BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900, 9930 announced!

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900, 9930 announced!

Over at the BlackBerry World Conference in the US, Research in Motion announced two new handsets — the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930, including a spanking new BlackBerry 7 OS.

And RIM has finally decided it’s time to make their Blackberrys slimmer — the Bold 9900/9930 are now just 10.5mm thin (previous models come at 14mm thick).


BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900, 9930 specs:
• 2.8″ capacitive touch screen display – VGA (640×480), 287 dpi resolution
• QWERTY keyboard, optical trackpad
• 1.2 GHz processor
• 768 MB RAM
• 8GB on-board memory,
• microSD slot supporting up to 32GB
• NFC technology
• 5MP camera w/ 720p HD video recording
• Orientation Sensor (Accelerometer), Digital Compass (Magnetometer), Proximity Sensor
• GPS with aGPS support
• Dual-Band WiFi – 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4 GHz and 802.11 a/n @ 5GHz
• Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
• 1230 mAh Li-Ion battery
• BlackBerry 7 OS

The Blackberry Bold 9900 is Tri-Band HSPA+ and Quad-Band GSM/EDGE while the BB Bold 9930 is Dual-Band CDMA/EV-DORev.A, Dual-Band HSPA+ and Quad-Band GSM/EDGE.

I reckon we will most probably be seeing the BB Bold Touch 9900 released in the Philippines (and could greatly benefit from the HSPA+ roll-out of Globe).

The two handsets also sport the new BlackBerry 7 OS which RIM claims offer an easier and faster user experience with improved browsing, voice-activated searches, the ability to manage personal content separately from corporate content, as well as additional personal and productivity apps out of the box.

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41 Responses

  1. Messie says:

    Looking forward to these. :)

  2. I want to have a BB now. It’s so fashionable to have one :)

    • paul says:

      Who would’ve thought something described as “Dad’s phone” a few years ago would become a fashion statement. Some would even try to identify it with their so-called social standing. ;)

      I’ll still pass, though. QWERTY phones are really not my cup of tea.

    • Kaloy says:

      I agree. nung nagka BB ako last month di ko naman na feel na sosyal siya. parang wala lang. masa mahal pa nga HTC Desire at Samsung Galaxy Tab ko sa BB. di ko lang magets why they say it is social when its not. ang ayoko lang parang madaya. in order for their apps to work you need a data plan. eh sa Android devices ko, lahat guma gagana ang apps over wifi.

    • Clyde says:

      BB is for messaging and that’s the main reason people buy it – to be “social” and be connected to your friends not pa-sosyal because it’s in or something like that. And yes you need a data plan because BIS works that way. In a way you can say na maypagka-sosyal nga ang dating kasi you have to have a data plan and that means shelling out extra dough for the service. So bottom line, wag magpaka-sosyal kung hindi kaya. Tapos!

  3. Glenn Ong says:

    I am so excited for this. Here’s to hoping that it won’t cost much.

  4. pixstn says:

    the only reason i buy a new phone is when the battery life is reduced to 1/2 of its normal capacity.

    • benchmark says:

      Why not buy a new batter? :) Well siguro luma na din phone mo nun if thats what you mean…well good for you…atleast you are practical :)

  5. deuts says:

    If I were to choose between BB 9900 and iPhone 5? iPhone pa rin!

  6. allan says:

    yes! this is the one. i hope we can see this here in the phils. soon.
    definitely, i want this. i hope globe include this on their line up.

  7. Messie says:

    What many phone users fail to realize is the reasonableness of owning a BB phone, specially here in the Phils. Globe and Smart offers BB Social for 300 pesos per month which offers unlimited Blackberry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google/MSN talk, and unlimited use of social networking apps such as facebook and twitter. This is more useful if many of your friends are on blackberry or are using mobile yahoo messenger. In my case, instead of the usual 500 pesos per month on load, I now only use 300-350 per month when I switched to Blackberry. The free texts on a 300 pesos call card is sometimes enough to cover my SMS needs since my friends are all on BB or in YM using other phones with their 3G plans. Wala pang international text charges since you can chat anytime with your friends or loved ones abroad if they are also using Blackberry or via YM. Sulit na sulit di ba?

    • leeto says:

      please elaborate more kung paano mo nagawa para mga 300 lang gaSTOS mo?

    • Arnie says:

      I’m sure you visited this web site because you don’t money to go out. You’re just surfing the net. I’ll give you money para you can use BlackBerry.

    • Jokhe says:

      I am also interested on the subject matter… however the ranting was kind of confusing. Can you explain how this is done?

    • Messie says:

      Alright. Globe and Smart offers BB Social/Mail plans which is different from the usual BIS plan. The ordinary BIS plan is worth 999 a month, and the BB Social plan is worth 300 a month.
      BB Social plan includes unlimited access to:
      Social Networking Apps (FB, Twitter)
      Blackberry Messager
      Other messaging apps (YM, Gtalk, MSN)

      BB Mail plan includes unlimited access to:
      Push Mail
      Blackberry Messager
      Other Messaging Apps

      Please note that the above plans does not include unlimited web surfing.

      For globe, to access BB Social, you just need to send “BB SOCIAL ON” to 8888. If you’re on postpaid the 300 will be charged on your bill for that month, if you are on prepaid, make sure that you have 300 load when you register.

      Since I am a globe user, I am not familiar with smart’s registration code, but I am sure the amount is the same since some of my friends are using Smart.

    • Kaloy says:

      yeap! i also did this with my BB Curve 3G. pero di lang naman social ang kailangan ko. may email at browse din. tsaka pangit mag browse sa maliit na screen kaya from android to BB now am back to android again hehe..

    • Owen says:

      i completely agree with messie. i used to spend a thousand a month nung dpa ko nka-bb. now 300 plus extra load nlng nasspend ko monthly. i use bb social and its enough kc i only use ym, fb, and twitter most of the time. let’s face it, we want a wi-fi enabled phones only to avail of these features. :)

  8. Teknisyan says:

    nice right and they released a new OS 8 months after releasing BB OS 6.

  9. grazie says:

    3g po ba to?coz i usually travel to japan and only phones w/ 3g works there…

  10. florencia says:

    wow. ganu kamahal naman yan?

    ahm.. sira po yung yugadeals? may error po ung page. can’t access it. can’t see anything but codes.

  11. dudzki says:

    hello sir yuga,

    did they also reveal the cost of the units? (estimate)

  12. more polished design

  13. Ligrev says:

    I feel betrayed… OS6 user here.

    • bjc says:

      same hir! WTF! i have this Bold 9780 for almost 2 months, then i just found out yesterday that it cannot upgrade to OS7. Boo Blackberry!! >.<

    • Messie says:

      Good thing I did not upgrade agad. But I do feel for you. I don’t know what RIM is thinking, but it is certainly not a good gesture toward its loyal customers.

    • Clyde says:

      BB is way too left behind with their OS that’s why spur of the moment decisions towards strategies are made. Just like Nokia did when they adopted WP7 as their primary OS for their upcoming smartphones. The thing is, BB users usually doesn’t care much about OS fluidity and interface. There are still many people who use BBs from way back. The important thing is BB services not the OS. Tapos!

  14. vince says:

    finally…no more boring homescreen and incredible specs also but same old brand new design. os7 and os6 are not upgradable…i don’t thonl this will be the last time.

  15. paul edward says:

    is it really hard for RIM to put a front camera on their phones?

    i’ve been waiting for ages.. hayzz

  16. leemar says:

    ang ganda ng keyboard, tama lang yun [email protected] touchscreen. ill buy this phone pag labas. sana di masyadong mahal. its time to have a bb na rin.

  17. Harley Son says:

    so gorgeous! good thing didnt upgraded to torch!

  18. Colby says:

    If you’ve been complaining a lot about your phone and comparing it to others, it means every second of your ebbing life revolves around your phone. You wake up every day without having real purpose in life. The people I know who have other important things to do are those who do not have the latest phones. They are simply too busy trying to tinker around their phone and walk in the mall showing off. And besides if you have the money, you will buy another phone and not criticize the company that made your unit. You’re practical, yes because you really didn’t have too much.

  19. Abby says:

    I love BB. :) Kanya kanyang type at use lang yan. Sana mas madami ng apps sa BB world. :) Sana mas marami pa service providers. :).

  20. kaye says:

    how much will it cost?

  21. lean says:

    I work in a refurbishing company of blackberry and HTC here in the philippines..and I would say that BB 9930 is really good.alm ko na lahat hanggng loob ng model na 4 xur mgnda tlga

  22. anika says:

    how mush is bb touch 9900 as of today? thanks!

  23. Edric K says:

    Hi Im thinking of getting my cousins Bold 9930, would it work here?? What specific difference would it have compare to the 9900 if used here in the phil.

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