64GB Nokia N9 selling for SGD800 in Singapore

64GB Nokia N9 selling for SGD800 in Singapore

Was able to visit Sim Lim last night to catch up on stuff and maybe able to spot some new gadgets. Nothing new in there except for the SE Xperia Arc S (which I already have waiting for me in Manila) and the Nokia N9 (which I now carry as a secondary phone).

The one that I almost picked up was the 64GB Nokia N9 which was selling for only $SG800 or roughly Php27,400.


It’s actually a promising price for a 64GB variant and I wonder how much the 16GB was selling for (didn’t see any 16GB variant in there).

Of course, once the Nokia N9 hits the stores in Manila, it will be a bit higher than that but if it’s under Php30k for the 64GB variant, then it’s got a fairly good chance to sell.

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26 Responses

  1. wreek888 says:

    there will be samsung galaxy S3 wherein the spec is almost the same as a notebook,

  2. ryan says:

    SGD730 for the Nokia N9 16GB variant in other cheap stores here in singapore…maybe you can get it a bit lower if in Sim Lim(if available that is)…

  3. Hideki says:

    e yung sa smart diba almost more than 30k? iba talaga sa sg. hahah :D

  4. Jolina Magdangal says:

    Malamang ang Phil. retail price of N9 is higher that 27k.

    If it’s 30k, I’ll prolly buy the sg2. I’m not sure with the support of nokia kasi on n9.

    • Kristine Hermosa says:

      Why are you making tiped? No projects?

      I agree with your decision to buy SGS II instead. At least continued pa rin ang support for Android. The Ice cream sandwich update looks promising.

      For sure, meron namang support for N9 but I bet it would be only for two years. The usual life cycle of Nokia phones. It’s a shame that they ditched Meego. They could have created a new market instead of using Windows Phone OS – an platform that makes a lot of buzz but little market penetration.

      Haha, weird. I was a long term Nokia fangirl.

    • Marian Rivera says:

      Mga laos na kasi kayo! Dahil ako ang pinakasikat ngayon, I can even afford the most expensive phones hahaha!

    • Jolina Magdangal says:

      It’s really a shame when the ditched MeeGo. According to one article, they will stop the support until 2016 – that can’t be relied on, I know. In my opinion, the Windows Phone OS doesn’t impress me (tried using HD7 and I didn’t like it).

      I had high hopes on n9 before – with their UI and multitasking function. I really thought that this can help them with their market turmoil, but nooo. haha.

      @Marian Rivera – Thank God, I’m not a psychology. HAHAHA

    • Marian Rivera says:

      @ Jolina. You made me laugh a while I was laughing all the way to the bank haha! So you are not a college grad unlike me? Poor you, I am a Psychology degree holder from DLSU and right now the richest young actress haha. By the way, who is the most searched actress on Yahoo Ph today? Me haha! Number 4 trending topic darling!

    • Jolina Magdangal says:

      Had a typo – they will support MeeGo until 2016. :D

      @Marian – Magagalit na si yuga. hehe. Ikaw na ang sikat. :))

  5. Val says:

    Hmmm, it would be interesting to know how the N9 will fare here in pinas. My guess is that people are more keen in getting an Android over Meego. :)

  6. JM says:

    Some people don’t use their names / Identity. well for me. I don’t count their comments. they are a bunch of non-sense ideas.. Hindi mo nga mapakilala ang sarili mo, tapos comment comment ka pa ng ganyan ^^

  7. MCast says:

    Still too expensive for a phone that is the first and last of a breed (MeeGo devices). If they had priced it more competitively, say around the N8 price (P24k? or even less at launch), it’d be at least a modestly good sell. At that price (P30k+), it’s laughably expensive.

  8. bri says:

    will be waiting for the win7 version..

  9. Ba mga teh, bat hindi i-reklamo ang criminally expensive iToy???

    The iToy costs 40k pesosesoses! What do we get? An app store full of fart apps.

    • Jolina Magdangal says:

      I’m not a fan of iOS either.

    • Jolina Magdangal says:

      And iPhone. haha. If it’s 30k+ kasi, it’s on the SG2 price range. Weighing on the specs and support, panalo talaga si SG2. :(

      We’ll just wait for yuga’s review. I’m not an app person so I am not including the “vastness of apps” in my decision. :)

  10. abz says:

    why not buy a phone as it is? Ok naman mga built-in apps. May mga paparating pa, with the help of Qt.

    And why b!tch about support? 2 year/6year man yun, you’d be getting a new phone by that time anyway.

  11. abz says:

    and stop mentioning Meego. Kahit sa swipe.nokia.com di na mention yan. It’s actually Maemo6/harmattan.

  12. peterjack says:

    This is N9 article. Samsung has no business here.

    Android this, android that… netbook hardware operating on mobile phone software and what do you get? a unstable and overheating piece of garbage used by people who can’t get girlfriends and are looking to justify their existence through the cheap gadgets they own.

  13. Mai says:

    Easy lang, peterjack. No need to flame. And no, us Android fans are not all losers, as you’ve generalized.

    I’m a self-confessed Android fan, but this N9 intrigues me. I’ve seen it, and it’s easily the most gorgeous phone I’ve seen in terms of form. I’m just concerned about the OS. I’d pay $800 SGD for it if I didn’t know that the OS is still “hilaw”. There’s plenty of room for improvement, unlike more mature platforms like iOS and Android. For instance, Google accounts integration works for email, but does not sync your calender. Sigh, wish Nokia didn’t kill MeeGo.

    Crossing my fingers that the N9 becomes available at lower prices!

  14. RayJoe says:

    Fudge,it’s a little more expensive than I thought it would be. Hahaha

  15. ronald says:

    I bought mine yesterday in sm city annex bldg. I got the white 64GB for P27,700.

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