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Nokia Lumia 525 officially released

The Finnish company has silently unveiled the Nokia Lumia 525, the successor to their entry-level Windows Phone 8 smartphone Lumia 520 which was announced back in February of this year.


The Lumia 525 didn’t fall far from the tree and retains most of the specs of its predecessor: 4-inch WVGA (800 x 480) IPS LCD, Qualcomm Snapragon S4 dual-core CPU clocked at 1Ghz, 5 megapixel camera without LED flash, 8GB internal storage, microSD card support, and 1,430mAh battery. It even sports the same dimensions.



The only difference is that it now has 1GB of RAM instead of 512MB which allows the Lumia 525 to take advantage of most of the apps inside the Windows Phone Store.

The new Nokia Lumia 525 will be available in Red, Black, Orange, White, and Yellow. It will arrive in Singapore on December 14th with a price tag of SGD249 or around Php8,700. No information yet on local availability.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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30 Responses

  1. Yusuf says:

    Seriously? I’d rather get the Moto G.

  2. wew says:

    wow ok na ok na to at least 1gig RAM pede na to sa mga nagwoworry magWindows OS dahil sa limited amt of RAM nung predecessor

  3. abuzalzal says:

    Susmaryosep, Anlaki naman ng profit margin ng Microsoft/Nokia, dinaig pa ang Apple!

    You’re an idiot if you think this jurassic-spec’d piece of shythe is worth Php8,700

    • wew says:

      pricing phones is not all about specs…sa android cguro oo pero hindi ganun ang ms ang minamarket nila dito eh ung overall optimization ng phones

    • nameless says:

      Wag na kasi mag-react kung wala naman pambili. Lumalabas lang ang pag sour-graping eh.

      It’s good for it’s purpose. Who needs specs kung di rin ma-utilize? This one is for casual users.

    • Buster says:

      I really like how abuzalzal spice up things here…you earned your name man. good job!

  4. FCsean says:

    Dear haters, try it before you talk shit about it.

  5. sinned says:

    less than 7k ung 520, if that is true, +P1,700 for double the ram. i’m planning to buy 520 until this. Feb 2013 lng na-launch ang 520 meron na kagad follow-up. WOW!

  6. Berkanoshow says:

    Believe me when I say that I love Nokia products. Heck I even resurrected my old Nokia phone when I realised natural calamities lasts for days, and smartphones die before that. That being said, the price of the Moto G is very hard to ignore… especially when specs are superior on paper. It’s hard for me to justify this one.

  7. wew says:

    @secret napaghahalataang iniistalk moko ah hahahaha gusto ko makita reaksyon mo pag binibiro ka ng mga kaibigan mo hahaha cguro kahit mababaw na biro lng eh ipagmamalaki mo na ang pagiging civil engineer mo hahahaha

    • secret says:

      wag masyadong mag ilusyon. .maipagmamalaki naman talaga propesyon ko, di tulad mo, nagmamalaki ng wala naman talagang maipagmamalaki kasi palamunin lang ng magulang at tambay sa internet cafe. .at kung tingin mo pikon ako, kala mo lang un, marami lang talaga akong masasabi kesa saun kasi puro hangin lang laman ng utak mo. .

    • wew says:

      oo nga eh anghangin ng utak ko at ikaw hinde kase andaming laman ng utak mo halata nga sa mga mga comments.mga comments ko laging tungkol sa article at naglalaman ng maraming impormasyon tas mga comments mo na puro panlalait na wala namang koneksyon sa article….grabe *clap clap* saludo ako sa utak mo dami ngang laman =D tska oonga pla d porket wala pang trabaho wala nang maipagmamalaki tandaan mo yan tska totoo naman na maipagmanalaki talaga ang pagiging civil engineer….un nga lang ung trabaho lng di ibig sabihin nun maipagmamalaki na rin ung taong may posisyon na un hahahaha

  8. quickquack says:

    I own a Galaxy Note 3 but I’m considering this phone. WP is expanding and i can’t wait to try it out for myself. Lahat naman ng OS may plus and nega points so there’s no need to bash, much better shut up lalo na kung walang pambili.

    And for those saying WP is a piece of sh*t, let me tell you that Android is still plagued by fragmentation issue, iOS is still exclusive/close ecosystem, Ubuntu mobile didn’t make it even for a kickstarter project and Symbian is dead. Walang OS na ligtas sa negative points, hampaslupa kang walang pambili.

  9. Señora Santibañez says:

    Ano nanamang NOKIA eto! Palibhasa NOKIA ! Ang cellphone ng mga HAMPAS LUPA !

    • boylugaw says:

      okay lang yan kesa tulad mo na walang originality. sumikat lang sa twitter ang username na yan gaya gaya ka naman.

  10. Videos says:

    I hope to see a video or an article review with existing phones with same price range.

  11. AA says:

    Ayos na sana to wala lang flash sa camera.

  12. TarantadongPinoy says:

    Wow, ang ganda nito, 1GB Ram, kahit ung 512mb lang tong Nokia Lumia 520 ko, walang lag.

  13. Greenie says:

    Considering inflation and the price of the old Lumia 520 when it was first released, I think this is a steal.

    HOWEVER, I disagree that this is JUST for casual users. I’m taking up graduate studies and I have utilized my Lumia 520 well.

    I use Skydrive to back up and edit my files. I have MS Office to view and edit spreadsheets. There’s also Powerpoint to review presentations while on transit. Heck, I even use word to read cases.

    Other than these, I take advantage of Here Maps to find good meet up points (take note that it works offline). Also, my work and personal e-mails are synced.

    Moreover, there’s Photobeamer to optimize slideshow presentations! Is not it impressive when the speaker does not look at the screen behind him while presenting? I do this. With Photobeamer I see what slide I’m on using my phone (I convert my slides to images).

    I may not be as tech savvy as others, but Nokia and Windows OS work for me.

    Going back to the article, for me, this is a fine addition to Nokia’s line up.

    UTILIZE TECHNOLOGY WELL. YES, you may have the latest phone out there. Question is, CAN YOU UTILIZE IT WELL?

  14. olibearbrand says:

    Lumia 520 sana ang pipiliin ko this month pag nagparenew ako sa Globe. Maghihintay na lang siguro ako, mukhang kukunin naman to ng Globe e. Excited lang. :D

    PS: Andaming shitty comments ah. :D

    • wew says:

      masyado kasing mababaw utak ng mga haters ng windows, ipagkumpara banaman ang windows phone sa android phone in terms of specs hahaha

  15. seikoshock says:

    I do hope na umabot sa atin to.. HIndi kasi included ang country natin sa list eh..


  16. Antoinette says:

    San po ba makakabili nito sa SM Nortn Edsa? Thanks po PLease REply!

  17. Neha Sharma says:

    Its a awesome device. great speed while exploring apps. great touch sensor and brilliant performance. i selected this after a lot study and comparison between Nokia, Samsung, Sony and i found best as Lumia 525 in this specification and price range. i bought it at 9600 from Nokia Priority Shop. when money also matter so why to pay even a single more penny :P..
    go for this.. great mobile device and truly much more than worth to money.. window phone rocks

  18. harrison says:

    guys kailan ito i rerelease sa pinas, gusto ko talaga ito, jejeje… ok lang sakin walang flash at front cam,…

  19. Nobody says:

    May balita na kaya kung kailan ilalabas to? Mukhang ayos din to eh. Nakakasawa na rin kasi ang Android. Windows Phone nman. Hehehehe! :)

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