5 Reasons Why You Should Try YouTube Premium

5 Reasons Why You Should Try YouTube Premium

Aside from our social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, let’s admit that we spend most of our time watching videos on YouTube. Just like Spotify and Netflix, YouTube also has its premium, which offers a lot of benefits, making it the most ‘SULIT’ subscription, among others.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the reasons why you should try YouTube Premium if you haven’t tried it yet.

Ad-Free Experience

Watching videos on YouTube can sometimes be quite annoying because of the ads. Aside from consuming a lot of time, there are also non-skippable ads that you have to finish. Having a premium account eliminates these annoying advertisements and plays the video you want to watch seamlessly.

YouTube Music

One of the things I like about YouTube Premium is that, aside from having an ad-free experience, you also have access to millions of music and MTV available on this platform. Its got a separate app called YouTube Music, and on the app, you can create your playlists. There are also curated playlists made by YouTube, a wide variety of genres, and recently released music that you can access anytime. Aside from those, you can also download music and MTVs.


Exclusive Contents

With YouTube Premium, you will have access to thousands of YouTube Premium exclusive contents such as documentaries, series, comedy sitcoms, exclusive vlogs, and more. It is like a turn-down version of Netflix, and even with that, there are still a lot of exciting shows on this platform.

Background Play

Yes, with YouTube Premium, you can play YouTube contents on the background. Although this might be a free feature on some Android devices that supports Picture-in-Picture mode, if you’re on iOS, this feature is helpful– especially when you switch apps.

Offline Videos

While YouTube allows you to download specific videos through the app to watch offline, not all videos and songs are available for download. But with its premium service, you can download and stream any videos offline. This feature is helpful, especially for those people who use mobile data most of the time.

YouTube Premium will cost you PHP 159 per month after a 2-month free trial. But if you are rocking a new Galaxy S or Note device, YouTube is offering its premium service for free for four months.

So, are you considering subscribing to YouTube Premium? Or you’ll stay in its free service? Let us know in the comments section below!

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