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5 Best Smartphone Apps for Better Selfies

Taking selfies is definitely a thing nowadays. And with the uprise of cheaper yet good selfie-centric devices, a lot have access and the right to have better selfies. Editing them is not just a process of splashing colors on your face but an expression.

Without further delay, here five camera apps that can further enhance your selfies.


If you haven’t tried or even heard about Retrica, it’s time to join almost 5 million users of the selfie app. It’s really popular thanks to its simple, straightforward interface yet there are a lot of tweaks you can do with your selfie.


It has over a hundred real-time filters so you can preview your shot before you take it. You can also do collage and upload it directly to your social media accounts. If you wish to send it privately, you can also do that. The best thing about Retrica is that it’s free.

Android / iOS

YouCam Perfect

Let’s take selfies to another level with the YouCam Perfect. With this app, aside from filters and basic tweaks, you can do more post-editing like using preset beautification levels, smoothen wrinkles, add blush, shape your face to make it slimmer and more. It’s not just for face selfies, it’s even good for taking whole body shots and have a slimmer, taller, and leaner body.

While it’s not as professional as those you can do with Photoshop, it’s amazingly effective and fun to use. Other than that, you can also do video selfies with filters which are perfect for short Vine or Instagram videos, and have it framed. Like Retrica, this is available through the Play Store and App Store for free.

Android / iOS


Selfies are not just about filters and ridiculously bright faces, it can also be about sharing your reaction and what you can see. With the help of Frontback app, you can simply use both front and rear cameras and have it collaged to a neat image. It’s not as complicated as others, but it works fine and adds up creativity to your point of view.



You can write captions, put location tags, and share instantly to popular sites. They even have their own photo community so you can have ideas and post them as well to inspire others. Don’t worry, it’s free and you can check out samples here.

Android / iOS


While it’s still gaining popularity, the B612 from Line is a clean and featured camera app. It has the usual filters, collage, and editing feature. It’s also in the loop with its selfie video and selfie stick support plus timer.

One of the good things about it is that it’s not cluttered and loud as other apps. To convince you more, it won the Red Dot “Best of the Best” 2015 Award and it’s available for free.

Android / iOS


Another face tuning app for your selfie is the Facetune. Here you can edit your photo to and make it look professional. Its tweaking options are a bit tricky at first but it gets the job done. From teeth whitening, blemish removal, eye color changing, to make up application, it has you covered.

Although, it’s currently priced starting at PHP 150 on the Play Store and get’s a bit higher at USD 3.99 on the App Store. But hey, Android users can find ways and iOS too.

Android / iOS

If you’re using other great camera apps that are good for selfies, hit the comment section below! It’s nice to have better selfies in time for the holidays, right?

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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