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BlackBerry Bold 9900 launched, priced!

Research in Motion Philippines launched the BlackBerry Bold 9900 tonight at the Ayala Museum. The handset is set to be released this October 7, 2011 and will be available in stores nationwide.


The suggested retail price for the open-line BlackBerry Bold 9900 is Php31,690 and comes with a 24-month warranty. RIM claims that BlackBerry handsets are the only smartphones that support up to 24 month warranty.

The BlackBerry Curve 9360 and the BlackBerry Torch 9860 were also introduced but release date and pricing in the Philippines is yet to be announced.

We already did some hands-on time with the BB Bold Touch 9900 back in June and you can check out my video and first impressions here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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44 Responses

  1. al says:

    Blackberry Bold 9900 launched, OVERPRICED!

    That is a better title.

  2. kev says:

    BS…. OVERPRICED masyado…. 24 months? <- BS
    why do we need a 24months warranty… if they are releasing new models every 6 months?? BS….

  3. cocopako says:

    Wow, ang mahal,

  4. Cocopako says:

    Pano ba nasasabi kung overprice ang isang bagay?

  5. Nokia says:

    Mag Nokia C1-02 nalang kayo. Mura, simple, daling magtxt at tumawag. Tapos!

  6. snihed says:

    what’s the use of complaining kung wala naman kayong balak bumili? parang sa apple products lang yan eh, kanya kanyang target market. this unit is the first of RIMs handhelds to sport the new OS7, thinner and aesthetically improved from the former Bold 9000 which imho, the best BB phone of its gen. Add to it the fact that RIM is investing and expanding in emerging markets, the Phil included, so mas lalo pa gaganda ng service, heard they’ve already opened 5 service centers in the country prior to this launch. At dahil sa expansion na ito, sobrang affordable na ang service, see Globe’s P599 unli for 30 days. Better days for bb users in the Phil.

    Worth the wait, i’m getting my unit this week!

    • jego207 says:

      Our country’s 3g/4g capabilities are sub par compared to world standards. *le sigh*

    • snihed says:

      that’s something we have to learn to live with for now, pero really, pwede na using a handset, it’s not like you’re going to watch youtube videos in a phone on a regular basis, or iba pang bandwith intensive na applications, may computer naman.

    • jego207 says:

      Hahaha, I agree. Though I’d still buy a Blackberry for my next phone.

    • john says:

      I agree with you Snihed. tsaka I dont think it is overpriced. it’s got the power/specs racing against the other smartphones out there like HTC,Samsung and even the iphone. This phone has got the iconic design relating to the 9900 that most people loved, powering up with the great and convincing specs(oh well it is BB’s flagship:>) at idagdag mo pa na touch screen for better GUI experience and specifically for browsing. so with this phone meron ka ng BOLD smartphone with a BB os7(sariling os not like the android) at bonus pa ang touch screen. This phone is really a big big HUGE upgrade from the previous bb phones from the looks/design,great specs,better expirience for a BB smartphone. did you guys know that this phone even got much higher specs than the iphone4 when we all know that iphone is a powerful device. it’s got a 1.2 ghz and a 780 mb of ram when an iphone only got a 1 ghz and a 512 mb of ram and both have the 720p hd video. I was planning to wait for the iphone 5 but this phone hooked me up when I discovered it.And hey, it’s a BLACKBERRY!

  7. bold says:

    P31,690 = handset (P21,690) + 24 months warranty (P10,000)

  8. The Truth says:

    -Slimmest BlackBerry ever as of today
    -8GB of built in memory
    -Amazing screen clarity
    -Proven reliability of email
    -NFC capable
    -Office document editor
    -Compact body and solid build quality
    -8GB of inbuilt storage

    -OS 7not much better than OS 6
    -Fixed focus camera of outdated and unintuitive interface
    -No video-call camera
    -No Flash support/No flash video
    -Non-hot-swappable memory card
    -No FM radio
    -Social networking could be better integrated
    -Function buttons are fiddly

  9. sonofa says:

    sulit siya pag free playbook for every purchase… Hahaha

  10. marvin says:

    Overpriced. No wonder kung bakit unti unti silang nalulugi. I think the phone itself only costs 21-25k since old technology and hardware lang ang ginamit. The specs are not even comparable to the 28k price of galaxy S2. Super
    Die had BB fans lang ang bibili nito. Heck why even invest this much kung malapit na rin ilabas ang mg QNx powered BB phones. Dying breed na ang BB OS

  11. Bobby says:

    I actually love BB! But looking at how far android and iOS have gone, RIM is left behind. If the iPhone 5 will have BBM, then i’ll switch to iPhone! Swear! Haha!

  12. Pinoy Persuasion says:

    Exorbitant pricing, unexciting OS, dying company. RIM = RIP in 2 years.

  13. Mitee says:

    IMHO… BB’s safety standards when it comes to privacy compared to others is second to none. That’s why even with low specs alot of people still buy RIM products. Kung gusto mong mag games edi mag iPhone ka. Kung mahilig ka mag butingting edi mag android ka. It really depends on which type of functionality you prefer. But I don’t believe RIM is dying.

  14. honest2goodness says:

    If you must buy a blackberry, buy a low-end blackberry. high end blackberries dont offer much compared to their low end sibblings. i had a torch and decided to sell it and bought a curve instead. Theres nothing much you can do with this phone. (have you seen the prices of blackberry apps btw?)

  15. Chatter says:

    Htc chacha beats the bb9900 in every category except battery life and bbm. But at 13,000, i can buy myself extra batteries and a blackberry curve and bb9900 will still cost more.

  16. josh says:

    Can’t wait for BB curve 9360!

  17. edward says:

    Kamahal naman nyan I’d rather buy an Iphone or SG2 than to this one. Peace* :)

  18. suckage says:

    This is outrageous

  19. adobongmanok says:

    WTH?! 31k!? hayy mukhang magsstay pa ako sa Bold 9000 ko… good thing i have my ios and android devices in case na masira bb ko. hahah :) dont worry RIM, im still a harcore bb user/abuser.

  20. Mattee says:

    Oh RIM.Going for the ignorant executive types with their overpriced offerings.

    The 8520 and the Pearl 9105 are their only phones that are competitively priced. The 624 mhz powerhouse Bold 9780 and Torch 98000 are still around 20k+. Ridiculous.

  21. Jack says:

    I need some help guys. I really want to buy the Blackberry Bold 9900. I sold my Blackberry Bold 9780 2 days ago, knowing yesterday was the launch day for the new Blackberry and now they’ve made the launch date on October 7th. I am using a spare phone (Nokia E90) at the moment and I really want to move back to Blackberry ASAP. My friend told me that he could buy me a Blackberry Bold as of now for 28.5K with 1 year warranty and it would be unbranded unit. I am in bewilderment as to what I should do. Please guys, help me!
    Thanks !!

    • Lamaste says:

      Based on its outdated specs, this phone should be worth only about 18-20 thousand pesos. In essence, you’re paying over 10 thousand more for the Blackberry name and the chance to use the Blackberry services.

    • Mattee says:

      Based on its outdated specs, this phone should be worth only about 18-20 thousand pesos. In essence, you’re paying over 10 thousand more for the Blackberry name and the chance to use the Blackberry services.

  22. blockvery says:

    I have owned a torch and a curve. i like the curve more. all blackberries are the same. you made a wrong decision selling your 9780 for the 9900. The only difference is the touchscreen which im sure you wont bother to use anyway.

  23. JMF says:

    The BB9900 is awesome. If you are a BB user, it is well worth it.

  24. Angelique says:

    when will the blackberry curve 9360 be released?

  25. bustos says:

    Just because its for enterpris users doesnt mean its ver priced or not for you.

    Most users in phillippines arent business people. all they worry about are games. lol lets be real. and if you can afford blackberry you wont be conplaining. not to be too frank.

  26. Adam says:

    hello please tell me the final price of your item and where you live

  27. BBuser says:

    Yup! you’re absolutely correct @bustos, but many people are getting interested of this mobile because of good data plan service (philippines) :p

    I’m a fan both Apple and RIM, they have a good quality in terms of specifications. :D I just love them ;)

  28. pink says:

    anyone interested in availing this unit or other brands/models on installment basis? just reply here. hope to hear from you all! thank you!

  29. Micah says:

    How much is this now? can it be in installment basis?

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