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Camera Shootout: Zenfone 3 vs Galaxy Note7

With the ASUS Zenfone 3 recent official Philippine launch, let’s take its improved shooter to the comparison table with Samsung’s latest and greatest Android smartphone yetGalaxy Note7. On paper, the Zenfone 3 has a 16MP shooter equipped with optical image stabilization and phase/laser autofocus while the Galaxy Note7 has a modest 12MP Dual Pixel sensor with phase detection autofocus and OIS as well. And here are the comparisons:


Even though the scenario we have above is a bit gloomy, both handsets were able to capture pretty good stills of the skyscrapers. But, we have to give the applause to the Note7 since it has a sharper and more detailed shot. Also, it’s a bit more saturated which is a nice touch since the environment is already muted.


To help with the contrast of the sky and land, we have to turn on the HDR mode. As can be seen, the Zenfone 3 struggles to capture and put together the images it took to create a balanced image. The Note7, on the other hand, did a good job but the cloudy weather is not helping to give the still its needed boost.


Heading indoors with a strong interior lighting, the two able to get decent stills. Although, when compared side by side, the Zenfone 3 appears to opt for a flatter image making it look dull and uninteresting. The Note7 keeps things well saturated even with artificial lighting.


When doing close-ups, both the Zenfone 3 and Note7 focuses easily on the nearby subject. No issue when focusing but, just like with the previous sample, ASUS’ keeps things muted while the Note7 produces better contrast and colors.


Let’s dim the lights down this time and test how the new technologies of the two helps in capturing with less light to work with. The Zenfone 3 obviously likes to eat more light but it kinda struggles with the focusing. The Note7’s capture may be dimmer but we appreciate the proper contrast and slightly crispier shot.


Turning on the flash helps to light things up and tone portraits by a bit with the dual-tone LEDs. The Zenfone 3’s focusing system finds it hard to focus on the subject (which is Bob) thus resulting to a slightly out-of-focus shot. We tried shooting for 3 times but the combination of the Laser and PDAF is not working properly here. As for the Note7, it obviously has a stronger light fill and better focusing in the dark.


The front shooters on both the Zenfone 3 and Note7 will please people who love to take selfies. Both are sufficient to appease vanity but, if you like more light for your face, the larger f/1.7 aperture of the latter take a small leap against the other.


When it comes to 4K video recording, the Zenfone gets the edge in brightness while the Note7 shows its prowess in stabilization even at high resolution. The sample above (4K downsized to fit) shows the advantage of the each handset when doing moving stills. Audio-wise, neither of them give satisfying capture but both are okay.

That’s about it for our swift comparison of the two new handsets in the market. The Zenfone 3, aimed as a mid-range option, starts at Php16,995 while the Note7, a much higher offering cost for Php39,990.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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22 Responses

  1. Asusmaryosep says:

    WTF. Anyare, why compare these two? Wala na kayong masulat?

  2. Easy E says:

    Im interested with the deluxe vs the note 7.

  3. Alvin says:

    Can you guys do a cam comparison of the zenfone 3 deluxe and note 7? Would highly appreciate it if you do.

  4. Jay Navea says:

    Camera shootout of P9/P9 Plus vs new Zen3 series and anything deemed competitive :D Please!

  5. Emil says:

    Tanga naman ng comparison na to, sana hinintay nyo ung deluxe, bobo pota sa note7 pa kinompare, very stupid mid range vs latest top smartphone ampota, TANGA!

  6. archie says:

    Its quite unfair to compare midrange phone to a premium phone like note7..

    • Jay Navea says:

      a bit unfair but you may look at it positively as consumers’ option. Interesting comparison pa din, na ZF3 is still a capable camera phone, not too far behind note 7’s shots at more than half the price. lalo sa mga budget conscious buyers, we still want the best at the lowest price possible.

  7. Does the deluxe have a different camera compared to the zenfone 3? Kala ko. Memory options and design materials lang ang naiba.

  8. Felissimo says:

    Grabeh naman kayo ky kuya Daniel, SINO BA KAYO PARA SABIHIN SYANG TANGA!

  9. Felissimo says:

    Hi kuya Daniel! Can you compare Asus Zenfone 3 and OppoF1s or Oppo F1? THANKS!

  10. xglite015 says:

    Looks like Note 5 won the camera comparison hands down. Sharper with more details and brighter photos straight out of the camera.

  11. Boybawang says:

    Hi, I love this comparisons but the pictures are too few. Please some more indoor shots because it all that maters this days.

  12. Daniel Sosimo says:

    Oh come on Yugatech! There is no contest here. Comparing a zenfone shit to the galaxy note 7 is an insult to samsung. There is no reason for anyone to compare a zenfone asdasdasdad to any of samsung’s top of the line devices. And hello?! you’re comparing smartphones at a totally different price range. What a disappointment. Yugatech wasting time writing on writing senseless articles like this one. *FACEPALM

  13. Daniel Sosimo says:

    Oh come on Yugatech! There is no contest here. This comparison is a joke! Comparing a zenfone shit to samsung’s top of the line smartphones is an insult. What a waste of time writing this comparison. *FACEPALM

  14. cyber says:

    Just relax guys. Maybe it’s just a way for us to be able to know the gap between these 2 phones. If I were to buy a mid-range smartphone, this will really matter since I will be choosing the one with the closest gap in terms of specs and performance to high-end ones. Not all people are rich and could afford high-end phones. Just relax because I think they will be creating a comparison to every phone released by ASUS vs. Note 7 and after then you can appreciate everything if you try to see the bigger picture. Relax! hahaha

  15. Joe says:

    Tama ba nakikita ko sa ZF3? Washed out ang mga kuha o may smudge yung lens? Mukhang binubuhos ng Asus sa marketing ang efforts nila.

  16. Jackpot says:

    The comparison simply COMPARES. We all know which is the winner, the question being answered in the review is how close. There are good reviews about the camera of Zenfone3 and this measures how good it is compared to the BEST perhaps.

  17. brandon says:

    Idiot! :-) Comparison is still a comparison, whether you compare David to Goliath youre getting here the difference.

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