for AMD’s (ATI’s) recent move to an open-source friendly strategy, apparently. In any case, hardware doesn’t fit that much into Microsoft’s alignment as a software company, unless they have plans of going vertical like Apple. In which case AMD would be a very good deal, having become a complete hardware platform company after acquiring ATI.

    I’d love it if IBM buys AMD and saves them from all the money problems they’re currently having. I know, IBM’s full of bureaucracy and all, and that they’re moving away from the hardware business, but at least they love open-source.

    Sorry, FOSS advocate here. :D

  8. Jeffrey says:


    That’s old news, MS no longer has a stake in Apple after the latter resurged.

  9. BrianB says:

    I’d buy AT&T.

  10. P365D says:

    Google?! LOL!

  11. icy says:

    Microsoft needs to start looking for new talents in the Philippines.

    Microsoft and Yahoo, most of their new web 2.0 websites sucks.

  12. NT says:

    Microsoft can buy the 2010 presidency :) Or maybe just buy me lifetime food, water, and gas supply. ^^

  13. Fitz says:

    I’d buy YugaTech. :D

  14. erjanorbe says:

    better buy Lenovo and AMD and how about try making an OS that is specially made for their own made laptop and PCs.

  15. Kinnison says:

    Friendster already opted not to be bought years ago. :(

  16. noelperlas says:

    Considering Microsoft already has majority stake in Apple, maybe they could by the rest… haha. But that’s not good news for apple fanatics.

    Online properties…. maybe Amazon? Facebook? MySpace? Friendster?

  17. joel says:

    red hat and adobe

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