AnTuTu releases top 10 smartphone performances

AnTuTu releases top 10 smartphone performances

With half of 2016 already past us, benchmarking company AnTuTu has released its data showing the top 10 smartphones ranked based on their performance scores.

The company has set some standard rules for the results to be as fair to all devices as possible. These include:


  • Statistical source version : Antutu Benchmark V6.0
  • Statistics Method: take the the average score of one device model, one chip model
  • At least 2000 data sample for one device’s score
  • Statistic time: 1st, Jan ,2016 to 30th, June, 2016


All the devices got a score of over 100K but OnePlus 3, in this case, tops all the other smartphones at 140,288 and somehow proved that it could really be the “flagship killer” that people have been claiming.


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