Android-based Nokia X priced around Php5,000

Rumors about the Nokia X (previously codenamed Normandy) has been going on and on, but it’s only until recently that the pricing for this device surfaced on the Internet.

Source: @evleaks

Source: @evleaks, an online Vietnamese retailer, has put up the Nokia X on its site for around 2.3 mill VND (approximately Php5,000 when converted). It just makes sense as it was stated before that the upcoming Android-based smartphone will be placed in the entry-level category, squeezing between the Asha 503 and Lumia 525.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

In terms of specs, the same rumors posted before still hold true.

The question now is, would the people accept Nokia X with open arms? Keeping in mind that it could implement a Windows-like interface and not having access to Google Play. Personally, would you?


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  1. Avatar for IC DeaDPiPoL IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Hoping that it would be quite similar to Cyanogenmod with an option to add Google Play Store or a 3rd party appstore.

  2. Avatar for xerxes xerxes says:

    pwede ka namang mag install ng google play sa android na wala nito. at pwede ting mag install ng mga apk format na apps

  3. Avatar for SNOWDEN SNOWDEN says:

    powered by Gingerbread no doubt.

  4. Avatar for batang Bibo batang Bibo says:

    Nakakaluko na talaga tong mga post sa yuga. Parang gago lang. Ayusin nyo naman yan. kung ano anong kabulastugang title ginagamit maka hits lang tsk tsk.

  5. Avatar for evollove evollove says:

    Kahit walang google play, pwede ka namang magside-load ng APKs with a file manager (or the Android SDK mismo from Google kung wala talaga). If the kernel remains Android and not some proprietary FauxDroid OS Microsoft/Nokia cooked up, APKs can be installed into the phone.

  6. Avatar for HiERARCH HiERARCH says:

    Stephen Elop must start weeing in his pants! haha

  7. Avatar for cRash cRash says:

    Pwede kaya jan ang .apk android based OS naman db..?

  8. Avatar for ariel ariel says:

    ano ba ang nangyari sa nokia, there was a time i always look forward to every new phone they come up but now? theyre a pity to look at, struggling with no success whatsoever, parang hit and miss sila eh kaso panay miss sila , buti pa tong sony experia, they were able to come out with a series na biglang napansin sila etong xperiea series, kahit papaano napansin ulit sila sa sandamakmak na smartphones ngayon sa market pero ang nokia hanggang ngayon wala pa rin….

    talagang masasabi kong history na lang talaga ang nokia…

  9. Avatar for lucas lucas says:

    Without access to Google Play, then this is not a good droid. Hope for a wide selection of apps from the Nokia store.

  10. Avatar for aln123 aln123 says:

    A semi-android that can’t access the many apps of google play. If you can’t use google play which is what android is all about. Then what are you buying this phone for? What a weird concept. Nokia is just wasting time and money on this one. Might as well stick to their Asha OS and Windows.

  11. Avatar for Neil Neil says:

    That thing will not run on pure Android but rather a forked version of it. In short, walang access sa PlayStore. That is in many ways the new Asha. Mas ok pa Asha at least may solid lineup na ng apps. Nokia will have to convert the Android apps to run on this. This is also one of Nokia’s last phones before Microsoft takes over. I doubt Microsoft will support and update an OS based on a rival system. Not a good buy if you ask me. For that amount, you can buy a real android phone that you can update in the future. Plus 512 of ram will not take you anywhere…

    • Avatar for edwaine edwaine says:

      The new CEO of Microsoft has rumors that he already gave a thumbs up on this Nokia X release and also there are rumors of another wave of Normandy(s) releasing @ June-July(If I am correct)

  12. Avatar for Kami Kami says:

    parehong pareho ito nung article about Xiaomi Redmi na it would give you the impression na official nang narelease ang phone at may presyo na.

    Please. ayos ayos din po.

  13. Avatar for Emoti Emoti says:

    This could sell. Nokia solid build + Android Os = novelty.

  14. Avatar for abuzalzal abuzalzal says:

    Patikim pa lang yan. Experiment of sorts.

    Pag bumenta

    High end na susunod.

  15. Avatar for edwaine edwaine says:

    Very lame post! They have already sent the “X” green logo on their coversations website for next week. Also evleaks showed another Nokia X ad picture.

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