BlackBerry Bold 9900 in the flesh!

BlackBerry Bold 9900 in the flesh!

I managed to get a sneak peak and got a few shots of the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900 yesterday. It’s not yet out in South East Asia and they would not tell exactly when it will be released so this is just some sort of a media preview.

The device looks pretty impressive both inside and out. It still has that BlackBerry design signature but no more of the thick, clunky form factor — it’s relatively thin at 10.5mm.

It’s still a bit awkward when you have a full qwerty and a touchscreen paired with each other but looks like that’s the direction nowadays (the Nokia E6 also has the same).

There’s not much real-world NFC applications available but we were able to test it out yesterday and worked as expected. The specs in itself is already impressive.


BlackBerry Bold 9900 specs:
• 2.8″ capacitive touch screen display (640×480), 287 dpi resolution
• QWERTY keyboard, optical trackpad
• 1.2 GHz processor
• 768 MB RAM
• 8GB on-board memory,
• microSD slot supporting up to 32GB
• NFC technology
• 5MP camera w/ 720p HD video recording
• Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer), Digital Compass (Magnetometer), Proximity Sensor
• GPS with aGPS support
• Dual-Band WiFi – 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4 GHz and 802.11 a/n @ 5GHz
• Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
• 1230 mAh Li-Ion battery
• BlackBerry 7 OS

The Bold 9900 is also the first handset from RIM to sport the new BlackBerry 7 OS. It’s interesting since RIM has also released BB 6 OS last year, giving the BB 7 OS a quick turn-around.

The Bold 9900 looks and feels more elegant compared to the old model. The thinner design also makes it better to hold for a more comfortable grip.

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41 Responses

  1. Dan The Beast says:

    Nice! Mapapalitan na Bold 9000 ko!

  2. Cocopako says:

    For now, bb9700 padin, mahirap buhay ngaun kailangan magtipid. Hehehe.

  3. fboi says:

    Blah.. Anung apps naman available jan.. Ganda nga specs BORING NAMAN NG APPS.. iphone4 ftw! Di nmn madistinguish kung BB hawak mo “payabang wise”.. Same old plastiky handset, unknown.

    • fboiurdumb says:

      Magamit lang ang word na “plasticky”? Research before ka mag-comment para hindi ka magmukhang tanga.

    • fboilosser says:

      fboi anong apps? sabihin mo wala ka lang pambili apps sa BB App World LOL! mag iiphone ka tapos jailbreak mo? para cracked apps? and hindi naman apps habol namin eh.. “REAL-TIME” Push and pull emails, notifications na wala sa iphone ftw mo.. :D kaya magsawa ka kakaswipe ng screen sa iphone mo para ma-update ka sa notifications mo LMAO!

    • Obed says:

      FYI, BlackBerry is not build for entertainment kasi, it’s build for corporate world talaga, pang business people.

      Applications? Sure Apple app store wins, tanong, bumibili ka ba nang Apps sa app store or pinapa jailbrake mo yan at nag papadownload nang apps like what fboilosser said.

      Funny thing is, akala mo kung sino ka mag yabang against sa BlackBerry, but you speak as if you use to OWN one and you speak as if you BUY apps.

      I’m a BlackBerry users let me replace it, I’m a BlackBerry abuser (aka CrackBerry), I already spent 12,000 sa apps lang since I got my first BB 9700 last year and now I have the Torch and still buying PAID apps.

      Ikaw magkano? 800? May Apps, Games, Movies and Music na kasma? Ano yung mga apps mo pang “OFFLINE” kasi hindi ka maka access online kasi wala kang mobile browsing?

      Yes same old plastic sh*t that can last through the day with heavy use of email, texting, rss feed reading, BBM, FB, Twitter, Google Talk, GPS navigation and mobile browsing. Compared sa iCrap mo na kailangan pa lagyan nang iCondom para mag ka signal na tumatagal lang nang 5 hrs max with heavy use, kailangan ko pa mag dala nang charger para ma charge sa office.

      PS, I’m still buying this 9900 and the next BlackBerry Torch 2:

    • jugjug says:

      Oks na sana sa simula, tinatapan mo naman ng bobong argumento sa huli.

    • Jam. says:

      Blackberry has pros and cons :). Blackberry is better in some cases IMO :)

    • GeN_GiM says:

      Wala ako BB and Samsung ang current phone ko, gusto ko rin iPhone pero hindi ako a-hole.

      Syangapala, ang apps ko sa ipod touch ko e binili ko lahat.

  4. leo.james says:

    My first taste of the blackberry was the 1st storm and the touchscreen features were just horrible!

    now that i feel that my bold 9000 needs replacing, can you give me feedback on the touchscreen capabilities of the 9900? or is it better to settle for the 9700/9780 instead?

  5. eRvN says:

    mukhang ito na lang bibilhin ko sa halip na e6, sana i-release nila july-august

  6. Meri says:

    Ang ganda naman… Temptation uli?

  7. 21 says:

    Magakano nalang ba yung BB9700 o 9780??arround 20k ba?

  8. Gelo says:

    I always kid my friend telling him that his phone (Blackberry Bold 9000) is old and not in the times anymore and that he has got to switch to an Android phone or an iPhone. Now I bought his phone last month since he bought a new Bold 9780 and found out that I liked using it more than my HTC Desire. The Blackberry keyboard is just awesome. Typing on my Android using Swype is a breeze but prone to corrections.

    Now I know why Blackberries are for business people. When it comes to straight-forward communications, the Blackberry does best what a smartphone really is for. t
    The Blackberry Desktop Manager is even better than HTC Sync as it will inform you of any changes to your data and ask you if it will do the changes or deny them, leaving either data on your phone and MS Outlook intact.

    I really love that keyboard. And the thickness of a Blackberry smartphone? It gives you a better grip of a real man’s smartphone.

  9. James says:

    expected price?
    expected release? hope not september

  10. Norman says:

    With all these debates against BB and iPhone, I think these two phones should not be compared. Eh pang business pala ang BB at ang iPhone eh for entertainment. Why comparing?

  11. Ryan says:

    That thing is sexy!

  12. Saimon says:

    Awesome review sir! I wonder what will be the estimated market price of this awesome piece of device?

    I am really tempted to save money for this one. I want to replace my 9700 though it is still working very well now. :)

    How is the OS 7 btw? Any updates or new features?

  13. ray says:

    my 9700 fell from a 10 feet height and bumped into a rock. everything is fully functional though i hate seeing its bottom part chipped. with this, i gotta get 9900 coz BB truly rocks!

    any est market price?

  14. kkk says:

    sana maglaunch na yan dito sa pinas around october. im excited!

  15. Kaloy says:

    shoot! gusto ko din nito. kaso mukhang sobrang mahal since new release. i guess will settle to buy the 9780 instead. tutal ang BB naman talaga is good in making the QWERTY keyboard. go Blackberries woohoo..!

  16. allan says:

    i’m planning to bet a BB data plan. i heard besides sa data plan meron pang 350 relay fee on top of your monthly fee. every month ba tong i bill sa akin?

  17. adi says:

    I’m a blackberry user and i have 3 of them. The BB storm 2, BB pearl 3G, and my latest BB bold 9780. Yes ang galing talaga ng BB sa emails and for social networking apps like twitter and facebook. Isa pa na nakaka adik not only for corporate world but for everyone is yung BBM (Blackberry Messenger). My future phones? blackberry parin. :)

  18. harley mah-son says:


  19. andi says:

    i want this phone but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be really expensive when it comes out so I would probably be craving for the first 3 months ’til the prices goes down. Currently using both iPhone4 and a BB torch but I love them both, I could never compare them and say one is good than the other.

  20. pach says:

    ano bh yaaan!!?? bibili n sana aq ng BB torch lalabas p pala toh! haaaay! sa may torch dyan pde bah ako humingi ng feedback?? bilin ko n bh ang torch o hintayin ko nlng to.. since august daw ang release..

  21. andi says:

    told myself that I’d stop replacing my blackberry when I got my 9780 but the 9900 is really a temptation. No sliding mechanism which I find a hassle with the torch, a little bit more screen size plus touch screen for easier navigation. Would have to wait for a few months though for prices to stabilize once it hits the Philippine shores.

  22. YuYu says:

    ano highlights ng OS7?

    btw, BlackBerrys are becoming more accessible nowadays, thanks to lower rated prepaid packages. unlike before na ang lowest plan for a blackberry ay nasa 1200+, and yes, depending on the actual plan, you are actually paying 350 for the BIS relay fee (derecho sa bulsa ni RIM).

    nagkakaroon na ng sense magkablackberry ngayon dahil for as low as P300, pwede ka an mag BBM, social media, & other chat clients for 30days.

    and speaking of apps, for those na walang credit card tulad ko :P, just get a Smart Money Card & use it for your transactions. most apps are relatively cheap anyway (P40 ~ P150) (android market).

  23. amboy says:

    i just bought a Blackberry Bold 9780 and i’ve got to say that Blackberry is more than i expected… and i meant that as a compliment :)
    …. but now… the new Blackberry Bold 9900 …. wow! sleepless nights ahead… until i get one! :D

    good job Blackberry!

  24. zahir says:

    sir, any update as to when this will be launched here in the Philippines?

  25. Jack says:

    They better not price this anywhere near the Galaxy S II or the Sensation or it would be a sure loser.

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