BlackBerry Z30 now official: 5-inches, BB10.2 & more

BlackBerry has been very silent lately, and they weren’t that aggressive in releasing new products. The BlackBerry Z30 now shatters that silence as it becomes the new flagship phone for the company, offering a 5-inch Super AMOLED display, a 1.7GHz CPU, and a very beefy 25-hour 2,880mAh battery.

Blackberry z30

Social networking & communication has always been one of the major strengths of BlackBerry, and now it seems that they are going to improve on that a lot more: BlackBerry 10 OS also gets an update in the form of 10.2 – where features such as the Hub & other social platforms are getting improvements, and BlackBerry Natural Sound is implemented with the Z30 that is going to improve your voice call & video conference experiences even at far distances.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

BlackBerry Z30 specs:
5-inch display @ 1280×720 pixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.7GHz dual-core Krait
Adreno 320
16GB internal storage
up to 64GB via microSD card
8MP rear camera
2MP front-facing
Bluetooth 4.0
2,880 mAh battery
BlackBerry 10.2 OS
140.7 x 72 x 9.4 mm (dimensions)

Pricing and availability in Asia is yet to be announced as it will be rolling out in Europe initially. The BB10.2 update, however, will be rolling out to BB10 devices in mid-October.

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24 Responses

  1. Avatar for Abarka Abarka says:

    Why is the z30 not officially released in the Philippines?

  2. Avatar for Patek Patek says:

    Still Satisfied with Blackberry Performance. That’s why I always use my Z10 rather my iPhone

  3. Avatar for ben10 ben10 says:

    Former Z10 user here, I think BB is designed for professional businessmen not for a student like me kaya I let go and buy an iphone, first is wala sila masyadong popular social appps like viber,line,kakao etc. Bec pinu push nila ang bbm as primary medium of communication thou I think minus eto for future consumers bec most of us gusto naten app oriented ang phone naten diba? BB10 is promising seriusly! You should try before commenting and if di nyo nagustuhan let it go actually its not the OS it is the applications na wala sila na hinahanap naten but again bb is designed for businessman not the youth like us.

  4. Avatar for inday inday says:

    Blackberry is the default smartphones of the rich and famous in North America. Iyan ang nakikita ko lagi kapag namamasyal kami ng amo ko sa Hollywood California, lalo sa may Rodeo Drive. Iyan din smartphone ni Obama. Ang iphones sa America prang cherry mobile dito, freebies. If you got what I mean lang nman. Pero ang amo ko ay may vertu ti din.

    • Avatar for abuzalzal abuzalzal says:

      And? your point? maliban sa pagyayabang mo?

    • Avatar for allyrem rivenebra allyrem rivenebra says:

      Wala sinabi si inday na masama na dapat mong ikagalit abuzalzal. She is just stating a fact of life na nakikita niya at nararanasan niya. Nothing to envy about kung di ka inggitero at malabnaw ang utak. Ganun lang iyon. Or baka naman hindi magets ng OS mo at hindi kaya ng RAM at CPU mo.

  5. Avatar for awdog awdog says:

    I hope they dont release this phone here. Why not? Because it will flop big big time.

    So long BB. You will not be missed.

  6. Avatar for abuzalzal abuzalzal says:

    R.I.P. BlackBerry…

  7. Avatar for wew wew says:

    basta gawin lng nila na mas mura ung phones nila…mabubuhay pa sila panigurado.

  8. Avatar for jakolero jakolero says:

    History past revisited. A few scores ago, apple was bankrupt, but thanks to Bill Gates, and Microsoft money, apple corporation survived. Soon, apple started making pods and phones and tablets, aside from computers, and the rest is history. Who knows, blackberry will do phoenix. Blackberry is Canukistanis prides; they won’t let it go for sure.

    • Avatar for cacai cacai says:

      Ano daw?
      #angsakitsabangs #magtagalogkanalang #adiksacomma

    • Avatar for MannyPaksiw MannyPaksiw says:

      Hahaha. Tagalugin mo na lang kasi brad.. History past revisited amp.

    • Avatar for allyrem rivenebra allyrem rivenebra says:

      Siguro ang ginamit niya ay iphone. Ang liit kasi ng screen at pinipilit ang auto correct bloatware na kalimitan ay hindi tama. FYI mali mali din tagalog ninyo. Lol.

    • Avatar for eden quinones eden quinones says:

      Nabasa ko s times mag ang sinasb nia. Trivia yan eh! “History, and the past, revisited” ganun ang pmgat. Tingin ko pic and post software gnmit nia. Picturan u ang isang text or text n pics etc at convert nia into plain text, prang scanner efek. Yun lng lyk scanner may mga gremlins llbas sa txt output nia. Un llbs kraniwan converted sa punctuation marks etc. Pinag eedit cguro nia at or add kc wla ung bb s nbasa ko eh. Nway, may ganun ng apps for android, am not sure s iba lng. Fyi.

  9. Avatar for Abed Abed says:

    This phone looks cool! I like the hardware design IMO. Prolly won’t get any update soon coz the company is dying. I feel sorry for BB.

    What if benta na lang nila to at a reasonable price. Just saying :)

    • Avatar for zarne zarne says:

      From what I read in the press release, the Z30 will come with the latest OS 10.2. Owners of Z10, Q10, and Q5 will have the update by Mid October next month.

      Define “reasonable price”. The term is relative and what is reasonable to me might not be to you.

      The company is ‘dying’ since 2008 like a broken record. Maybe I will ask our friend Abuzalzal if he can rescue Blackberry then sell it to his best friend at Microsoft Windows Phone. LOL
      One suggestion to all BB haters; Own a BB10 phone before making a comment about it. A few hours at the store wo’nt do. You have to owned it before you can appreciate it. Just saying..

    • Avatar for abuzalzal abuzalzal says:

      Blackberry OS / BB World is essentially (in many ways) INFERIOR to Android and iOS

      No need to own one to prove our point lmao

      sige zarne, himasin mo na lang yang Z10 mo at igawan mo ng altar, tutal yan naman ang trip mo hahahahahahahahaha

    • Avatar for zarne zarne says:

      @ Abuzalzal.. So tell us how NFC file transferring on iOS/android better than BB10. And while you are at this, explain how BBM video sharing on Ios/Android (if they have any) better than BB10. And how about the ‘blackberry hub’ for the unified messaging accounts? I am glad we got that cleared.
      With Jelly Bean 4.2 running on new BB10.2 OS, I can get all the android fart applications that I want.
      Clearly, you have not used or owned any BB10 phones so your comments are not credible. How do you know that I have the Z10? Galing ng crystal ball mo .talaga. Utak lamok I could have a Q10 or Q5 for all you know.
      Stick to whatever phone you have and be happy with it.

    • Avatar for wew wew says:

      kanya kanyang preference lang yan…lahat ng OS may kanyakanyang pros at cons…kaya pa namang mabuhay ng BB eh,un nga lang mas makakabuti kung gawin nilang mas mura ung mga handsets para magkaroon ng pagkakataon ang mga tao na matry kung anong kaya nilang ipagmalaki…at kung magandahan ang mga nakapagtry sila pa mismo ang magrerecommend sa iba na magBB.

    • Avatar for Abed Abed says:

      IKR sir wew? If they just sell it at a slightly lower price.. People might get interested IMO

  10. Avatar for Robin Lim Robin Lim says:

    Oh BlackBerry is not expecting the Z10 to do all that well. No launch event. Just a press release.

  11. Avatar for abuzalzal abuzalzal says:

    Upper midrange specs + premium price again?

    Sorry BB but that’s never going to work…ever.

    Only a company like Apple can pull it off, and you’re not Apple lol

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